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By Kirk Corless


RIP Quibi #074

October 23, 2020

This week, Quibi shuts down, Verizon Q3 earnings go up, and Paypal brings in cryptocurrency Quibi shuts down Verizon Q3 Paypal allows cryptocurrency PS5 will come with streaming services Xbox's Phil Spencer hints at an xCloud streaming...


Breaches in your britches #073

October 09, 2020

This week, Apple has the need for speed, AT&T has DirecTV might be set up for a fire sale and also announcing layoffs and Gmail has changed its logo - Show Notes: Apple's "Hi, Speed" Event Apple is starting to ship devices from its stores


Google Pixel 5 and more #072

October 02, 2020

This week, Google launches the Pixel 5 and more but wait the DOJ is suing them, Amazon says you can pay with your palm and the LG Winds lands on Verizon for $1,000 - Show Notes: Google Pixel 5 The new Google TV Google Nest Audio U.


Apple launches iPad Air, Apple Watch and more #071

September 18, 2020

This week, Apple launched devices and products, Amazon Music is launching podcasts and if you have an AT&T phone, would you be interested in ads for a $5.00 discount? - Show Notes: Apple new iPad Air Apple Watch SE Apple Fitness+


Xbox Series X and S launches #070

September 11, 2020

This week, Xbox Series X and S launches also possibly V?,  Motorola unveils a new 5G Razr and Verizon unveils a 5G hotspot and it can be yours for $400.00. - Show Notes: Microsoft Xbox Series S Microsoft Xbox Series X


LG’s new swivel phone #069

September 04, 2020

This week, LG teases a new phone, Apple will be releasing 4 iPhones and Samsung makes announcements at IFA. - Show Notes: LG teases new phone Samsung at IFA Apple's Fall Event Amazon looks to add 10,000 jobs in Bellevue Washington


Get ready to order your Sony PS5…..or not #068

August 28, 2020

This week, Sony invites you to get a PS5 then again you might not get one, there are some people that are going back to school might not be able to get a laptop and while the US might get average 5G download speeds,


Apple now worth 2 trillion dollars! #067

August 21, 2020

This week,  Apple is now worth 2 trillion dollars, 3 billion people are gamers and who wants a new Crackberry ….(**ahem**)...Blackberry? Show Notes: Apple worth 2 trillion dollars 3 Billon people worldwide are gamers


California might shut down Uber #066

August 14, 2020

This week, California might shut down Uber, Motorola will hold an event in September and the Xbox Series X launches in November - Show Notes: Uber warns of temporarily shutting down in California Motorola will might hold an event in September...


Samsung unpacks #065

August 07, 2020

This week, Samsung unpacks its devices, Twitters fixes a security vulnerability and Door Dash launches Dashmart - Show Notes: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Twitter for Android vulnerability gave access to direct messages


AT&T is scaring its customers? #064

July 24, 2020

This week,  AT&T is scaring its customers, Jeff Bezos is 13 billion dollars richer and Microsoft has had an impressive 2nd quarter. - **A couple of seconds in the podcast a few seconds of the intro was cut out** - Show Notes: -


High-profile Twitter accounts hacked #063

July 17, 2020

This week, high profile twitter accounts have been hacked, Verizon is told to stop making misleading 5G claims and T-Mobile is offering Scam Shield to its customers. - Show Notes: Twitter accounts hacked


T-Mobile explanation of it’s outage #062

June 19, 2020

This week, T-Mobile explains it’s outage  Verizon flexes with a 5G laptop, and AT&T announces layoffs. - Show Notes: T-Mobile's outage Lenovo Flex 5G AT&T is laying off thousands of workers Amazon's AI-powered distance assistants


Sony PS5 #061

June 12, 2020

This week, Sony unveils its PS5, Samsung may launch an 8TB hard drive and Verizon launches 5G in Detroit. - Show Notes: Samsung 8TB SSD Verizon 5G in Detroit Best shows on Apple TV How to manage your apps on a Chromebook


CES 2021 is going to happen in Las Vegas #060

June 05, 2020

This week, CES 2021 is going to happen in Las Vegas, Google faces a lawsuit and Apple's latest update brings audio to it's Apple News plus. - Show Notes: CES 2021 Google faces a $5 billion lawsuit Apple News Plus Audio


HBO Max launches #059

May 29, 2020

This week, HBO Max has launched, will there be an upcoming launch on the next Motorola Razr and will there be a launch of the iPhone 12 in November? - Show Notes: iPhone 12 launch? HBO Max Motorola Razr


Amazon drops Jet #058

May 22, 2020

This week, Amazon is launching its own game, Walmart is dropping its Jet and AT&T is dropping its 5G evolution. - Also this week, Scott Ertz from Plughitzlive is coming on to the podcast as a co-host. - Show Notes: -


Facebook soars in Q1 #057

May 01, 2020

This week, Facebook made billions, Amazon settles for millions and Automatic shuts down. - Show Notes: Facebook Q1 Amazon settles with workers Automatic shuts down Best family tablets Phones under $200.00


Motorola Edge and Edge Plus #056

April 24, 2020

This week, Motorola is going to the Edge, HBO is going to the MAX and John Legere exits T-Mobile - Show Notes: Motorola Edge and Edge Plus HBO MAX John Legere resigns AT&T CEO retires Nintendo blocks logins after accounts were compris...


Yahoo! Mobile #055

March 13, 2020

This week; Yahoo is launching Yahoo Mobile plus Comcast accidentally publishes unlisted phone numbers plus Sharp sues Vizio - Show Notes: Yahoo Mobile Comcast accidentally publishes unlisted phone numbers Sharp sues Vizio


Yet another data breach, this time MGM Resorts #054

February 21, 2020

This week; YouTube faces an FTC complaint, Google bans apps and MGM had a data breach. - Show Notes: YouTube faces FTC complaint Google bans apps  New Mexico AG and Google  Verizon is committed to Google Pixel MGM data breach


Blame it on the app Iowa #053

February 07, 2020

This week; the Iowa caucus had problems, IMDB has Lost, plus Google Fiber kills its TV service. - Show Notes: Iowa caucus results delayed Lost on IMDB TV Google Fiber kills its TV service Apple envisions a foldable phone


Facebook and Apple earnings grow #052

January 31, 2020

This week; Facebook earnings grew, Apple earnings grew plus Warner Media loses millions. - Show Notes: Facebook Q4 Apple Q4 WarnerMedia takes a revenue hit PayPal Q4 Google bug bounties Apple rumors Samsung S20 rumors


Seattle is allowing people to vote by smartphone #051

January 24, 2020

This week; - if you live in Seattle Washington you can vote in this year's election from your smartphone, Uber is coming to Vancouver British Colombia plus Google I/O 2020 - Show Notes: If you live in Seattle you can vote from your smartphone


US Army bans TikTok #050

January 03, 2020

This week, The US Army bans Tik Tok, the IRS makes changes on how you file your taxes online plus Mike Bloomberg spent millions to be in your Google Search results. No show next week as GNC WIR and Geek News Central along with the rest of the Tech Podc...


A look back at 2019 and a look ahead to 2020! #049

December 27, 2019

This week, a little light in the tech news; Google Search looks back at 2019, Facebook Twitter and Apple look forward to 2020, plus AT&T adds 6 more cities with 5G. - Show Notes: Google Year In Search Facebook and Twitter at CES 2020


Wawa had a data breach #048

December 21, 2019

This week, Wawa had a data breach, Apple working on satellites, plus no surprise Facebook was the most downloaded app in the decade. - Show Notes: Wawa had a data breach Apple working on satellites 


Googlepalooza 2019 #047

December 13, 2019

This week, a big block of google news, the ACLU is suing ICE, a lawsuit is forcing CenturyLink to stop charging for internet cost fees plus Amazon wants to let you know that you still have some time to make your purchases for the holidays. -


AT&T has a blimp…and it’s a huge blimp #046

December 07, 2019

This week, AT&T has a blimp and it's a huge blimp also they are back in court, Redditt looks back at 2019 and the findings may surprise you, the FCC says T-Mobile and Verizon are exaggerating about 4G plus illegal robocallers could be punished. -


Amazon-Palooza in the news this week! #045

November 22, 2019

This week,  a lot of news from Amazon including that there they are facing questions about Ring,  in other news, Apple breaks ground in Texas, Verizon expands its 5G coverage plus AT&T brings 5G...for real. - Show Notes: -


Google now offers a checking account #044

November 15, 2019

This week, Google wants you to open a checking account with them, Disney+ had millions of mobile downloads, Verizon wants you to stream, plus Hulu + Live is raising its prices - Show Notes: Google offering checking accounts in 2020


Windows Mobile would have beaten Android #043

November 08, 2019

This week, FTC fines AT&T, FCC approves the Sprint-T-Mobile merger, Amazon has deals ahead of Black Friday plus Bill Gates says Windows Mobile would have beaten Android. - Show Notes: FTC fines AT&T FCC approves Sprint T-Mobile merger


Twitter to block political ads #042

November 01, 2019

This week, AT&T overhauls its wireless plans, Facebook’s 3rd quarter revenue grows and its user base grows as well, Twitter is blocking political ads, plus South Park is going to HBO Max. - Show Notes: Facebook 3Q


Some bad news and some good news

October 19, 2019

Sadly there will be no podcast episode for this week or next week, I will explain why in this clip. I will be back for a new episode back on Fridays starting on November 1st.


FBI warns of ransomware attacks #040

October 13, 2019

This week from GNC Week In Review; PC sales are growing, Google ends facial scanning program, plus the FBI warns of major ransomware attacks - Show Notes: PC sales are growing Google ends facial scanning program


Microsoft Surface Event 2019 #039

October 06, 2019

This week, Microsoft launches new laptops and more, GoPro launches 2 new cameras, Facebook pulls accounts, plus Verizon buys Jaunt. - Show Notes: Microsoft Surface event GoPro Hero 8 Black and Hero Max 1 person submitted 1.


Apple 2019 Event #038

September 14, 2019

This week from GNC Week In Review,  Apple announces the next iPhone and more, GameStop is closing stores, tech CEOs are asking for a federal data law, plus Uber is laying off jobs. - Show Notes: Apple Event 2019 Warner Media signs J.J.


Another foldable phone from Samsung? #037

September 07, 2019

This week, YouTube taking steps to remove harmful content, Facebook may remove likes, TikTok is all in with the NFL plus another foldable phone from Samsung? - Show Notes: YouTube shares its plans for removing harmful content


Airlines are banning MacBooks #036

August 31, 2019

This week from GNC Week In Review, a lot of Apple news including airlines are banning MacBooks in checked luggage, some google play apps are draining batteries, a student was deported for posting on social media,


Consumers hold off to upgrade phones #035

August 24, 2019

This week from GNC Week In Review powered by, Americans wait 3 years before buying a new phone, Huawei will lose billions, Eminem sues Spotify, Microsofts contractors listen in on Xbox users, plus Android Q is now Android 10. -


Verizon sells Tumblr to WordPress #034

August 17, 2019

This week, Frontier network outages get worse in New York, if you had a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, you may be getting up to $500, Verizon sells tumbler to WordPress, FCC is investing more dollars in rural broadband plus some DSLR cameras may have ransom...


#033 The New Samsung Note 10

August 09, 2019

This week, Samsungs unpacks, Google Fiber brings gigabit internet to Austin Texas, the FCC finally denies a net neutrality complaint against Verizon, a tablet for kids has flaws, plus Frontier is failing. - Show Notes: -


Millions of data were breached #032

August 03, 2019

This week, 100 million Capital One customers affected by a data breach, 3 million patient records were breached, Verizon comes out with new unlimited data plans, plus UC Santa Barbara sues. -   - Show Notes: Capital One data breach 


AT&T TV? #031

July 28, 2019

This week, Tesla lost millions, Twitter reports a small growth of users in Q2, AT&T is coming out with AT&T TV? plus Samsung is bringing back the Fold. - Show Notes: Tesla loses millions DoorDash promises workers will get tips


Amazon Prime Day breaks records #030

July 19, 2019

This week, Amazon Prime Day breaks records……again, Netflix loses subscribers, smartphone shipments decline, eBay beats Q2 estimates, Verizon launches 5G in St. Paul plus the DNC gets a warning not to use FaceApp - Show Notes: Netflix Q2

Download exposes millions of records #029

July 12, 2019

This week, FCC wants to ban caller id spoofing, exposed student records, AT&T makes it harder for spam callers to reach you plus Amazon has a lot of Prime Day deals! FCC wants to ban caller id spoofing exposed records


A super-sized GNC WIR episode! #028

June 28, 2019

This weeks tech news is massive, there's huge news from government in tech news block which features the 2020 democratic debate to a social media summit may be held at the White House, also in 5G news both AT&T and T-Mobile turn on 5G while Verizon add...


Facebook is getting in the cryptocurrency game #027

June 23, 2019

It's officially Summer!  But before you break out the suntan lotion and crank up the tunes, it's a new episode and this week Facebook is all in with cryptocurrency but the US and the European government wants answers before it launches Facebook,


Amazon to fight homelessness #026

June 14, 2019

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads and single parents out there! For this week's episode of GNC WIR,  some of the tech news brings from Amazon is fighting homelessness, BET is launching a streaming service,