Android Buffet Podcast

Hungry for Android? Get all you can eat at the Android Buffet

By Guru and Jere


Episode 519 – Barrel

December 24, 2020

Android News Four Services Google replaced in 2020 and Five it Killed Google prepping to release an official Tiles API for Wear OS Driving 1000 miles with Android Auto as my co-pilot App News Chrome for Android will soon use Google Assistant for voice ...


Episode 518 – Blue

December 18, 2020

Android News Google buys Neverware, makers of the Cloudready upgrade. Google and Qualcomm will provide support for four years of Android Upgrades. Android 11 has the fastest adoption rate of any version yet.


Episode 517 – More than Just Meatballs

December 11, 2020

Android News Improving urban GPS accuracy. App News Google Photos update adds live wallpaper. Google Maps now lets you create Street View photos with just a phone Google Podcasts now allows you to add RSS feeds Google Recorder supports external mics an...


Episode 516 – Studio 3

December 04, 2020

Android News Smart Display getting family notes. Google announces new deadline for apps to request background location access. CarDroid dongle raises over $170,000. Google prepares to decouple emojis from system updates.


Episode 515 – Cut His Microphone

November 20, 2020

App News Google Home app brings back the ability to trigger Assistant Routines on other devices. Google Fit revamped, more sleep data and activity sharing. Google Maps adds covid layer, transit crowdedness, and food tracking.


Episode 514 – Two Live Views

November 13, 2020

Android News Happy 13th Birthday Android! Google needs to be more like Samsung or Huawei when it comes to adding features Many websites will stop working with older versions of Android in 2021. Google Photos to eliminate unlimited free storage,


Episode 513 – Save the Clock Tower!

November 06, 2020

Android News CarDroid is a self-contained Android device for use with Android Auto head units. App News Google Fi apps allows connection troubleshooting Tasker working on Tasky…a simplified safe interface to Tasker.


Episode 512 – Deep Breaths

October 30, 2020

Home Google assembles all the pieces of a truly smart home Amazon Tablets get a Smart Home Device dashboard. Wyze release v3 of their camera, adds weather resistance, improved night vision, etc. App News Tapatalk for Android taken off the Play Store.


Episode 511 – Jere-Rigged Again

October 23, 2020

Android News Our Favorite Ten Things Coming to Smart Displays including new UI. App News Google Play Music no longer works with Assistant Assistant might soon support third-party podcast services Google Chat for everyone next year.


Episode 510 – What’s New?

October 16, 2020

Guru News Guru gets his Pixel 3XL refurbished replacement and wonders what is next Guru builds a VOC sensor and wonders where to put it Android News New Android Features Coming This Fall: Phone App available to more phones, Sound Notifications,


Episode 509 – Guru and the RMA

October 09, 2020

Guru takes a road trip. Android News Google introduces Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative to manage issues specific to Android OEMs Daydream is dead. Google Assistant to add a guest mode. Is the Pixel 5 a return to the space the Nexus 5 occupied?...


Episode 508 – Guru Really Needs a Vacation

October 02, 2020

Android News Android 12 will make installing alternative stores easier. Google introduces Hold for Me. Chromecast with Google TV device released. App News Maps is getting a dedicate car mode UI and dark mode.


Episode 507 – Live Next Week

September 25, 2020

Android News Android 11 reviewed by Ars Technica Disney+ now available on Smart Displays App News Phone app is now called Phone By Google New look for Gboard. Expanded Google Photos share menu being rolled out.


Episode 506 – What Day Is Today?

September 18, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android Auto is broken for many on Android 11 Android 11 takes away a row of quick setting tiles and limits usability of feature. Wear OS now lets you add more than 5 tiles. Hidden Changes in Android 11: New volume stream for As...


Episode 505 – Red Velvet Cake

September 11, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android 11 now official for Pixel phones and more. Android 11 Features – New APIs AAWireless adapter brings wireless to any Android Auto unit blows through crowdfunding goal. Android 11 adds just this once permissions Australia ...


Episode 504 – Be Like Darrell

September 04, 2020

Show Notes Android News Chromecast and Nest Displays will soon show date and location of pictures in Google Photos slideshows Google Duo coming to Android TV. Google improves Assistant Snapshot. Google Assistant now works with over 50,000 devices.


Episode 503 – Zip But No Doodah

August 28, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google is removing third-party camera app integration due to location and privacy protection. Epic Games attempts to sue Apple and Google over app revenue sharing. An Android TV dongle could be coming soon.


Episode 502 – Subscribe Now

August 21, 2020

Show Notes Android Buffet site updated with new links. Android News Android 11 will only allow preinstalled camera apps to respond to the image/video capture intents. Multi-room audio control from Nest devices.


Episode 501 – When the Old Comedy Bits Start The Podcast Ends

August 14, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google opts all users out of voice data collection. Android to add new Android for Cars App Library Android Auto brings back calendar access and settings page. Google Assistant sings a song to remind you of the benefits of weari...


Episode 500 – Near and Yet Far

August 06, 2020

Next Week’s Live Stream is scheduled for Thursday, August 13th at 9PM. Show Notes Android News Google One now has some free features: automatically backing up device data, messages, photos/videos. Not for G-Suite accounts.


Episode 499 – Don’t Cross the Streams

July 30, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android 11 is Red Velvet Cake Google may have used data from various apps to build competing apps and services. You can set a reminder straight from an Android notification Android Permissions still need a lot of work Android 11...


Episode 498 – Live Stream Achieved

July 23, 2020

Show Notes Live Stream Take 2 – watch the recording… Android News Android users install over 28 billion apps in the quarter. App News Google Calendar gets improved event creation and agenda printing improvements.


Episode 497 – Almost Live on YouTube

July 16, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android 10 has the fastest update rate ever, with 16% of users in 10 months. People keep wondering if Wear OS is dead, which is bad. Only one more beta before Android 11 release. Full Storage Access permission delayed till 2021....


Episode 496 – Ten Years and Counting

July 09, 2020

This week, we’re joined by special 10th anniversary guests…anyone who asked… Show Notes Android News Should a premium phone be filled with ads? Reddit AMA on Android 11 will be on July 9th. App News Dark Sky shutdown delayed till August 1st. Sad.


Episode 495 – Open Mic Next Week

July 02, 2020

Show Notes July 8th – Live Zoom Podcast Recording at 7PM Eastern email for the link. Android News Google tests broadcasting messages to specific rooms. Google makes some Android 11 features optional for device makers Nest Hub ...


Episode 494 – Shutter Island

June 25, 2020

Show Notes Android News AMP coming to Google Smart Displays Google Assistant may now suggest actions based on time of day. Google Assistant now shows recipe suggestions. App News Amazon Fire Toolbox allows you to Googify your Fire Tablet Files App on A...


Episode 493 – Android Unwrapped

June 18, 2020

Show Notes Android News Unwrapping the Android 11 Beta Bringing Google Assistant to All Smart Devices Pixel shipments reached 7.2 million in 2019, more than OnePlus We don’t need a Google Home replacement…but we’re probably getting one.


Episode 492 – For want of a Garage Door Opener

June 11, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google’s return to Android TV hardware is long overdue 9to5 Google Introduces to show current and historical distribution data. TCL introducing televisions with built-in Android TV.


Episode 491 – The One Where We Try Meet

June 04, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android Beta Show was scheduled for June 3rd, postponed due current events. Is it too late for WearOS? Power Screen soon might have smart home controls? Android adds bedtime mode and ties it into the Clock app.


Episode 490 – Action Blocks

May 28, 2020

Show Notes Android News What Sundar Pichai’s Long Term Hardware Commitment Means for the Pixel For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google adds Action Blocks, and enhancements to Live Transcribe and Sound Amplify.


Episode 489 – Meet Me on Meet

May 21, 2020

Show Notes Android News Marc Levoy, who handled the innovative camera features in Google Camera, has left Google Google tries to conduct usability tests with less tech savvy users. Google Assistant supports controlling freezers and air coolers App News...


Episode 488 – Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

May 14, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google announced I/O replacement event for June 3 called Android 11: The Beta Launch Show Google details the Android 11 release schedule Apps News Google Authenticator gets theme revamp, and account transfer.


Episode 487 – Sensing More

May 07, 2020

Show Notes App News Waze is finally testing lane guidance for navigation Google Home app may soon let you set a separate volume level for the Assistant Clyma Weather offers combined data from 3 weather sources Firefox brings back support for Progressiv...


Episode 486 – Giant Boulder at Home

April 30, 2020

Show Notes Android News What’s The Most Annoying Thing about Android Volume is now Sound in Android 11. Ethernet Tethering arrives via USB ethernet in 11 In 11, you can auto revoke permissions on apps that haven’t been used in a while Android 11 has: G...


Episode 485 – Oyez Oyez Oyez

April 23, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google will be requiring the partitioning scheme needed for Seamless Updating Google kills Android distribution numbers on the web, but you can still find them in Android Studio. Android 10 at  8.2%, Pie at 31.3%, Oreo at 21.


Episode 484 – Last Week’s News Tonight

April 17, 2020

Show Notes Android News LineageOS 17.1, which is based on Android 10 is now officially available App News Assistant gets new notification settings. Chrome will track your media playback history as it does your page history WhatsApp might add multi-devi...


Episode 483 – Variety is Spice

April 02, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google’s CameraX Android API will let third-party apps use the best features of the stock camera App News Dark Skies acquired by Apple, will shut down Android version on July 1. Google Duo increases group calling limit to 12 par...


Episode 482 – More News is Good News

March 26, 2020

Show Notes Hey, G…help me wash my hands. Google I/O now fully cancelled. Android News Google’s Advanced Protection Starts Blocking App Sideloading Android 11 may have the power menu be a lot more useful. New in-development API for quick controls.


Episode 481 – News From a Distance

March 19, 2020

Show Notes U.S. needs to follow the EU in making it easier to repair phones Levi’s and Nintendo made Super Mario themed overalls. NBCUniversal switching to simultaneous theater and streaming releases Movies Anywhere  launching beta movie sharing featur...


Episode 480 – Waiting for a Beautiful Tomorrow

March 13, 2020

Show Notes Android News 2FA security keys for your Google account can now be set up from Android devices Samsung forces 2FA on all users The next Chromecast Ultra may be an Android TV device. Google Assistant supports smoke detectors and other sensor o...


Episode 479 – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

March 06, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google I/O will be held digitally due COVID-19 concerns Android devices using MediaTek processors are vulnerable unless patched. Android 11 to offer misaligned wireless charging alert.


Episode 478 – To All The Hosts I’ve Had Before

February 26, 2020

Show Notes Android 11 Preview launches Dynamic Meteredness and Bandwidth Estimator API Dedicated Conversations section in notification shade Chat Bubbles Images in notification replies One time permissions Will not repeatedly ask for permissions Secure...


Episode 477 – Next Stop

February 19, 2020

Show Notes Android News Essential Phone and its subsidiaries are dead. Google details how it fought malicious apps in 2019 Incremental File System may make its way to Android. Chromebooks continue to grow as an option for Android development App News H...


Episode 476 – Happy Birthday Maps

February 12, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android to get Share to Print feature. Autofill code from Messages feature spotted App News Netflix begins streaming AV1 on Android to save user’s data Facebook Messenger is the only thing keeping me from delete my Facebook acco...


Episode 475 – Lunch Buffet

February 06, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android 11 will harden API restrictions and remove meta-reflection bypass Google offers web app to assist in flashing updates Google now offering Android support via hashtag on twitter.


Episode 474 – Set Phaser on Sleep

January 22, 2020

Show Notes App News Researchers find 17 apps that bombard users with battery draining ads You can now use Duo without a phone number Google Phone app might add call recording support Open Source Alternatives to Google Maps WhatsApp only the second non-...


Episode 473 – Agents and Hints

January 15, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google announces new Assistant features Google looking to add biometric authentication to its autofill service App News Firefox 72 blocks fingerprinting scripts and does not pop up a request to allow notifications.


Episode 472 – It’s 10PM Somewhere

January 09, 2020

Guru is live from Sofia Bulgaria. Show Notes Android News Lenovo created a $190 Android Tablet that doubles as a Google Assistant Display App News Pulse SMS now open source Reddit is Fun is now RIF for Reddit Xiaomi, OPPO,


Episode 471 – Щастливи пътеки

January 02, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android 11 may remove Android’s 4GB limit on video recordings 5 Android stories for 2020 to get excited about It’s almost 2020 and Gmail still doesn’t have Inbox bundles, promised in 2018 App News Flow Desktop is the first launc...


Episode 470 – Decade in Review

December 27, 2019

Show Notes Next Wednesday is January 1st…this July will mark 10 years of this program. Decade in Review – Android Central Two new technologies change smart robot vacuums forever Smart Assistants, starting with the Echo.