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Does Amazon have access to your Home or Business? #1543

July 27, 2021

It appears that Amazon may have access to millions of homes, apartment buildings, and businesses by giving property owners as little as $100 in gift cards and free gear to allow Amazon drivers direct


Health Misinformation on Section 230 Bill #1542

July 23, 2021

The Senate is introducing what it is touting as the Health Mis-Information Exemption on Section 230 that will hold companies responsible for only putting out or allowing what the government deems to b


Facebook is not Killing People #1541

July 20, 2021

President Biden has reversed course and said that Facebook is not killing people as he earlier suggested over the weekend. Meanwhile, the surgeon general has double-downed on his finger pointing at so


Whitehouse becomes Internet Censor #1540

July 16, 2021

The Whitehouse has decided that it wants to be the new Internet Censor and tell Facebook and News organizations what they consider misinformation. They want those organizations to teach their reporter


SpaceX Newest Drone Ship #1539

July 13, 2021

Elon Musk went and built himself a new self-propelled drone ship!


Woz Supports Right to Repair #1538

July 09, 2021

Steve Wozniak supports the right to repair movement and comments that Apple would not be where it is today without that very ability in the early days of Apple’s existence. You and I know that there h


Aeronautics pioneer Wally Funk to join Jeff Bezos on first crewed Blue Origin flight #1537

July 02, 2021

The Geek News Central Podcast


Amazon Fires Flex Workers by Computer #1536

June 29, 2021

Amazon is firing Flex workers by computer and the company is perfectly ok with that even if it makes mistakes. There is a long line of people wanting flex jobs and so long as they have applicants they


Amazon Dumps Millions of Products Annually! #1535

June 22, 2021

So Amazon has been caught in an investigative piece in the UK of dumping literally millions of new and barely used items in landfills, while they claim it’s a recycling center the company doing the investigative work says it was a landfill?


Five Bills to Break Up Big Tech #1534

June 15, 2021

There are five bills in work to essentially dismantle much of the power that big tech has today in an attempt to level the playing field but in all honesty, the measures do not go very far and have little chance of becoming law.


Ford F-150 Lightning 100,000 Pre-Orders #1533

June 11, 2021

The most sold pickup truck in the world the Ford F-150 electric version Lightning has had 100,000 pre-orders since its announcement. In comparison, Tesla had 250k orders in almost the same time for its cybertruck.


Jeff Bezos to be an Astronaut #1532

June 08, 2021

Jeff Bezos is going to risk life and limb and strap himself into a rocket and go on a joyride to space to earn his Astronaut wings. Stepping down as CEO as of July 5th will allow him the opportunity to travel to space with 5 others including his brothe...


Amazon Industrial Athlete #1531

June 04, 2021

Have you ever heard of an Industrial Athlete? Well, that is what Amazon is referring to its employees in a leaked pamphlet that seriously attempts to make Amazon warehouse workers think they are training for some competition that happens daily.


Google Data Caps on June 1st #1530

May 25, 2021

Google data caps are coming on June 1st make sure you are prepared and get a Google One account if needed. Lots of updates from my Hawaii trip.. I will be back in the Michigan studio a week from Monday. But being that is labor day there may be no show ...


Robinhood makes IPO shares available. #1529

May 21, 2021

Robinhood the trading app is going to make available IPO shares to common investors. This is a very big deal up to this point IPO shares have been reserved for the rich or famous and those banks and investment firms in favor.


Cyber Security Attacks on the Rise #1528

May 18, 2021

66% of Cyber Security Officers in companies globally know their companies will come under cyber attack in the next year. Considering what the United States has gone through with the pipeline hack it’s pretty scary all things considering that it could b...


Homeland Security Monitoring Social Media #1527

May 11, 2021

Homeland Security is monitoring social media to detect plans of domestic terrorism. Why this is news is a surprise to me as we have been under constant surveillance since 9-11. If people are naive enough to think that what you post publicly has not bee...


SpaceX Starship 15 Lands #1526

May 07, 2021

SpaceX has had some big wins Crew 1 home from ISS safely. Another launch of Starlink satellites and most impressively the landing of starship 15 without exploding. This is a major win for SpaceX and if they can rinse and repeat this feat over the comin...


SpaceX Approved for 3 Test Flights #1525

April 30, 2021

SpaceX has been approved for an additional 3 test flights by the FAA for its Boca Chica flight facility. This is a big deal in that they got all three approved at once. We will see if SpaceX can land one upright.


Do you own Media Purchased at Apple? #1524

April 27, 2021

Do you really own media you buy at Apple or is it more like long-term rental with them having the option to recall or remove the rental from your media library? That is a question being asked in a lawsuit that has been filed after several individuals h...


Tesla AutoPilot under Serious Scrutiny #1523

April 23, 2021

Tesla AutoPilot is under serious scrutiny after 2 people were killed when the driver was in the passenger seat. Consumer Reports has reported how they got a Tesla to drive around a test track with no one in the driver’s seat.


Ingenuity Flys on Mars #1522

April 20, 2021

Ingenuity Helicopter has its first successful flight on Mars while the flight only lasted 30 seconds this is a huge accomplishment by the NASA and JPL team to pull this off. We will see now how further they can push the envelope in the amount of time i...


Big Tech is Fine with Corporate Tax Hikes #1521

April 16, 2021

Big tech thinks corporate tax hikes of 7% are acceptable when they barely pay and federal taxes, to begin with, is quite obtuse of them. When they start paying their fair share. Small companies like mine take the brunt of corporate tax increases it rea...


Facebook Labeled by Apple as Peeping Tom #1520

April 13, 2021

Apple has labeled Facebook as a Peeping tom upping the war between them and explaining you do not need to accept Facebook tracking and spying on you. So please say no to track when you get IOS 14.5 this is your chance to stop the madness.


100 Billion in EV Rebates #1519

April 09, 2021

The 2.25 Trillion stimulus package being promoted by the White House contains 100 billion dollars for EV rebates. So if you were thinking about an Electric Vehicle I think I would delay in going picking one up before seeing what kind of free cash from ...


Mars Helicopter Survives #1518

April 06, 2021

Mars Ingenuity rover’s Helicopter has survived its first nite on Mars paving the way for test and potential hover flight on April 11th this is all good news as NASA is hitting all its milestones so far with this program.


Big Tech killed Arizona App Legislation #1517

April 02, 2021

Big Tech primarily Google hired nearly all the lobbyist in Arizona to pressure the legislature to not vote on a bill that would have caused both Apple and Google to lose revenue in that app developers would have been able to use third party payment pro...


Unlock Everything with your Phone #1516

March 26, 2021

In the very near future, you will be able to unlock nearly anything with your phone. You may even be able to have your Passport and or Drivers license embedded in your phone. We will see how the adoption of that goes as people are very wary that it wil...


On New Iron #1515

March 23, 2021

Amiss the publishing of the last show the server that GNC resides on fell over sideways and crashed harder than an airplane with no fuel. It went totally down and I was quite lucky that Angelo Mandato was still awake as he came to the site’s rescue and...


Facebook will read your Brain waves #1514

March 19, 2021

Facebook is working on a new device that will read your brain waves in order to power a device that will let you type like a keyboard without having a keyboard or control lights and devices with hand gestures tied to eye wear and a wearable arm band.


Google Incognito Lawsuit to Advance #1513

March 16, 2021

Googles 5 Billion dollars incognito lawsuit is being allowed to advance. This is after Google has worked hard to get it dismissed but it has enough legs to proceed and obviously Google is not happy. So we will see where this one goes.


SpaceX Expands Starlink Options #1512

March 09, 2021

SpaceX as I predicted will be expanding its options for its Starlink ground stations by putting them on big trucks, airplanes, RV’s, and a whole host of moving objects. Become an Insider today to get access to this very private,


Verizon Says Turn off 5g to Save Battery! #1511

March 02, 2021

Verizon in a now-deleted tweet is telling customers to turn off 5g in order to save on battery life of their mobile phones. With the added 5g chipsets reducing space in phones compounding the issue as they now on average smaller batteries the 5g utiliz...


Streamer earns $3000 while Sleeping #1510

February 26, 2021

A celebrity in Taiwan started her live stream and went to sleep for 5 hours. This then resulted in over 11,000 people watching the stream of her sleeping and then donating $3000 dollars to the streamer. I need that gig.


Perseverance Landing Video Incredible #1509

February 23, 2021

Perseverance landing video released by NASA is truly remarkable. I was blown away by the clarity it was like a front-row seat. While short it demonstrates how fast and how accurate things have to be to land safely.


Perseverance has Landed on Mars #1508

February 19, 2021

Perseverance has landed on mars huge shout-out of congratulations to NASA and the JPL team that made it happen. Knocking on wood here but we have gotten pretty good at landing on Mars. There are always things that can go sideways but this was not one o...


Starlink Global Impact #1507

February 12, 2021

Starlink Global Impact is going to be so profound that it will spur innovation beyond America. I feel Elon Musk and the Starlink team will have a major positive global impact and change the way people get information and do business.


Section 230 is 25! #1506

February 09, 2021

Section 230 of the Digitally Millenium Copyright Act is 25 today and businesses like mine would not have been able to survive without it. While section 230 reform is going to likely happen we will need to wait and see what Congress does in way of refor...


Is Google a Bigger Gatekeeper? #1505

February 02, 2021

Google appears to be trying to give consumers more information about a website before you visit it, in qualifying the content it provides based on Wikipedia information about specific sites. Being I am not a fan of Wikipedia as it is still individuals’...


Robinhood App Stealing from the Poor #1504

January 29, 2021

RobinHood the Trading app today in my opinion effectively stole from the poor, when it prevented its users to make legal trades on the stock market and in my opinion should be heavily punished by its userbase.


5G Gear in Your Front Yard #1503

January 26, 2021

It may not be too long before you find 5G Gear as big a freezer finds it’s way into your front yard to power all of the 5G Antennas in your neighborhood. This is what residents are finding in Houston. The freezer sized boxes are ugly and have often bee...


Wages effected by Remoter Working #1502

January 22, 2021

Covid has allowed millions of people to work from home and some have even been able to move to new locations which are and have started to affect wages with companies adjusting salaries dependent on where they are living due to lower housing costs prim...


Google and Facebook in Ad Scheme? #1501

January 19, 2021

It’s being reported that Google and Facebook had some sort of Ad deal together that gave Facebook preferential treatment in-ad purchasing across the Google Ad network. This will not help them in their upcoming Anti-Trust issues with States and the DOJ....


Episode 1500

January 15, 2021

Episode 1500 in the can but wow what a process to get here. Had to edit tonight you missed some fun as the stream died this evening. A big thank you to the family of listeners as we have been on this journey together to get to episode 1500.


Big Tech Takeover #1499

January 12, 2021

Big Tech Takeover is the story dominating all headlines the past 3-4 days. I take a serious look at what has happened, the ramifications and will spend a considerable time on the soapbox. Never ever build your castle on rented land and the lessons that...


Elon Musk The World’s Richest Man #1498

January 08, 2021

Elon Musk became the world’s richest man today when Tesla stock skyrocketed. Congrats to him and hey Elon you want to get into the podcasting business? Let’s have a chat. Short news cycle today as I opted to opt-out of certain content that would be inf...


Slack’s 2021 massive outage #1497

January 05, 2021

Slack started 2021 1st major workday with a major outage disrupting remote workers globally. Nice kickoff to 2021. We will soon be celebrating the 1500th episode of this podcast and that will be a major milestone for any podcast in existence today.


End of Year Reflection Show #1496

December 30, 2020

A short end of the year show to reflect on what has happened to the show, the family of listeners, and where we go in the future. Subscribe to the Newsletter. Join the Chat @ GeekNews.Chat Email Todd or follow him on Facebook.


DJI On US Entity List #1495

December 22, 2020

DJI has made it on the United States Entity list for human rights violations. This is a big blow to DJI and could really impact their ability to sell products in the United States. This is the same list the Huawei and others are on.


Facebook Rolls Back News Feed Changes #1494

December 18, 2020

Facebook rolls back news feed changes now that the election is over. They applied significant editorial control over the content being presented to users that in my opinion is another strike against Facebook in them selecting what news is good for us.