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Show Notes Experiment and Why I Pulled My Show From the Spotify Platform – PHD132

September 05, 2020

I'm doing an experiment for Show Notes. This text is typed in the Description tag.


Leaving Spotify – Please resubscribe at PodcastHelpDesk dot com

August 30, 2020

Just a quick note to let you know I will no longer be on Spotify with this show. IF you are listening there, please go to podcasthelpdesk.com and resubscribe using another platform by September 7th, 2020. - Thank You! -  


A walk in the woods – PHD131

May 30, 2020

I took my portable setup on a walk in the woods in a industrial park. I talked about RSS, big shows vs. Indie shows, Joe Rogan's deal with Spotify and a bunch more. - Recorded using a dynamic clip on microphone from Shure.


Podcast Episodic Artwork Test Results – PHD 130

March 11, 2020

The results are in!  Thank you for those that reported what you saw in your app of choice. - I put different images in different places. I put a Green logo image in the ID3 tags (embedded in the mp3 file),


Episode Artwork Test – Revisited – PHD129 (repost)

March 06, 2020

In today's episode I am testing what episode artwork shows up in which apps and directories again.   Things are changing and I want to see what apps show which artowrk. -   - I have an RSS image for this episode with blue type,


Episode Artwork Test – Revisited – PHD129

March 06, 2020

In today's episode I am testing what episode artwork shows up in which apps and directories again.   Things are changing and I want to see what apps show which artowrk. -   - I have an RSS image for this episode with blue type,


Indefinite Hiatus Status – PHD128

February 12, 2020

I am going to leave PodcastHelpDesk active.  Just going on 'indefinite Hiatus"  or "once in a while" mode.    So no expectations of an episode every week or even every month, but I will put stuff in this feed once in a while.    Stay subscribed! -


Podcasting Crossroads – PHD127

February 04, 2020

Looking for some help here.  What do you think I should do with this podcast?   I am not consistent (as you can tell) and I want to pair down the number of shows I feel obligated to do. - Should I leave it online and just let it podfade and exist?


Podcasting Ramblings at the end of 2019 – PHD126

December 31, 2019

What is going to happen to podcasting in 2020? Who knows, but i make some predictions and ramble about podcast topics at random in this informal Podcast Help Desk episode. - Catch me on Evo's Podcast Pontifications as the Guest-host. -


Putting all your eggs in one basket – PHD125

December 15, 2019

Typed into the 'iTunes' Subtitle box


Gushing over the Rodecaster Pro – PHD124

August 31, 2019

Every part of my studio, other than the mic boom and cable is new.  The Rodecaster Pro has replaced a whole rack of stuff.  I gush about how much Love this thing.  It may not be perfect but man-o-man does it make things a bunch easier for most average ...


PHD at Podcast Movement 2019 – PHD123

August 05, 2019

A quick update of what is going on with Podcast Help Desk and Blubrry. Will be at Podcast Movement with "Podcast Help Desk" office hours.  Stop by the booth if you need some help with your show's tech.


Mike Dell’s World Studio Equipment – PHD122

June 22, 2019

Today I go through what I'm using currently for podcast production.   Here is the list: - Mackie 1202VLZ4 Mixer Behringer Composter PRO XL 2 channel Compressor, Limiter, Gate Denon DN-300R Rack Mount Digital Recorder Heil PL-2T Boom


If you are going to Podcast, JUST PODCAST! – PHD121

June 13, 2019

The single best way to make sure your Title is what you want it to be EVERYWHERE is to use it as the blog title (assuming you are using WordPress to publish your podcast) or the TITLE box in whatever podcast service you are using.


Breaking News from PHD News – Apple is making changes to Apple Podcasts

June 05, 2019

This is Wednesday's episode of my Alexa News Breif Podcast Help Desk news. - In addition to killing off "iTunes" on the Mac Desktop, Apple is also changing up the categories.  (Later this summer) - Also adding some search and photo settings. -


Changing Your Podcast’s Title – PHD120

May 28, 2019

One of the questions I get a lot is how to change your podcast's title. - In this short episode, I explain how to do it and why you might want to.  Also some of the things that won't change because you change your title. -


6 Things Every Podcaster Should Know About Podcasting – PHD119

March 21, 2019

For those that do not know me, I’ve been podcasting since 2005 and made every single mistake in the book. I’ve also worked in support for a podcast company for 10 years (as of next month).  I think I might know what I’m talking about,


Apple Backs Down on Episode Numbers in Episode Titles – PHD118

March 01, 2019

Apple seems to have backed down on Episode Numbers in Episode Titles.  Here is a partial quote from the email they sent out... We’ve received a lot of questions about metadata best practices on Apple Podcasts.


The End of Episode Numbers in Apple Podcasts? – PHD117

February 28, 2019

Apple sent a letter to podcasters today (It was a bulk email NOT just to you). The big takeaway is that you need to remove episode numbers from your titles. I have a way of doing that and keeping them in your blog titles (as you can see above) and Keep...


Bad Podcast Advice? Not one size fits all – PHD116

February 24, 2019

Is all Podcast advice applicable to your goals in podcasting?  Be careful about who you are getting your advice from. Do they have an agenda? (most do) Do they match YOUR goals in podcasting?    Not everyone wants advertisers.


Paul Colligan Podcast Pioneer

February 21, 2019

Paul Colligan is a Podcast Pioneer, Marketing guy, Podcaster, Author and Speaker who was around in the early days of Podcasting. Paul sat down with me and we talked about, you guessed it, Podcasting (duh!). Paul's Links: PaulColligan.com


Spotify + Anchor + Gimlet Media - What it might mean to Independent Podcasters

February 07, 2019

What does this accusition mean to the average independent Podcaster? Not much is my guess. - This is just me doing a bit of a brain-dump about the big news of yesterday. Is it good for Podcasting in General? Is it Good/Bad for Indy podcasters?


Elsie Escobar talking about Podcasting

January 19, 2019

Elise Escobar stopped by the Podcast Help Desk a while back and we had a great conversation about podcasting (what else?) and what she is doing in podcasting. - Elsie is a Hall of Famer, Podcaster and Social Media at Libsyn - The Feed and She Podcasts...


PHD News 3 Days a week

January 14, 2019

My Alexa Skill (in the news brief area) is now 3 days a week.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Other days when there is breaking news. - Please enable the "Podcast Help Desk News" skill in your Alexa App. -


Separate Blog Posts and Podcast Posts

December 14, 2018

Do you want to separate your blog posts from your podcast posts on your website?   It might be a bad idea. First - How to do it if you really really want to in WordPress Create a category for the podcast.  DO NOT USE "podcast" as a category.


The Technical Side of Podcast Promotion

October 18, 2018

1. Never Promote something you do not own.   Send people to your website and then give them all the choices you can reasonably. Apple


A conversation with Evo Terra, Podcast Pioneer and all around good guy

September 13, 2018

I got to chat with my old friend and podcast pioneer, Evo Terra. We talk a bit about the good old days of podcasting and some about what is going on now.  Just a couple of old guys chatting it up. - Some of the things Evo is doing or has done: -


Episode Level Artwork - Where does it show?

September 05, 2018

Episode level images. Only some apps use the images and those apps use different images if they do. Here is a list from an experiment I did on my podcast Mike Dell's World. Episode 308 has episode level images. -


Apple Podcasts is getting picky

August 18, 2018

It seems that Apple is getting more picky about Titles and Author tags in Podcast Feeds. - Titles should be just "the title" like - Podcast Help Desk. Not "Podcast Help Desk | The best place to learn to podcast like Dave Jackson and Daniel J.


Podcast Help Desk Hijacked! – PHDspecialReport

June 30, 2018

CastBox.fm seems to have hijacked a bunch of feeds. If you are listing on CastBox, please visit PodcastHelpDesk.com and make sure you are subcibed to the real thing and not some cheap copy of the shows I put out. -


Google Podcasts and Denon DN-300R test recording

June 21, 2018

This is the first test recording using the New Denon DN-300R recorder.  Having the digital recorder mounted in the rack and always hooked up seems to be a better plan (for me) than using a portable recorder as a backup. -


Rambling Update From Podcast Help Desk

June 15, 2018

Hi all! Yup, still here.   Been busy with other projects. - Lots going on in the podcasting space.  Google's new podcast strategy, Spotify and other things. - Good to get back behind the mic here. -   -  


Columbus Meetup - Beginner Podcast Tech Mistakes

April 04, 2018

I was the featured speaker at The Columbus Ohio Podcaster's Meetup in March.   Today's episode is the recording of that presentation. - It's all about Beginner Podcasters Tech Mistakes and how to avoid them.   It was held at the RawVoice Inc.


Podcast Passion

January 27, 2018

I've been having a few things on my mind so I figured rather than write it out and rant on Facebook, I would flip on the mic and just speak it. - This is a somewhat different episode. It's me rambling on a bit about Passion for podcasting.


Recording an Episode

December 02, 2017

Today I talk about recording your episodes. It's an off the top of my head episode about how I record, some tips for recording. - The main points are: - 1. Find some quiet time in a quiet space. 2. Allow enough time for re-dos and editing (while it'...


Recording Equipment for Your Podcast

November 08, 2017

News: Blubrry/RawVoice has acquired Cast Feed Validator (castfeedvalidator.com) - Recording Equipment - You do not need anything a smartphone to start podcasting.  Some people have good luck with just a smartphone and if done right,


Planning Your Podcast

October 21, 2017

Planning your Podcast - 1. Pick a subject 2. Pick a title 3. Get a domain name 4. Figure out ahead of time how you are going to do the RSS feed a. WordPress/PowerPress b. No website but use RSS from Media host c. Roll your own XML (rss) feed


Season 2 Trailer – PHD

September 19, 2017

Being that IOS11 and the new Podcasts App is out today, I figured I would play with things and do a trailer for "Season 2" of the Podcast Help Desk. - So, here it is. These will be the next 10 episodes. I will also include some news,


What’s in an Email address? – PQH 9-8-17

September 08, 2017

Do you think less of someone because of their email address? - say @hotmail.com, Outlook.com, Yahoo.com or AOL.com?   (Gmail.com seems to be my exception) - What say you? - Be sure to go back and listen to PHD100 if you haven't heard it and go to Po...


My History in Podcasting

September 03, 2017

News: Podcast Movement 2017 - Shows I’ve started. (starting in April 2005) Benzoid Report / Mike Dell’s World (93 episodes of BR and the rest MDW) Your Podcast by Blubrry Traverse City Podcast Geek of the North


Podcast Help Desk News Flash Briefing available on Alexa

August 04, 2017

Just a short note and announcement to let you know that a new Skill is available from the Podcast Help Desk (me). - Just look for Podcast Help Desk News and add the skill.  Then in your flash briefing on your Alexa device,


Why Does Real Podcast Hosting Cost So Much More Than Soundcloud?

July 29, 2017

News: Messengers movie available for Pre-order at iTunes Soundcloud is dying.  Run for your lives!  (really, make other plans if you are on soundcloud). Audioboom makes deal with Deezer (or is it the other way around?) - ------------- -


New Site Hosting at Blubrry.com! – PQH15

May 18, 2017

This is the first post on the new PowerPress Sites Deluxe powered Podcast Help Desk. - I've changed a few things on the transition over to PPS from Godaddy hosting (Nothing wrong with godaddy and I still have MikeDell.com over there). -


What You Shouldn’t Worry About – PHD098

April 11, 2017

Here are the things I DO NOT worry so much about in my Podcasting: - 1. My Statistics / Numbers 2. My Reviews, Ratings and Rankings 3. iTunes 4. Audio Perfection 5. Being Absolutely Everywhere 6. MP3 File Names - Things I do worry about: -


Should You Host Your Podcast on Soundcloud? – pqh14

April 01, 2017

My Opinion -NO! - Soundcloud is NOT a podcast company. They are a music and audio sharing platform kind of like YouTube is for Video. They have lost something like $300 Million since they started. Investors are bailing out on them.


New Beginner Series – Getting Started – PHD097

March 30, 2017

He's Baaaaackkkk! 🙂 - Today I give a bit of an overview of what you need to do BEFORE you put out your first episode of your podcast. - 1. Pick a Topic 2. Pick a Title (for the show) 3. Pick and get your domain name 4.


I’m Still here – PHD096

March 09, 2017

Just a short note to let everyone know I'm still here and will be producing podcasts again VERY SOON! - Thanks for staying subscribed!


LAUNCH! Your Podcast – PQH013

January 12, 2017

Don't fall for all the "launch" strategies that people are trying to sell you. Just "START" your podcast. - To get into iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and other places, you only need 1 podcast episode in your feed. Not 3, 5, 7 or whatever, just one.


What are ShowNotes? – PQH012

January 03, 2017

Shownotes are anything in this part of my post. Wherever you are seeing this, this is the show notes. - They are the main content area in your blog post. - Podcasting is just Blogging with media. So, no matter how you are doing your RSS feed,


How Wrong Was Mike? – Podcast Predictions From Last Year – PHD095

December 31, 2016

My Predictions from 2015 in podcasting for the Year 2016 I Made some guesses on what was going to happen in 2016 back in Episode 71. Now we find out just how wrong I was. Soundcloud will no longer be a podcast media host (Wrong,