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Dr. Bill.TV #451 – Audio – “The Rode Audio Edition!”

January 31, 2019

The Xiaomi foldable phone, the Rode NT-1 mic, 2019 CES, tiny Bluetooth sensor, PBS warming to streaming, Locast.org, ustv247.com, TVAnswers.org, the Rodecaster Pro video! Pinebook 64 Open Source Notebook, right on cartoon, the new Amazon FireTV App!


Dr. Bill.TV #450 – Audio – “The My Jacket’s Too Bulky Edition!”

January 08, 2019

Google Chrome wins the browser wars! Chrome extensions will work on the new Edge (when it debuts,) IPVanish VPN deal, bogus Roku activation scam, a Roku rumor, Chromecast hack, China lands on the Moon’s dark side,


Dr. Bill.TV #449 – Audio – “The Security for the Holidays Edition!”

December 06, 2018

Dr. Bill gives us ten things we can do to stay safe on the Internet and on-line this Holiday Season! Our sponsor this week is IPVanish VPN, your best way to stay safe on-line! Go to www.DrBill.TV/VPN to get a great discount!


Dr. Bill.TV #448 – Audio – “The Holiday Geek Gift and Bug Zapping Edition!”

November 21, 2018

Geek Gift List for 2018! Google Home Hub, Nintendo Switch, Oregon Trail Card Game, Death Star Popcorn Maker, Exploding Kittens Card Game, Star Trek ComBadge, Death Star Waffle Maker, Star Trek Pizza Cutter, Schrodinger’s Cat Decision Maker,


Dr. Bill.TV #447 – Audio – “The I’m Just So Confused Edition!”

November 11, 2018

Dr. Bill discusses Windows 10 Pro users seeing activation issues, Disney’s new Netflix rival will be called Disney+, YouTube arrives on the Nintendo Switch, the Alexa App is now available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10,


Dr. Bill.TV #446 – Audio – “The Second Cord Cutting Special Edition!”

October 17, 2018

Dr. Bill discusses more Cord Cutting tips, with the free TitanTV schedule, AntennaWeb.org’s station locator and power finder, the ViewTV 150 mile OTA antenna, a through demo of Dr. Bill’s new 4 tuner Tablo OTA DVR,


Dr. Bill.TV #445 – Audio – “The Google Spying Edition!”

September 30, 2018

Change is coming to the Wireless Mic World, new this week: Roku Premiere and Premiere+, GSotW: Advanced YouTube Client, Facebook confirms major security breach affecting 50 million users, self solving Rubik’s cube, Apple,


Dr. Bill.TV #444 – Audio – “The Odd, Earth-Shattering Remote Edition!”

September 19, 2018

Windows file sharing (SMB) comes to Chromebooks, due to all the user uproar and complaints Google has decided to restore ‘www,’ Microsoft has reversed course on a Windows 10 warning, GSotW: Comodo One Remote Access and Control, GSotW Extra: AeroAdmin!


Dr. Bill.TV #443 – Audio – “The Phred Grumps Again Edition!”

September 09, 2018

Raspberry Pi-based ZeroPhone, Office 365 limits removed, Firefox anti-tracking, the ultimate answer is not 42, it’s cheese! GSotW: MX Linux, Chrome turns 10, new Tor Browser, Windows Enterprise long term support, GSotW Extra: Claws Mail,


Dr. Bill.TV #442 – Audio – “No On-Line Censorship Edition!”

August 15, 2018

Cord Cutters: Rescan to update channels, Chromebooks may get Windows 10 Dual Boot with ‘Campfire.’ GSotW: Malwarebytes Browser Extension! My view of Internet Censorship, Star Trek: Discovery’s Spock will be played by Gregory Peck’s grandson.


Dr. Bill.TV Netcast #441 – Audio – “The LONGEST Show Ever Edition!”

July 29, 2018

Our LONGEST Dr. Bill.TV Show EVER! Broken up into Bite-sized pieces for you! APTeK HD Video Capture Device Unboxing and Discussion – at 2:23, New Email Scam Overview (Security) – at 13:02, Geek Project of the Week: Linux on Your Chromebook – at 31:08,


Dr. Bill.TV #440 – Audio – “The Old Tech Giveaway Edition!”

July 18, 2018

Dr. Bill owns up to a BIG ‘oopsy!’ The new Dr. Bill Roku Channel is finally out! Roku’s new wireless speakers, GSotW: Cloudberry Remote Assistant! Amazon Prime Day on Monday came off OK, with issues! Our first ‘Old Tech Giveaway!’ at time stamp 29:02.


Dr. Bill.TV #439 – Audio – “The Your Best WAMP Stack Edition!”

June 30, 2018

Geek Software of the Week: Uniform Server, the new Dr. Bill Bailey.NET NETcasts Roku channel is on the way, Chromecast outage ends, SD cards with 128TB of storage, TaoTronics TT-BH07 wireless earbuds, Linux Mint 19 is released,


Dr. Bill.TV #438 – Audio – “The Fight Da Man Edition!”

June 13, 2018

Dr. Bill discusses recent issues with VLC, and how it led the GSotW: POT Player! Also VLC is back! Then, is your phone spying? A demo of Popcorn Time, Yahoo! kills its chat app, a box produces water! Microsoft buys GitHub!


Dr. Bill.TV #437 – Audio – “The Bright Lights Edition!”

June 02, 2018

Dr. Bill talks about shutting down the Chromest, VirtZine, and Hand Held Hack shows, a Windows Defender Chrome extension. Issues with the Windows April Update 1803, free VPN woes, GSotW: eM Client, new Super Smash Bros characters, a new GIMP,


Dr. Bill.TV #436 – Audio – “The Facebook Issue Rant Edition!”

April 11, 2018

Dr. Bill takes a brief time out of his normal netcast schedule to rant about the publicity around the Facebook data issue. There is NO expectation of privacy on Facebook! Come on, guys! Links that pertain to this Netcast: TechPodcasts Network Internati...


Dr. Bill.TV #435 – Audio – “The World Backup Day Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

March 31, 2018

World Backup Day, Cloudberry 50% Off! SUSE Enterprise Linux on Raspberry Pi, Under Armour MyFitnessPal hit by data breach, GSotW: JetBoost, SpaceX starts a ubiquitous WiFi project, demo of the Roav VIVA Alexa for your car device (at 20:46 into the show...


Dr. Bill.TV #434 – Audio – “The New DSLR Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

March 24, 2018

Canon SL2, Zuck and the FB scandal, Best Buy: no Huawei, alarm can’t detect smoke, YouTube bans guns, Android Wear now Wear OS, Chrome 66 blocks autoplay, laptop vs. tablet, GSotW: Autoruns, Mozilla drops FB, send money via Google Assistant,


Dr. Bill.TV #433 – Audio – “The Area 51 Demo Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

March 05, 2018

A new version of DirCaster! Amazon is buying Ring, Apple may release a new MacBook Air, Amazon to stop sales of Nest products, Alexa did lose its voice, Dropbox adds G Suite integration, GSotW: Linux Edition: Q4OS, more Cord Cutters,


Dr. Bill.TV #432 – Audio – “The Story Time Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

February 27, 2018

Samsung 30TB SSD, Intel’s Spectre fix, YouTube questions, Angry Birds Champions, Sling TV 47% growth, Intel, AMD face lawsuits, Harley’s ‘Project Livewire’ update, GWotW: Font Squirrel Matcherator, Dropbox IPO, Google and languages,


Dr. Bill.TV #431 – Audio – “The Very Special Cord Cutter’s Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

February 19, 2018

YouTubeTV, multiple Amazon Dots, Combining multiple OTA antennas, GSotW: TeaTV, Philo, NoCable.org, Microsoft Edge can be pwned! SlingTV and, be sure to tune in at approximately 29 minutes in for the ‘Marvel Movie after the credits’ scene on Leonflix!


Dr. Bill.TV #430 – Audio – “The I Finally Got It Right Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

February 11, 2018

Tablo DVRs on Samsung Smart TVs, OpenVMS security, Elon Musk’s launch, VLC 3 now on Android, Chrome, others with Chromecast, Nintendo Switch Linux hack, Intel’s ‘Smartglasses.’ CrossOver, Nvidia focuses on gaming, tablet sales down,


Dr. Bill.TV #429 – Audio – “The Keeping Alexa Quiet but Slightly Off Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

February 04, 2018

LibreOffice 6.0 is out! Podcast listeners tracked by Apple; it’s time for a bit of a rant! YouTubeTV starts streaming on Roku, GSotW: UrBackup! StarGate: Origins trailer, Windows 10 overtakes Windows 7 in usage,


Dr. Bill.TV #428 – Audio – “The Controversy Can Be Fun Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

January 30, 2018

Google Home ignores Jesus, Alexa loses her voice? A Geek Project for RSS Feeds, Malwarebytes product patch brings down PCs, GSotW: WebCam On-Off, Guru99 Linux tutorial, moving to Linux from Windows, kids learn Open Source,


Dr. Bill.TV #427 – Audio – “The I’m Not Dating, I’m Dated Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

January 25, 2018

Google broke Amazon’s workaround for YouTube on FireTV, DuckDuckGo adds tracker block, Android 8.1 can display Wi-Fi speeds before connecting, a 512GB microSD card, YouTube TV’s 300,000 paying users, Mosaic at 25!


Dr. Bill.TV #426 – Audio – “The Trying a Webcam Again Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

January 18, 2018

Kodak bitcoin miner on display at CES 2018, GSotW: iCast2, Intel security issue update: addressing reboot issues, Google: our brilliant Spectre fix dodges performance hit, so you should all use it! Think Media’s review of Marantz Turret camera,


Dr. Bill.TV #425 – Audio – “The Lots’o Stuff from CES Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

January 11, 2018

CES 2018 coverage from TPN, a 3 minute video from Red Hat on Meltdown/Spectre, Project Linda, Toyota announced Alexa in cars, Dell XPS 15, Kodak and Blockchain, Google Daydream camera, Facebook videophone, Microsoft on Meltdown/Spectre patch slowing PC...


Dr. Bill.TV #424 – Audio – “The Meltdown Over Security Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

January 08, 2018

ASUS Chromebook Flip, CES 2018, Nintendo Switch fastest-selling video game console, Meltdown and Spectre, Ajit Pai gets death threats, Apple confirms vulnerability, HP recall, GSotW: SpecuCheck, check if your AV blocks Microsoft patch,


Dr. Bill.TV #423 – Audio – “The Somewhat After Christmas Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

December 28, 2017

Tricking Windows face unlock, belated techie gifts, LibreOffice V6, Google turns on ad-blocking, Microsoft removes Chrome from the Windows Store, a Bill to save Net Neutrality, Apple slows down old iPhones, GSotW: Unchecky,


Dr. Bill.TV #422 – Audio – “The Doctor Stirs Up Controversy with Phred Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

December 12, 2017

Amazon vs. Google: Turf Wars, Dr. Bill stirs up controversy, Disney might buy Fox, Stargate: Origins, Bitcoin’s going crazy, GSotW: Handy File Tool, a good tip for your router, HP and bloatware that’s malware, Microsoft Edge on Android,


Dr. Bill.TV #421 – Audio – “The Great Adventure with Fading Lights Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

December 02, 2017

Hackers exploit Word vulnerability, BIG Cyber Monday, CloudBerry Backup 5.8, Holiday shoppers buy phones, a county in Georgia builds a spaceport, Linux Mint 18.3 ‘Sylvia.’ Amazon’s Silk Browser for FireTV, GSotW: BOOTICE,


Dr. Bill.TV #420 – Audio – “The Lower Thirds and Pixel 2 Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

November 16, 2017

Ransomware that will grab your PC screen, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Don’t rush it, Streaming is more popular than Cable, Voodooshield, SetTVNow, Space Channel, Mozilla launches Firefox 57, no ‘Freemium’ Prime Video,


Dr. Bill.TV #419 – Audio – “The Sad, Sorry (Sideways) Security Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

October 18, 2017

Cryptocurrency miners infect Dr. Bill’s PC, Dr. Bill orders a Google Pixel 2 XL, Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, Nintendo NES Classic, Amazon’s waterproof Kindle, Severe flaw in WPA2, PIA VPN, Google adds antivirus to Chrome, Securi Firewall hacked.


Dr. Bill.TV #418 – Audio – “SetTVNow: Cable Cutter’s Dream!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

October 10, 2017

Dr. Bill discusses and demos SetTVNow, a company that offers cord cutters 500 cable channels for only $20.00 per month! Use this link: http://setvnow.com/#59da7b39bd174 to get a three day trial on three separate devices! Check it out!


Dr. Bill.TV #417 – Audio – “The I Wannacry at Alexa Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

May 16, 2017

Despite ‘Wannacry’ security risks, older Windows versions plague thousands of businesses, an Open Source AI Voice Assistant called ‘Mycroft,’ GSotW: Etcher, the new Amazon Echo Show, Seth Macfarlane’s Star Trek spoof ‘The Orville’ Links that pertain to...


Dr. Bill.TV #416 – Audio – “The Privacy and Security Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

April 09, 2017

Dr. Bill discusses protecting your privacy and security on-line with VPN, and uBlock Origin, a Plug-in for Chrome, a blocker that can load and enforce filters, then, the Chrome Plug-in from the EFF called ‘Privacy Badger’ that blocks spying ads tracker...


Dr. Bill.TV #415 – Audio – “The Mars, Backup, with Solar Flowers Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

March 31, 2017

Apple patents an iPhone/Macbook dock, GSotW: Remix OS, German scientists create an artificial sun, World Backup Day, Mars has ice! Japanese scientists develop more efficient solar panels, a Solar Flower for your house,


Dr. Bill.TV #414 – Audio – “The No Christmas Content (Except a Little) Edition” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

December 22, 2016

Dropbox is available on the Xbox One, Paralyzed Connecticut man walks with a Exoskeleton, Hololens to teach doctors, GSotW: KeepVid! Three web browsers for the Linux command line, Ubuntu Linux desktop bugs found and fixed, Update for LibreOffice!


Dr. Bill.TV #413 – Audio – “Open Source Projects and Surface Rumors!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

December 10, 2016

The Libreboot C201: an Open Source laptop, AsteroidOS: an Open Source OS for your smartwatch, OnlyOffice: a new, clean looking, Open Source Office Suite, GSotW: Winstep Nexus, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumors,


Dr. Bill.TV #412 – Audio – “Cut That Cord!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

December 03, 2016

AT&T announces DirecTV Now launch with a $35 Plan, and $5 HBO and Cinemax, an $89 Linux Laptop! Plex Media Server now connects to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, GSotW: ScreenToGIF! Chrome slowly ditching Flash by defaulting to HTML5 on websit...


Dr. Bill.TV #411 – Audio – “The Really Big Shew Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

October 23, 2016

Ethanol fuel from the air! The Nintendo Switch, what the Wii U should have been? A Windows 10 PC in your hand! The Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Geek Software of the Week: 7Zip! PLUS, Linux/Mac: rEFIt! Microsoft makes money in the Cloud!


Dr. Bill.TV #410 – Audio – “The Leprechaun Riding on the Back of a Unicorn While Taking a Picture of a UFO Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

July 29, 2016

The last VCR is made this month, Mandriva (formerly Mandrake) Linux is no more, As PCs decline, Microsoft betting its future on the cloud, CrossOver for Android has been installed and runs on a Google ChromeBook.


Dr. Bill.TV #409 – Audio – “Special Never Windows 10 Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

July 16, 2016

A special edition of the Dr. Bill.TV show discussing Steve Gibson’s Never 10 program to stop your system from upgrading to Windows 10! Links that pertain to this Netcast: TechPodcasts Network International Association of Internet Broadcasters Blubrry N...


Dr. Bill.TV #408 – Audio – “The I Did It On My Phone Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

May 08, 2016

Microsoft Blog apology for their TwitterBot, new Linux tablet aims to make Ubuntu desktop mobile, Google is removing Chrome app launcher from Windows, Mac, and Linux! Links that pertain to this Netcast: TechPodcasts Network International Association of...


Dr. Bill.TV #407 – Audio – “The Pi Are Round Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

March 14, 2016

Opera gets $1.2 billion buyout offer from mix of Chinese firms, Google kills Picasa, Chromecast owned 35% of the 2015 Set-Top Box market, Microsoft SQL Server for Linux, this year’s Pi Day is special, Geek Software of the Week:Raimersoft TapinRadio!


Dr. Bill.TV #406 – Audio – “The Phred’s Vacation Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

February 06, 2016

Dr. Bill updates us on his weight loss, Phred is back, and as surly as ever, Barracuda Networks’ Copy and CudaDrive services will go away May 1st, the Firefox Phone is dead, and why we should care, and this week’s GSotW: Chocolately Nuget!


Dr. Bill.TV #405 – Audio – “The Back, but Lighter, Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

January 30, 2016

Dr. Bill shares his Christmas presents, though late, and talks a bit about his losing 120 pounds! Also, is Firefox doomed? Drone Registration, VLC Player for Chrome OS, TPN CES coverage, Google disses simple web sites, let the cheap PCs die! -


Dr. Bill.TV #404 – Audio – “The Gifts for Geeks Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

December 07, 2015

Dr. Bill shares a list of ten gifts for the geeks in your life, and all but one are under $20.00! Will you make your local geek say, ‘DEWD!’? Links that pertain to this Netcast: TechPodcasts Network International Association of Internet Broadcasters Bl...


Dr. Bill.TV #403 – Audio – “The Milk Will Work Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

November 15, 2015

Google says it won’t phase out Chrome OS, Roku 4 streams 4K video, TeamViewer 11 beta up to 15x faster, new Chrome OS app, Google retires Chrome support for Windows XP, Vista, OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 in April 2016, DSotW: Bandizip,


Dr. Bill.TV #402 – Audio – “The Very Late at Night Edition!” - Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

November 02, 2015

Microsoft shares the next phase of its Windows 10 upgrade rollout, Pew Research Center: Many own Smartphones, not Ebook Readers, Amazon removes all Apple TV and Google Chromecast listings, Android and Chrome OS to merge by 2017,