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Chinese Facial Recognition Goes Global #1408

December 03, 2019

Chinese facial recognition standards which really are not standards but more like policies for the world are being pushed at the UN by Chinese companies as one could expect that is not going over well with privacy advocates.


Chinese Online Digital Spying Keeps Score! #1407

November 26, 2019

Chinese Online Spying system automatically keeps score of what you’re doing digitally and who you hang out with to determine if you will earn yourself a one year stay at an internment camp for 1 year for re-education and torture.


The Mustang Mach-E #1405

November 19, 2019

The Mustang Mach-E has debuted and it will be all muscle without a muscle engine. It will have a battery instead. Hey family, nothing like a snowstorm to mess up production. All good plans went in the toilet last week when the weather went sideways.


Valentines Day Text Later Delivery #1404

November 08, 2019

Seems a bunch of people received there valentines day text today, in what can only be described as something very strange. It was not limited to iPhones or Androids or carrier. The messages just seemed to get unstuck from some location.


Student Innovation Blows me Away #1403

November 05, 2019

A Middle School Student Innovation in car accident prevention has blown me away and I would suspect we could see what the student has designed in a car of the future. Lots happening here with my moving to my new place over the weekend.


Halloween Geek Creed #1402

November 01, 2019

I kick off the show giving a round of applause to the most awesome Halloween costume. Some parent earned some serious greek creed. Anyway back in the Michigan studio for the next couple of weeks. Moving into the loft could start as early as tomorrow so...


Calling the Predator Companies out! #1401

October 29, 2019

Calling Predator companies out on the new things they are doing to collect more info from us and lock us into their platforms increasing dependency. I am personally about sick of it. Plus some bad news for iPhone 5 owners that use the device to keep bi...


Episode 1400 of Geek News Central Podcast

October 22, 2019

Episode 1400 is in the can and I am sure you began to wonder if I was gonna get it across the finish line. I talk about lots of Geek News Central history on where we have been and where the show is headed. Amazing time for the podcast and I hope you en...


GNC #1399 I’m Back

October 18, 2019

GNC #1399 I’m Back. I must apologize but it has been an eventful two weeks that I talk about during the show. Nothing like an upper respiratory infection and a 104F fever to keep me away from the mic. But I am back and while I missed my 15-year celebra...


RSS – In a Modern Era #1398

October 01, 2019

RSS – In a Modern Era is a presentation I have been giving across the country that talks about podcasting and where we have been and where we are and where we are going. It is my personal insight based on my nearly 15 years of Podcasting.


Amazon Sidewalk #1397

September 27, 2019

Back in the studio for a very busy four days of content creation. First up is the New Media Show on Saturday, followed by the Podcast Awards on Sunday, Then two presentations for the International Podcast day on Monday. Then travel again on Tuesday.


Apple iOS 13 is Here! #1396

September 20, 2019

Apple iOS 13 is here and many are recommending to wait until 13.1 is released due to it’s unstable nature and some bugs. So buyer beware. I am down in Columbus for this show and will be in and out of here a lot over the next month.


TikTok & Chinese Censorship #1395

September 17, 2019

TikTok a Bejing based company appears to be censoring videos of Hong Kong protest. This should come as no surprise to anyone. This popular app is used by millions and I am sure the Chines Communist government has explicit instructions to the company th...


SpaceX Internet Available Sooner #1394

September 13, 2019

SpaceX is thinking they can roll out their Internet service faster based on a new Sat deployment strategy. In my opinion it cannot come soon enough. Tonight was a total stream failed. Somehow was not able to maintain connection with the streaming provi...


Instagram & Facebook Photos not Private #1393

September 10, 2019

A big security issue has been found on Instagram and Facebook. Where your shared private images and videos can be easily shared by someone copying the HTML link to the media. The web is secure but the links to the media are not.


Dialing it In #1392

September 05, 2019

Dialing in the studio is going to take some time but it is a work in progress amongst everything else going on. A special Wednesday show for you as I head to Atlantic City for the Mid Atlantic Podcast Conference.


Live from the New Studio #1391

August 27, 2019

Live from the New Studio, this is really a trial run as the Audio, Cameras, Lighting has not been fully dialed in. So looking for feedback on today’s show. I have a lot of work to do yet to get it where it needs to be.


Amazon uses Tips to Pay Drivers Wages #1390

August 23, 2019

Amazon apparently was caught paying there deliver drivers with Tips they received versus paying them a fair wage and letting them keep their tips. This is the ultimate cheap charlie tactic I think I have ever seen.


Google Sues Copyright Troll #1389

August 19, 2019

Google is suing a Copyright troll that was issuing false DMCA takedowns. This unusual action is after the troll was trying to extort money from those he falsely accused. Grab your popcorn folks. I am back from my time in Florida.


Apple 1 Million Dollar Bounty #1388

August 09, 2019

Apple is offering a 1 Million dollar bug bounty for bugs found in its kernel. This is by far the biggest bounty ever offered and should help incentivize people to turn in those bugs. I had an event that went late last evening thus the Friday morning re...


Cloudflare Terminates 8Chan #1387

August 05, 2019

Cloudflare terminated the service of 8Chan today and there reasoning is laid out in a public posting. It’s a crazy world we live in now and companies are forced to make business decisions based upon what is happening in the world and I do not blame the...


YouTube Tweaks #1386

August 01, 2019

YouTube is tweaking the signals it uses to rank kids video. There are winners and losers in this content game. When will creators learn that they need to take control of there brands and quit playing Russian roulette with their incomes?


Sprint – T-Mobile DOJ Green Light #1385

July 30, 2019

Sprint – T-Mobile finally gets the green light from the Department of Justice. So we will see how long it now takes for the deal to close as they are battling a number of state attorney generals as well. I am down in Columbus today with a busy schedule...


Facebook 5 Billion Dollar Privacy Fine #1384

July 26, 2019

Facebook has been hammered with a 5 billion dollar privacy violation fine. The biggest fine for Privacy violations in US history. It is a historic amount and some think it was not enough. What say you. Back in the Michigan studio for one show then back...


Huawei conspiring with North Korea? #1383

July 23, 2019

Huawei has some very serious allegations that it is facing in providing export-controlled gear to North Korea and if found to be true would be a very serious issue. What say you? I am headed back to Michigan tomorrow so I look forward to working on the...


Back in Blubrry Studio #1382

July 15, 2019

I am back in the Blubrry studio and excited to get started putting it together to be able to do video in the next couple of weeks. Lots of work to make that happen and make it look good but I am excited that I am getting close to that reality.


Studio Design is 90% Complete #1381

July 12, 2019

The new GNC Studio Design is 90% complete and I have to get the colors locked in the pricing was also sent to me and its a bit more than I had planned on but I will see if I can fit it in the budget. I am quite excited to be in a position … Continue re...


Instagram Bullying #1380

July 09, 2019

Instagram Bullying is on the decline according to the company as they have been stepping up moderation and using AI to detect activity that should be reviewed. It’s an upward battle as their numbers of users continue to grow and the innovative ways peo...


SpaceX Reusability Plan #1379

July 02, 2019

SpaceX is ramping up it’s reusability of rocket bodies and even I am amazed at there end goal of re-using a rocket body up to a 100 times. I have some thoughts on what this means for everyone over time and the upfront risk it poses to SpaceX.


Columbus Blubrry Podcasting Studio #1378

June 25, 2019

Back in Columbus at the Blubrry Podcasting Studio for the week, yes my container arrived and for the most part, no damage discovered beside a few small items that I did not pack properly. Very pleased and I have a large percentage of the gear unpacked ...


Container Delivery Saturday #1377

June 21, 2019

We will see if my container has been put through the washing machine cycle on Saturday. Have my fingers crossed that my household goods have made the ocean, rail, trucking journey with minimal rock and roll. Lots of travel in the pipeline.


New Media Productions Studio #1376

June 17, 2019

Audio show debut from the New Media Productions Studio in Southern Michigan. The first show from the new studio or actually office of the new studio. Not a lot to show you can see the latest on Facebook on where I am in the build process.


Drunk Flying your Drone #1375

June 13, 2019

There is a new law in Japan that fines you for drunk flying your drone with fines starting at $3000 or 300,000 Yen. The Japanese government is not fooling around and have introduced even more stiff fines for flying dangerously near people.


ISS Tourism Destination #1374

June 10, 2019

The ISS is opening up for tourism, but the price per night is gonna set you back $33k with a minimum 30-day stay. That news and more. Many apologies for sending the wrong show notes last episode. It helps to clear the cache.


NASA Mars Helicopter #1373

June 07, 2019

NASA Mars Helicopter made a successful atmospheric chamber flight that and much more. Update on the move I have been incredibly busy this week literally burning the midnight oil to the extreme just not enough physical hours in the day to get everything...


From The New York Mini Studio #1372

June 04, 2019

From the New York Mini Studio (portable) in Quincy, Michigan. I bring you the latest Geek News Central Podcast sponsored by Hello everyone, lots to share in this episode including me re-telling my UFO stories by request.


Final Hawaii Show #1371

May 31, 2019

This ends an incredible run here in Hawaii for Geek News Central. What’s ahead is live shows that are on before you go to bed and host of changes that I will be making to the show. If you have ideas for show changes drop me a note.


Back to Basics #1370

May 24, 2019

This show reminded more than ever that it is good to be back to basics is creating an audio focused show. It’s something I am going to contemplate more as I start the new chapter of the show with the move. Today I mix it up a little and you will want t...


The Studio is in the Container #1369

May 21, 2019

The studio has been torn down and today I am working from a makeshift setup. Still fighting the cough and had to edit out most of the hacks on you today. I have gotten back some feedback on Huawei and while I do not agree with everything the listener a...


Last Live Show in Hawaii #1368

May 17, 2019

Last Live show here in Hawaii, which as you would expect was full of issues of the stream going down. Never fails when you want to have fun things go sideways. Well anyway it will be fun calling the cable company and downgrading the speed tomorrow.


Amazon Pays you to Quit Your Job to Drive for Them! #1367

May 14, 2019

Amazon wants its employees to quit, give them a three months severance package and $10k in cash to start a business that would have the prior employee drive for them. Quite incredible if you think about it.


FCC Denies China Mobile from Operating in the US #1366

May 10, 2019

The FCC has rightfully denied China Mobile USA from operating in the United States in what I feel is absolutely the right decision. We are down to two more live shows in the studio. Still fighting a massive head cold here folks so I hope I am on the ot...


Amazon’s Treatment of Pregnant Women #1365

May 07, 2019

In a shocking article, Amazon’s Treatment of Pregnant Women in their fulfillment centers appears to be rife with issues discriminating firings. This continues to put Amazon in a bad light considering they are already considered abusers of there workfor...


Earnings Reports are Out #1364

April 25, 2019

See if you catch the mistake at the beginning of the show today 😉 Well earnings reports are out and Facebook and Microsoft are on fire that news on this special Wednesday edition of the Geek News Central Podcast.


On the Road #1363

April 23, 2019

The first episode in the new studio and the levels are way too hot. I should have done a test recording prior to the episode. Lots to share here tonight and a quick episode for you tonight. Next episode will be Wednesday this week versus Thursday.


Free Music Battle #1362

April 19, 2019

Free music battle heats up with the race to the bottom with free music offerings from both YouTube Music and Amazon. Great for consumers but it appears that the ad model that radio uses may actually now work in the digital divide which is exciting in i...


Final Hawaii Shows #1361

April 16, 2019

We are fast approaching the Final Hawaii shows with my upcoming travel we will have less than 5 shows left here that will be video in nature. While audio only shows will continue to the end it’s really crazy to know that I am that close to busting down...


Julian Assange Arrested #1360

April 12, 2019

Hi everyone, I am filling for one more episode and Todd will be back this coming Monday with an all-new episode from the Blubrry studios. I want to give a huge thank you to Todd for allowing me to come aboard the GNC team as executive producer as I wan...


Netflix killed the Apple AirPlay Star #1359

April 08, 2019

HI everyone, Kirk here filling in for Todd for this episode and for Thursday’s episode while he is away down in Las Vegas for the NAB show. Monday’s tech news is a little light but no worries, tech news can be light from time to time.