Geekazine Review

By Jeffrey Powers


Datavideo KMU-200 Switcher Turns 1 Camera into 4: Portrait or Landscape

November 12, 2021

Datavideo has come out with a table-top video switcher that uses a single 4K camera to make multiple shots for a band, panel discussion, and more. Best part is you can record or stream an event in a s


PresenterTek Robotic Stands for Teleprompter, Microphone, Camera

November 08, 2021

If you are building a stage that will rotate through presenters or simply making a hands-free media room, PresenterTek has a host of stands that allow you to adjust height from a distance. I saw them


Bowflex Max Total 16 Trainer for Your Home

October 24, 2021

Bowflex has updated their popular Max Trainer series with the Max Total 16 cross-training system. The ability to have a trainer in the machine, you can train on the Max Total, then do a Yoga session,


Smart Sunglasses Using Electrochromic Tint: Ampere Dusk

October 20, 2021

Electrochomic Tint is technology we see at offices, in your car, and in some homes to make the windows tint to a degree of light blocking (and privacy). Now, Ampere is bringing the technology to your


Withings Move Smartwatch Doesn’t Look Like a Smart Watch

September 09, 2021

The Withings Move Smartwatch is a great way to wear a connected watch and not have it look like a computer on your wrist. With a standard watch face, the device bluetooth connects to your phone (iOS o


Elk.Live Brings Musicians Together to Play Online

August 26, 2021

A regular question that gets asked – how can me and my bandmates play together when we are separated and shows are being cancelled? Live music online is a topic that Elk.Live is working on, and ready


Stern Pinball Mandalorian Lets You Save Grogu (a.k.a Baby Yoda)

July 26, 2021

Stern Pinball, a company known for pinball machines for arcades and home use, has released their latest machine in the Mandalorian. Three versions available, you can get it for your cave if you don’t


ViewSonic M2e Portable Projector, ColorPro and Multimedia Monitors

July 06, 2021

ViewSonic has come out with some new displays for 2021, and a projector for your backyard movie watching, conference Karaoke, or many other uses. I talk with Ray from ViewSonic on the new products. Al


Shure MOTIV MV5c Microphone

June 30, 2021

If you are looking for a new podcast microphone, Shure has updated their MOTIV line with the Shure MV5C. This is a simple spherical cardioid microphone that can be attached to the included stand, or m


Setting up a 3 Camera Shoot with OBSBOT Tiny PTZ USB Cameras

June 27, 2021

What is OBSBOT Tiny OBSBOT is a company focusing on AI technologies for video production. I first learned of OBSBOT at CES when I used the OBSBOT Tail camera to follow me around. In all reality, the Tail was relatively small as well.


I Checked my Eyesight Through EyeQue VisionCheck. Here Is What Happened.

June 17, 2021

While this is not going to replace seeing my eye doctor all the time, I do feel there are times where I can verify my prescription may not have changed. This is where EyeQue comes in. I can find out not only my left and right eye strength,


Aftershokz OpenComm Bone Conductive Headset

June 14, 2021

Bone conduction is a great way to keep your ears open for other sounds while you can keep in on your music, conference call, or phone call. It can even make you feel like you have another set of ears when you’re using it.


Go Cube Takes My Rubik’s Cube Solving to a New Level

June 01, 2021

I remember my first Rubik’s Cube… well… more of a generic knockoff that was in the bargin bin my Mom bought for me. The cool thing about that cube is it came with instructions on patterns to help solve. So when I saw the Go Cube with Bluetooth ability ...


Apple AirTag Unbox and Setup

May 17, 2021

Apple unveiled Air Tags for tracking keys, luggage, and other items you need. With a device no larger than a U.S. quarter, these tags connect via Bluetooth, and are instantly seen by your Apple device. The Tag also is added to your “Find My” option,


Simon Says Assemble is Text-Based Video Editing

May 12, 2021

Normally, I’m trying to figure out the words to say. But I think I should let the transcription say it for me. This is Simon Says – it’s a transcription app that uses AI to not only transcribe, but also helps you figure out how to edit videos by lookin...


Adobe After Effects Multi-Frame Rendering for Faster Renders

May 05, 2021

I talked with Victoria Nece of Adobe to learn about the updates in After Effects 2021. We centered around real-time events, and a new feature in beta: Real Time Rendering. Multi-Frame Rendering The new redesigned render queue for After Effects will sho...


Zenfone 7 with Flip Camera at 8K from ASUS

April 21, 2021

I bought my first Android phone in a long time. I am building an “At home” kit – a video system that I send to people for one-on-one interviews. But for this video, I’ll be unboxing and setting up the phone for everyday use.


HP LaserJet Multi Function Printer Unbox M234dwe

April 16, 2021

If you’re looking for a good entry Black and White printer for simple tasks, HP LaserJet MFP M234dwe is a great all-in-one for office needs. This printer, along with last year’s HP Neverstop 1202W are affordable LaserJet printers for your office needs....


New Caption Support, First Look at Transcribe Service in Adobe Premiere Pro

April 08, 2021

Adobe Creative Cloud has updated their Caption support in the March Update of Premiere Pro. I talked with Francis Crossman, who shows us how to use the new Captions tab, and features an upcoming service for caption transcription.


WIDI Master Bluetooth 5.0 MIDI from CME Pro

April 05, 2021

CME Pro launched a new device that turns your MIDI into a Bluetooth MIDI for your computer. They have come out with three different devices that will connect your keyboard, drums, horn, guitar, lights, or other items together without a cable.


Portable Air Purifier for your Car from Scosche

April 02, 2021

Ditch those pine trees, as Scosche has come out with a portable air purifier. You can take this anywhere, but it works best in a car or truck. The Scosche AFP-SP Air purifier is a 3 stage HEPA filter that collects 99.5% of particles, dust, and pollen.


Energysquare Brings Power by Contact

March 31, 2021

Wireless charging is something we continue to utilize in our devices. Energysquare has extended that to a lot more of our mobile devices, including laptops, headphones, and more. Simply place the computer on a mat and with power by contact,


Maonocaster AM200-S1 for Podcasts, Streaming

March 30, 2021

Maonocaster Lite S1 is a low-cost solution for recording podcasts, streaming, Clubhouse, and more. The unit can be run by itself, or connected to a computer (becoming the sound card). From there, you can control the microphones (up to 2),


VEGAS Pro Adds VEGAS Stream for Live Streaming/Post Production

March 25, 2021

VEGAS Creative Software has released VEGAS Stream for content creators. A tool that allows you record and stream yourself live, then take the videos into post production for longer-term viewing. Working with New Blue and Microsoft,


MOVO Edge DI Wireless Microphone

March 25, 2021

Wireless microphones can add more to your show. MOVO wants to give creators options with wireless 2.4 Ghz microphones. The Edge DI is built for the smartphone, where you can do your livestreams, Youtube videos, podcasts, and more.


OWC Travel Dock and Envoy Express Drive

March 23, 2021

OWC came out with some new items for CES 2021. Larry from  @OWC  joins me to talk about the new docks including the USB-C Travel Dock E – with 6 ports, and Thunderbolt dock with Thunderbolt 4 cable (for M1 Mac) with 11 ports and 4K-8K display support.


Paragon Reverb, Elements Stereoizer from Nugen Audio

March 09, 2021

If you are a home producer trying to build up your plugins for your audio rigs, Nugen Audio has been creating more affordable plugins. Today, we talked about the Paragon Reverb, and Elements Stereoizer. Paragon Reverb This is a convolution reverb,


Lify Wellness, Nomad Plug, Catalyst Case, Bigger Inside

March 04, 2021

Lify Wellness is a single serve tea brewing system. Their pods include several teas that can help with wellness, comfort, and more. In the morning, you might want a tea that will power you through the day. In the evening you might be looking for a tea ...


Beat Connect DAW Plugin, Portable Vocal Booth, Audio Technica M50x BT

March 02, 2021

Everybody is working in different locations. More important, everyone is working with different software to make music. Beat Connect is a plugin that allows you to use your software to record, then send to the audio editor and the DAW of their choice t...


Air Pocket Oxygen, Elysie Creature V.1, Atlantic Inc Gaming Chairs, FinaLace Wireless 3D Audio

February 25, 2021

Many more interviews from CES 2021, including a smart backpack, gaming chairs, and Featured: Air Pocket When I’ve visited Korea, the train stations have large areas where oxygen masks are available. But what if you could have a mask that would deliver ...


Smart Keybox 3 Smart Lock Box for Key Maintenance

February 24, 2021

Igloohome released a new smart lock box for those in the rental business. The Smart Keybox 3 allows you to store up to 3 keys for a home, or (with adapter) a car. How the Smart Keybox 3 Works If you have a rental property where a key needs to be close ...


Softube Weiss EQ MP is a Precision Tool for Audio Equalization

February 23, 2021

Softube is a Swedish developer of music add-ons for editing. This year, they teamed up with Weiss to build a new EQ. At NAMM 2021, we learned about this new version of the software, the EQ1 by Weiss. Weiss EQ MP is a seven band mixing tools.


TCL Debuts Affordable 85 Inch, 8K Televisions

February 22, 2021

TCL took to the online stage at the Consumer Electronics Show to announce its new TV series 2021. TCL XL 85-inch LED TV with 8K. At the same time as this virtual technology show, TCL unveiled its latest line of TVs larger than 65″ inches.


Roadie 3 Instrument Tuner for Quick Tuning

February 20, 2021

Our friends at Roadie Music have updated their popular tuner to fast tuning. The Roadie 3 has been released, as I talk with them at NAMM about the improvements. New Roadie 3 Tuner Features This new design and setup gives you better noise immunity,


Pioneer Debuts New In-Dash Receiver and Subwoofer for CES 2021

February 19, 2021

Pioneer announced a new compact subwoofer and in-dash receiver at CES 2021. The DM- WC5700NEX receiver is the first of its kind in the world, as the screen detaches. The TS-WX010A compact powered subwoofer is only 6.7 x 3.


WooBloo SMASH is a Portable Smart Projector

February 18, 2021

Movies and TV shows in the living room, bedroom and garden, or even in the middle of the night on the bedside table or couch. That is what WooBloo SMASH is all about. About WooBloo SMASH The voice assistant can be used to power devices without any prob...


Zolder, Tanoshi, Petpuls, Biohacking ORB, Earin at CES 2021

February 16, 2021

There were a lot of smaller companies at CES 2021 that had some great product. It was a lot harder to find them at times, but for those who reached out, I was able to get some deep dive interviews on great companies. Here are a few of them.


Yamaha YC88 Stage Keyboard for with Drawbars for Organists

February 15, 2021

At NAMM 2021, Yamaha showed off two new keyboards in the YC73 and YC88. These are ready for stage keyboards with many sounds at your fingertips. This is also a keyboard which can cater to the organ player. These keyboards join the YC61,


New Onyx Mixers, SRT Loudspeakers from Mackie

February 12, 2021

Mackie announced new versions of their SRT loudspeakers and Onyx mixers at NAMM 2021 this year. We talk about the new products in this video. Mackie SRT Powered Speakers to 1600W With 1600W and 133db, the SPL series is perfect for bands, DJ’s,


Feher ACH-1 is an Air Conditioned Motorcycle Helmet

February 11, 2021

Feher Helmets makes a cool motorcycle helmet – literally. This is the first self-contained motorcycle helmet that distributes filtered air throughout the head, cooling it 12-18 degrees. How the Feher Helmet Works The helmet uses a patented technology t...


Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine for Your Home from Stern Pinball

February 10, 2021

?Stern Pinball released the Led Zeppelin Pinball machine in 3 versions this year at CES. From All My Love, to Your Time is Gonna Come – enjoy the music while you rack up the points. This machine is based on the Zeppelin tour days from 1968-1980.


MOVO Updates their Product line for 2021

February 09, 2021

MOVO is refreshing their product line for 2021, which includes new microphones, and devices for your video recording. MOVO VXR10-Pro This is MOVO’s best selling microphone. It’s a simple mic on a shock-mount that can be set on many different phones or ...


Albi Home M Smart Wine Dispenser

February 08, 2021

Albicchiere is a smart wine dispenser that allows you to keep wine on tap for up to 6 months from when you open the bag. The dispenser keeps the wine at the ideal temperature for when you need it. Wine in a Bag? Interesting enough,


Yamaha YDS-150 Hybrid Digital Saxophone with Real Feel

February 05, 2021

Yamaha showed off a new digital saxophone in the YDS-150. This is a hybrid instrument to bring ease of playing, and versatility to different woodwind users. A series of haptics, and the brass bell allow for a more real-feel playing.


Typewise Reinvents the Smartphone Keyboard

February 04, 2021

Phones and tablet keyboards still use the design of the standard typewriter. Typewise has re-designed the on-screen layout so you can use your smartphone – smarter. And you can use this keyboard without your movements talking back to a server.


Switch Back M8RX is a Dante Headphone Monitor and PreAmp

February 02, 2021

I talked with Hear Technologies about their newest product – the Switch Back M8RX at NAMM 2021. This is a Dante Audio Interface that is both a 2 channel pre-amp, and headphone monitoring system. Perfect for the musician that wants to mix their sound on...


Otterbox Levels Up Your Mobile Gaming

January 31, 2021

At CES 2021, Otterbox unveiled a new gaming accessories division to help bridge the gap between console and mobile gaming. New accessories that will work with your XBox controller, and give you comfort, control, and ease of use.


Crew in a box is an At-Home Interview Production Video Box

January 30, 2021

Remote production and At-Home production have been issues creators have been scrambling to do. Wavemaker Creative created a solution for quality video with Crew in a Box. This box allows to be set up at a home, have the person interview for TV,


TASCAM US-HR Audio Recording Interfaces

January 27, 2021

Setting up your at home studio has gotten better for 2021, as TASCAM released a new line of personal recorders in their US-HR series. These are recorders for music, podcasting, voice-overs, and even those daily Zoom conference calls.


V-MODA M-200 ANC Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

January 26, 2021

V-MODA announced the new M-200 ANC headphones, their first ever Bluetooth, active noise cancelling headphones with hybrid noise cancellation. I talked with V-MODA at CES 2021 to find out more. V-MODA M-200 ANC Specs The headphones are 40mm drivers with...