Android Buffet Podcast

Hungry for Android? Get all you can eat at the Android Buffet

By Guru and Jere


Episode 489 – Meet Me on Meet

May 21, 2020

Show Notes Android News Marc Levoy, who handled the innovative camera features in Google Camera, has left Google Google tries to conduct usability tests with less tech savvy users. Google Assistant supports controlling freezers and air coolers App News...


Episode 488 – Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

May 14, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google announced I/O replacement event for June 3 called Android 11: The Beta Launch Show Google details the Android 11 release schedule Apps News Google Authenticator gets theme revamp, and account transfer.


Episode 487 – Sensing More

May 07, 2020

Show Notes App News Waze is finally testing lane guidance for navigation Google Home app may soon let you set a separate volume level for the Assistant Clyma Weather offers combined data from 3 weather sources Firefox brings back support for Progressiv...


Episode 486 – Giant Boulder at Home

April 30, 2020

Show Notes Android News What’s The Most Annoying Thing about Android Volume is now Sound in Android 11. Ethernet Tethering arrives via USB ethernet in 11 In 11, you can auto revoke permissions on apps that haven’t been used in a while Android 11 has: G...


Episode 485 – Oyez Oyez Oyez

April 23, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google will be requiring the partitioning scheme needed for Seamless Updating Google kills Android distribution numbers on the web, but you can still find them in Android Studio. Android 10 at  8.2%, Pie at 31.3%, Oreo at 21.


Episode 484 – Last Week’s News Tonight

April 17, 2020

Show Notes Android News LineageOS 17.1, which is based on Android 10 is now officially available App News Assistant gets new notification settings. Chrome will track your media playback history as it does your page history WhatsApp might add multi-devi...


Episode 483 – Variety is Spice

April 02, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google’s CameraX Android API will let third-party apps use the best features of the stock camera App News Dark Skies acquired by Apple, will shut down Android version on July 1. Google Duo increases group calling limit to 12 par...


Episode 482 – More News is Good News

March 26, 2020

Show Notes Hey, G…help me wash my hands. Google I/O now fully cancelled. Android News Google’s Advanced Protection Starts Blocking App Sideloading Android 11 may have the power menu be a lot more useful. New in-development API for quick controls.


Episode 481 – News From a Distance

March 19, 2020

Show Notes U.S. needs to follow the EU in making it easier to repair phones Levi’s and Nintendo made Super Mario themed overalls. NBCUniversal switching to simultaneous theater and streaming releases Movies Anywhere  launching beta movie sharing featur...


Episode 480 – Waiting for a Beautiful Tomorrow

March 13, 2020

Show Notes Android News 2FA security keys for your Google account can now be set up from Android devices Samsung forces 2FA on all users The next Chromecast Ultra may be an Android TV device. Google Assistant supports smoke detectors and other sensor o...


Episode 479 – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

March 06, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google I/O will be held digitally due COVID-19 concerns Android devices using MediaTek processors are vulnerable unless patched. Android 11 to offer misaligned wireless charging alert.


Episode 478 – To All The Hosts I’ve Had Before

February 26, 2020

Show Notes Android 11 Preview launches Dynamic Meteredness and Bandwidth Estimator API Dedicated Conversations section in notification shade Chat Bubbles Images in notification replies One time permissions Will not repeatedly ask for permissions Secure...


Episode 477 – Next Stop

February 19, 2020

Show Notes Android News Essential Phone and its subsidiaries are dead. Google details how it fought malicious apps in 2019 Incremental File System may make its way to Android. Chromebooks continue to grow as an option for Android development App News H...


Episode 476 – Happy Birthday Maps

February 12, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android to get Share to Print feature. Autofill code from Messages feature spotted App News Netflix begins streaming AV1 on Android to save user’s data Facebook Messenger is the only thing keeping me from delete my Facebook acco...


Episode 475 – Lunch Buffet

February 06, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android 11 will harden API restrictions and remove meta-reflection bypass Google offers web app to assist in flashing updates Google now offering Android support via hashtag on twitter.


Episode 474 – Set Phaser on Sleep

January 22, 2020

Show Notes App News Researchers find 17 apps that bombard users with battery draining ads You can now use Duo without a phone number Google Phone app might add call recording support Open Source Alternatives to Google Maps WhatsApp only the second non-...


Episode 473 – Agents and Hints

January 15, 2020

Show Notes Android News Google announces new Assistant features Google looking to add biometric authentication to its autofill service App News Firefox 72 blocks fingerprinting scripts and does not pop up a request to allow notifications.


Episode 472 – It’s 10PM Somewhere

January 09, 2020

Guru is live from Sofia Bulgaria. Show Notes Android News Lenovo created a $190 Android Tablet that doubles as a Google Assistant Display App News Pulse SMS now open source Reddit is Fun is now RIF for Reddit Xiaomi, OPPO,


Episode 471 – Щастливи пътеки

January 02, 2020

Show Notes Android News Android 11 may remove Android’s 4GB limit on video recordings 5 Android stories for 2020 to get excited about It’s almost 2020 and Gmail still doesn’t have Inbox bundles, promised in 2018 App News Flow Desktop is the first launc...


Episode 470 – Decade in Review

December 27, 2019

Show Notes Next Wednesday is January 1st…this July will mark 10 years of this program. Decade in Review – Android Central Two new technologies change smart robot vacuums forever Smart Assistants, starting with the Echo.


Episode 469 – Time and Again

December 19, 2019

Show Notes Android News Resume on Reboot will make Android OTA updates more seamless Android 11 might get dark mode scheduling Restricting Android app sideloading on Android App News Tasker 5.9 brings logcat events, Media Button detection,


Episode 468 – Thank You, Carroll

December 12, 2019

Show Notes Home Automation Sonoff introduces a  USB smart switch. Guru orders some. Google Assistant can now control…once someone writes support…your blender, cooktop, dehydrator, fryer, grill, multicooker, petfeeder, pressure-cooker, sous-vide,


Episode 467 – Locked Up

December 05, 2019

Show Notes Home Automation Wyze loses person detection and vows will find new AI provider to restore feature Wyze introduces retrofit lock(Zigbee based) and base unit and companion keypad. Home Assistant for Everyone Guru tries to solve another home au...


Episode 466 – We Are Still Using Android

November 28, 2019

Android News Why Are You Still Using Android? Google Cloud Print no longer supported after 2020. Google opens up beta for G-Suite users to get more Assistant features In Other News FCC Considering new 5.9Ghz band ChromeOS is 10 years old Save 15% on Ti...


Episode 465 – Three Dots to the Wind

November 21, 2019

Show Notes Android News Google links Maps and Translate to speak out place names in foreign countries The menu button has finally been retired in Android 10 Upgrading messaging on Android in the US with RCS Google locks down thread complaining about G-...


Episode 464 – Early to Record, Early to Post

November 14, 2019

Show Notes Infographic: Google Releases App, Proceeds to Shut App Down Android News Bill Gates says Windows Mobile lost to Android because of Microsoft’s antitrust issues Opinion: Google is trying to build phones for 80% of users and its leading to mis...


Episode 463 – St Louis Swag

November 07, 2019

Show Notes Android News Google Assistant receives SiriusXM integration How Android 10 Enhances Mobile Security Android 11 could give file and backup managers exemptions from Scoped Storage App News Poweramp adds Powerstream,


Episode 462

October 31, 2019

Show Notes LastPass Beta supports Android 10’s biometric API Hangouts is so abandoned that a major video saving issue hasn’t been fixed in 8 months Treble is actually making a big difference for updates America’s nuclear forces finally drop 8 inch flop...


Episode 461 – An Extra Wednesday

October 25, 2019

Show Notes Android News Daydream VR discontinued and will not be on Pixel 4 Why Google dropped the fingerprint sensor and why it might not be a good idea Pixel 4 will get Android updates and patches until October 2022 Pixel 4’s astrophotography mode is...


Episode 460 – Jere is Getting Very Sleepy

October 17, 2019

Show Notes Android News Android Dev Summit set for October 23rd and 24th and will be broadcast live. First reference to Android 11 in the Android Dev Summit schedule New Pixel 4 will not have unlimited original quality backups App News Play Store may g...


Episode 459 – Urban Axe Throwing

October 11, 2019

Show Notes Ikea’s New Smart Blinds are worth the wait Android News Google will require new Android devices to run Android 10 if approved after January 31, 2020 Google requires new Android devices with Type C ports to not break USB-PD compatibility App ...


Episode 458 – This is Your House Calling

October 03, 2019

Show Notes Android News Google updates policies to not store Assistant audio data by default Google announced Android 10 Go Edition App News Pocket Casts goes freemium, sells PC app and extra features for $10 a year Google Home app reportedly getting r...


Episode 457 – 1.0 or .100

September 19, 2019

Show Notes Android News Google One now offers automatic backup for Android phones New Pixel event October 15 Google offering Android TV operator dongle designed and developed by Google App News Dark mode is finally rolling out to Gmail for Android Call...


Episode 456 – Informed Delivery

September 12, 2019

Show Notes Android News Welcome to Android 10 Android 10 Gesture FAQ Android 10 supports direct streaming to hearing aids. Google Maps tests using your chosen Asssitant voice when navigating. App News Google Assistant adds Whatsapp voice and video call...


Episode 455 – No More Desserts

September 05, 2019

Show Notes Android News Queen Cake and Quince Tart will never be Nokia has 96% of its phone running Android Pie Google Play Store will start autoplaying store listing videos next months App News Google Maps, Drive,


Episode 454 – Status Not Found

August 29, 2019

Show Notes Wide Awake at 3AM? Don’t just look at your phone. Android News Android Q to get customizable styles and clocks. Wear OS could be amazing if Google and Qualcomm took it seriously Android Gets Refreshed Branding,


Episode 453 – Stay Classy San Diego

August 15, 2019

Show Notes Android News Final Beta Update, official Android Q coming soon Huawei reveals HarmonyOS, its cross-platform Android replacement You already have my money, please stay out of my notifications Logging into some Google services on Android is no...


Episode 452 – Android Buffet Unfiltered

August 08, 2019

Show Notes Android News Voiceless emergency operator options coming to Pixel Phones Google tests letting you change the audio output from the Nest Hub to other cast devices. Google Assistant can now read and reply to WhatsApp, Slack,


Episode 451 – Chromecast is a Year Older

August 01, 2019

Show Notes Home Automation Google replacing verbal assistant replies when turning off lights with Home/Hub Wyze launches $15 pair of smart plugs Android News Sound Amplifier is an Accessibility app that helps people hear clearly Google may let users ra...


Episode 450 – Passing Ships

July 25, 2019

Show Notes Android News Android Dev Summit registration is open. October 23-24 in Sunnyvale CA Update on Fast Pair Google readying a settle to adjust Assistant volume in relation to Media volume Few Options Remain in an Android world that user to be li...


Episode 449 – NextCloud

July 11, 2019

Show Notes “Guru’s mention of his use of Next Cloud caught my attention. I am looking for something that could replace Dropbox for syncing a few files between my Android phone and the various Linux systems at home and (bonus, if possible!


Episode 448 – Zoom

July 04, 2019

Show Notes Android News Chrome 75 brings Android cloud storage to Files app App News Live Streaming Service Philo has an app. Google Fast Share is a new file sharing tool for Android ActionDash 3.0 continues to add to its feature set,


Episode 447 – Sounds Not So Good

June 27, 2019

“I enjoyed the dramatic reading. My last 13 years in the Illinois have not erased my 29 years in North and South Carolina, so I sound more like Gere that Guru. While horrified, I liked the piece about the sim-swap.


Episode 446 – Hi Jim

June 20, 2019

Show Notes Response to Question: “I got a chuckle out of the title of this podcast. I ride a motorcycle to work frequently. For many years my wife, worrying about me, wanted me to let her know that I had made it okay. Since I’m lazy,


Episode 445 – Please Write and Tell Us You’re All Right

June 13, 2019

Show Notes Android News Android Q won’t automatically reconnect to wi-fi you manually disconnect from Android Q Wi-Fi Easy Connect replaces WPS Google introduces Android search and browser app choices for users in Europe App News Google Maps gets on-sc...


Episode 444 – Let’s Get Political

June 06, 2019

Show Notes Android News Storage Access Framework is the only way for apps to work with files in Android Q and its terrible App News Google adds Play Store policies to make apps safer for kids Google tightening up Play Store policies on sex,


Episode 443 – Puppy Fatigue

May 30, 2019

Show Notes For the Home Automator Automatic discontinues support for Classic officially, unlike when it just vanished from the Play Store and they told Guru he was out of luck. You can now create impromptu speaker groups on Smart Displays Wyze working ...


Episode 442 – Fi is Fo

May 23, 2019

Show Notes Android News This company will sell refurbished Android phones with Google services removed App News Fenix browser comes to Play Store as beta Context aware recommendations are live in Messages Home Automation Google claims it hears people i...


Episode 441 – Right to Unlock

May 16, 2019

Show Notes Android News Android Q allows developer option to turn off sensors. Google to eliminate overlay permissions, replaced with bubble style notifications 98% fewer Play Store apps using the SMS and Call Permissions In App Updates API lets apps u...


Episode 440 – More Pie

May 09, 2019

Show Notes Android News Distribution stats are back. Pie is 10.4%, Oreo, 28.3%… WearOS update introduces Tiles Android Auto is getting a ground-up redesign this summer Sharing what’s new in Android Q On Device Machine Learning to power a variety of new...