CES2011: My greatest tech experience yet?

CES: Follow the most exciting TECH event of the year!

This is no ordinary event.  In four days Las Vegas is visited by 130,000 people and over $500 million in annual sales is represented by the companies on site.

Most of all, this is a FUN event.  You will see us working our temporary studio in a booth on the upper level in the south hall like nothing you have ever seen.  We are outside our “comfort” zone, which means we have to work harder and be more innovative.  This is a true test and we do this because we LOVE what we do and we would LOVE it if you can join us!

Name: Esbjorn Larsen   (aka “The Swedish Guy”)

Website MrNetcast.com

Interesting fact: I started out as the bicycling “tech support” for my friends after I spent a summer working for McDonald’s to afford my first computer, the amazing “Commodore Amiga 500”.  Yeah, those were the days.  I’ve been making technology easy for everyone ever since.

Expectations of CES 2011: I want to have FUN and bring you the best tech coverage ever!

Contact me by using voice mail @ 720-266 43 99.  You can also send an email to feedback@mrnetcast.com or fill out the contact form.