Day in Tech History

Daily rundown of tech history

By Jeffrey Powers


June 16, 1997: NetPC Announced

June 16, 2024

1997 Several computer companies banded together to help create the NetPC. A disk-less computer that got all information, including install from a corporate server or the Internet. Basically, these


June 15, 2014: Facebook Changes Breastfeeding Stance

June 15, 2024

2014 After a major protest from #FreetheNipple, Facebook decided to adjust their stance on photos of breastfeeding mothers. Facebook implemented the initial ban on December 30, 2008. The new rule be


June 14, 1938: Action Comics Introduced Superman

June 14, 2024

1938 It is one of the geekiest days for people like me. Creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster introduced one of the comic heros in Action Comics. Interesting enough, Superman was suppose to be a bad


June 13, 1993: Interactive Television from Microsoft

June 13, 2024

1993 Microsoft teamed up with Tele-communications and Time Warner to start the revolution known as Interactive TV. The ability to buy product right through the set during a show. iTV would give us


June 12, 1997: 3COM, US Robotics Complete Merger

June 12, 2024

1997 Back in February, it was announced thatUS Robotics be acquired by 3Com Corporation in a $6.6 billion stock swap. This would add to 3Coms computer networking company against Cisco as they woul


June 11, 1980: Steve Ballmer Joins Microsoft

June 11, 2024

1980 Otherwise known as The 24th Man (to join Microsoft, that is), Steve Ballmer came on as Microsofts first Business Manager. He made only $50k and stock options. Of course 30 years later, Steve


June 10: Seiko Introduces Ruputer

June 10, 2024

1998 Seiko introduces the worlds first wearable PC watch called the Ruputer. It was marketed under the OnHand PC name. The Ruputer had a 3.6 MHz processor and 2 MB of non-volitile storage. The 102


June 9, 1986: Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Opens

June 09, 2024

1986 The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center opens. It links 5 supercomputer centers together Princeton, San Diego, Illinois, and Cornell University.PSC is a leading partner in theTeraGrid, theNat


June 8, 2001: NetZero and Juno Merge to United Online

June 08, 2024

2001 To compete with AOL, Internet Service Providers NetZero and Juno Online Services announce they will merge to become United Online. The company would eventually acquire other assets to keep aflo


June 7, 1975: Sony Betamax is Released

June 07, 2024

1975 Sony releases the first home videocassette recorder inthe US. Japan first saw the Betamax on May 10, 1975, which was not uncommon. The magnetic tape media was the first to be on the market, as


June 6, 2005: Apple Switches to Intel

June 06, 2024

2005 Steve Jobs spoke in front of the masses at the WWDC announcing that Apple will switch their processors from PowerPC to Intel. He then showed off the Mac OS X running on aPentium 4 CPU. The reas


June 5, 1983: Coleco Adam Computer

June 05, 2024

1983 Coleco announced at the Consumer Electronics Show the Coleco Adam. It was their first attempt at a computer hybrid system gaming and desktop computing. The $725 price tag didnt hurt, either.


June 4, 1896: Ford Test Drives First Car

June 04, 2024

1896 Henry Ford gets ready to test drive the first Quadricycle (a.k.a. Car). Only one problem They didnt make the garage door big enough. Out comes the Ax A couple chops and a wider door was cr


June 3, 2009: Core i7 “Nehalem”

June 03, 2024

2009 Intel introduces the Nehalem Core i7 processor, code-named Lynnfield. The i7-950 and 975 models are 4-core processors with a speed of 3.06 GHz. The processor ran 64-bit instruction set and co


June 2, 1988: IBM PS/2 Model 70

June 02, 2024

1988 While not the first version of the PS/2, the Model 70 was introduced with the 80386 processor. 16, 20, and 25 MHz clock speeds. The Model 70 also used a 25 MHz Intel 486 processor in a complex


June 1, 1979: the 8088 Microprocessor

June 01, 2024

1979 Intel released the successorto the 8086 processor in the Intel 8088 chip. With a clock rate of either 4.77 MHz or 8 MHz, this 16-bit chip had an external bus of 8 bits and 29,000 transistors.


May 31, 2006: The Pirate Bay Raided, Swedish Political Party Increased

May 31, 2024

2006 Swedish police raid the host of the Pirate Bay BitTorrent. On the same day, the Pirate Bay political party increased their numbers by 500, with an additional 930 joining the following day. The


May 30, 1987: Compact Disc Video (CD-V) Format Released

May 30, 2024

1987 North American Phillips Company introduced the compact disc video format. Using the same technology as LaserVision, the CDs with Pictures would be gold in color and the same size as an audio


May 29, 1999: Five Million Domain Names Registered

May 29, 2024

1999 became the five-millionth domain name in the world. At the time, a domain name cost $70 for the first year, $35 a year thereafter. The domain name was abandoned and is still a


May 28, 2014: Apple Music Acquires Beats

May 28, 2024

2014 Rumors flew high on this one, so when it happened, many people were not surprised. Apple announced they were going to acquire Beats Music and Electronics in a $3 billion deal. As part of the ac


May 27, 2003: WordPress CMS Released

May 27, 2024

2003 Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created a Fork of B2/cafelog. From there, WordPress was born. Since its release, WordPress has taken over Content Management Systems (CMS) with its ease of use an


May 26, 1998: AMD K6-2 Processor

May 26, 2024

1998 At the beginnings of the AMD / Intel battle, AMD brought out a processor to dual with Pentium II. The AMD K6-2 processor was a Super Socket 7 pin structure, which also was compatible with olde


May 25, 1999: Corel WordPerfect Office 2000

May 25, 2024

1999 A program first developed by Brigham young University for Data General minicomputers, WordPerfect was the word processing application for anyone using a computer in the 80s and 90s. I remembe


May 24, 1985: AOL (as Quantum Computer Services) Founded

May 24, 2024

1985 Quantum Computer Services was founded. Technically, it was a reorganization of Control Video Corporation, a company that started in 1983. The company was selling online service Gameline to Ata


May 23, 1995: MySQL Released RDBMS

May 23, 2024

1995 MySQL releases their SQL database program for web pages. This is known as a Relational Database Management System(RDBMS). MySQLuses C and C++, the SQL parser used yacc and a hybrid of lexer c


May 22, 1973: Ethernet is Proposed

May 22, 2024

1973 Robert Metcalfe writes a thirteen-page memo describing a new type of data transmission method. His memo was entitled Ether Acquisition, which would connect Hawaiis ALOHA Network. Alto Ethern


May 21, 2001: Mac OS X Server Released

May 21, 2024

2001 Apple released the Mac OS X Server, based on Rhapsody, which was a hybrid of NeXT OPENSTEP. The server ran file services, Macintosh Manager, Quicktime Streaming Server, WebObjects, NetBoot and


May 19, 1999: Star Wars Episode I Released

May 19, 2024

1999 Sixteen years after Return of the Jedi, George Lucas finally moves his vision forward with Star Wars: Episode I the Phantom Menace. The story of young Anakin Skywalker and how Obi-Wan Ken


May 18, 2001: Shrek Hits Theaters

May 18, 2024

2001 The computer animated movie Shrek hits theaters. The 90 minute movie was produced on a $60 million budget and although its first weekend only saw $42 million , the overall theatrical run bro


May 17, 1902: The Antikythera mechanism

May 17, 2024

1902 The Antikythera mechanism was found off the coast of Greece. They only found a part of it, and wasnt really sure what it did. Eventually, this device was declared to be the oldest known analog


September 26, 1914: FTC Established

September 26, 2023

1914 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is formed to regulate business in the US. President Wilson issued this to Trust bust. The FTC is controlled by a 5 member panel that serve in 7 year terms.


September 20, 1954: FORTRAN Code Run for First Time

September 20, 2023

1954 Fortranis a blend from theIBM Mathematical Formula Translating System that started as the assembly language for the IBM 704. Ageneral-purpose,proceduralprogramming language that is suited


January 31, 1984: Apple Reorganizes

January 31, 2020

1984 Apple announced they would split up the Cupertino based company into three divisions Apple II (handling all Apple III computers as well), the Apple 32 division (Lisa, and new Macintosh line o


January 30, 2004: Gateway Acquires eMachines

January 30, 2020

Gateway computer makes a bold move and purchases rival eMachines for 50 million shares of Gateway common stock and $30 million in cash. eMachines was a company founded by Lap Shun Hui along with South Korean companies Korea Data Systems, and TriGem.


January 29, 2014: Google Sells Motorola Mobility

January 29, 2020

Google owned Motorola Mobility for only 2 years before deciding to sell it off. They chose to sell to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. A major change in the $12.5 billion acquisition they made in 2011. But of course that was after Google striped the company d...


January 28, 1984: Tim McVey Day

January 28, 2020

1984 One billion points on one quarter. That was the reason for Tim McVey Day. At the Twin Galaxies arcade back on January 17th, Tim scored 1,000,042,270 points on one quarter to the game Nibbler


January 27, 2006: Western Union discontinued Telegram and Commercial Messaging services

January 27, 2020

2006 Founded in 1851, Western Union was responsible for getting the important messages from point A to B. Whether through telegram or commercial messaging, Western Union was synonymous with the servi


January 26, 2006: Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit: Hot Coffee

January 26, 2020

2006 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a game that changed perception of the industry. The grit and cruelty of the GTA franchise has not only brought controversy, its also brought the fans. One bit


January 25, 1881: The Oriental Telephone Company

January 25, 2020

1881 Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison establish theOriental Telephone Company of New York and the Angle-Indian Telephone Company Ltd. These companies were licensed to sell telephones in oth


January 24, 1948: IBM Dedicated Poppa in New York City

January 24, 2020

1948 At IBM world headquarters, IBM dedicated the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC). The machine otherwise known as Poppa was the first computer to combine electronic computation w


January 23, 1896: The First Public X-Rays

January 23, 2020

1896 Although he was not the only person to be working on the technology and not the first X-ray,Wilhelm Roentgen gave the first public lecture and demonstration of his device. He photographed Dr.


January 22, 1998: Microsoft and US Department of Justice

January 22, 2020

1998 Microsoft reached an agreement with the US Department of Justice regarding Internet Explorer on Windows 95. In the agreement, computer manufacturers could have the IE link removed. This was a s


January 21, 1981: The First Delorean DMC-12

January 21, 2020

1981 – While getting this up to 88 miles per hour doesn’t take you back in time, it was still a cool car to have. The First production Delorean DMC-12 was built. A prototype was made back in 1976 and all Deloreans were made in Ireland. 9,


January 20, 1885: the Gravity Pleasure Switchback Railway Patent

January 20, 2020

1885 – Sounding like anything but a roller coaster, the Gravity Pleasure Switchback Railway was the first American designed amusement coaster designed by LaMarcus Adna Thompson. Only 5 cents to ride, the Switchback was a simple coaster that took you ab...


January 19, 1983: Apple Lisa is Introduced

January 19, 2020

Happy Birthday to me. 1983 – at an introductory price of $9995, Apple introduces the Lisa computer – the first computer with a GUI (Graphical User Interface). The computer featured a 5 MHz 68000 microprocessor, 1 MB RAM, 12″ monochrome monitor,


January 18, 1983: The Franklin Ace 1200 PC

January 18, 2020

1983 – During the CP/M Show, Franklin Electronic Publichers revealed the Franklin Ace 1200 computer. The main feature of this computer (like the other Franklin computers before) was the fact they copied Apple’s ROM and operating system code.


January 17, 2012: Jerry Yang Resignes from Yahoo!

January 17, 2020

2012 – Yahoo! had some turbulent times from 2007 when founder Jerry Yang was CEO. Of course the big debacle being the Microsoft bid, which took over 9 months to settle with Carl Icahn being a major instigator.


January 16, 1956: Semi-Automatic Ground Environment – SAGE Disclosed to Public

January 16, 2020

1956 – The U.S. Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) was disclosed to the public. SAGE is a computer that connected hundreds of radar stations in the US and Canada as a one-stop monitoring of the sky. SAGE was commissioned and developed by MIT.


January 15, 1990: The AT&T Reboot

January 15, 2020

1990 – AT&T suffers the oddest outage nationwide. A switch in New York crashed, then rebooted. This caused the other switches linked to the New York switch to also reboot. The cascade continued on until all 114 switches were rebooting on 6 second inter...


January 14, 1973: Live Via Satellite – Elvis Presley!

January 14, 2020

1973 – Elvis is broadcast via satellite to over 1 billion viewers in over 40 countries. That is, except for the U.S. because Superbowl VII was being played. The U.S. finally got to see the concert on April 4, 1973 on NBC. The show,