QuikPod Lets You Be in the Picture


You’ve probably tried to take a picture of you before. Extending your arm out to get the shot, but it doesn’t always work out. That is why you need a special monopod that will let you extend the camera out a bit.

QuikPod is a device that will extend your camera out so you can get in the shot. A telescoping arm will ensure you don’t get just eyes or noses in the picture. If it’s a picture of you and a friend, or even the whole group – Someone doesn’t get left out simply because they had to hold the camera.

The QuikPods also come with a stand attachment, so you can put the camera on the table or floor and get a picture. You don’t need to put a camera on it, either. It could be the flash stand, or a microphone boom for video cameras.

They even have a QuikPod for DSLR cameras that extend out to 53″. You can use it as a MonoPod, or a way that you can be in the picture, too. If you want to take a picture with your iPhone – no worries. They have an adapter for that, too.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

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