Merge Conflict

Join Frank & James for a weekly discussion on the world of technology and development including C#, F#, .NET, web, mobile, and more.



191: An Odious Prime Deficient Number

March 02, 2020

It is lightning rounds this week on Merge Conflict!!! YAML, Git GUI, Blazor, AndroidX, .NET 5, and more!


190: The Creation of Appstat with Frank

February 24, 2020

Frank decided to do his holiday hack in mid-February and build an entire app in a weekend. What is it? What was his inspiration? How did he build it? How is he distributing and promoting it? We discuss on this weeks pod.


189: Enter the era of dual-screen development

February 17, 2020

It is all things dual-screen with Windows 10x, Surface Neo, and Surface Duo. We take a look at some of the awesome announcements from the last week and what it means for Xamarin developers.


188: Frank Teaches James Electricity

February 10, 2020

When we aren't programming we pretend to be electricians.


187: Blasting Off with Jupyter Notebooks

February 03, 2020

Frank goes deep on Jupyter Notebooks and James is oh so confused, but hey he got to fly some drones.


186: Hot Hot Hot

January 27, 2020

Everything is HOT! XAML Hot Reload, Hot Restart, Hot UI, Hot Hot, and the Hottest of the Hot and we discuss it all!


185: Frank Hates Dark Mode

January 20, 2020

We are back talking about designing beautiful applications that span both light and dark modes. While maybe he doesn't hate dark mode, he has great tips and tricks that we discuss to make your app pop.


184: Building 3D Apps with SceneKit

January 13, 2020

2D, 3D, VR, MR, all the things with SceneKit! Frank talks about his adventures into creating a full 3D application that IS NOT A GAME with SceneKit!


183: How This Thing Is Made

January 06, 2020

What started off as a conversation about flying around drones turned into a full podcast about how we make this very podcast production you are listening to.


182: Introduction to Electrical Engineering

December 30, 2019

To close out 2019 we go back to the basics with a little introduction to IoT, which means an introduction to electrical engineering. James is guided through the journey of understanding out all of this cool fun tech works by Frank, the electrical engineer


181: Hacking The Holidays

December 23, 2019

It is time for some holiday hacks! Tune in to see what Frank & James are hacking on through the holidays.


180: Cloud Powered GPUs

December 16, 2019

We are back for our 18th installment of lightning topics! We cover several topics each covered in 5 minutes. This week we cover more DevOps, large PRs to Xamarin, System.Threading.Channels, GPUs, and what the next thing in tech is.


179: Analyzing All That Data

December 09, 2019

After a year of gathering data in his apps, Frank finally sat down to analyze it all. Did it answer his questions? Did he make changes to the app? Did he rip the telemetry out completely? Tune in.


178: Building C# with Mads Torgersen

December 02, 2019

James sits down with the legendary Mads Torgersen to talk about how the team at Microsoft builds C# and works with the community to plan out and iterate on new features.


177: DevOps, DevOps, DevOps

November 25, 2019

It is all things DevOps for mobile apps this week. We try to get Frank inline with figuring out continuous delivery with several different products including App Center, Azure DevOps, Bitrise, and more.


176: The Ultimate Developer Machine

November 18, 2019

Apple has finally put the Pro back in MacBook Pro with the new 16-inch. We discuss if this is finally the ultimate developer machine, what we would pick, why we would pick it, and if you really need to spend this month money 🙂


175: #nullable enable

November 11, 2019

The time is now! Turn on C# 8 in all of your projects and enable Nullable Reference Types! James is a convert and he explains why in this week's pod.


174: LangVersion ??= C# 8

November 04, 2019

The time has come for C# 8 and all of the glorious features it brings! Go time!


173: RISC Is Good

October 28, 2019

Devices are a changing! ARM is slowly taking over the world, now fully running the new Surface Pro X and the touchbar on macOS. What is next for CPU architecture and what does it mean for developers?


172: Who Turned Out The Lights?

October 21, 2019

Now that the betas are over and the .1 releases are out, it is finally time to actually integrate new features into our app. No better place to start than dark mode! So many considerations when attempting to implement this. Implicit, explicit, system them


171: The Beta Hangover

October 14, 2019

The beta summers are over and it is time for the beta hangovers where we have to somehow deal with all of the craziness now that new operating systems are out.


170: 10 Ways To Develop Faster And Better

October 07, 2019

Hold on to your seats, because it is time for lighting topics! Surface announcements, state of F#, election update, accessibility, Google silliness, and how to stay positive.


169: A Love Letter To Immutable Data

September 30, 2019

Frank is headed off to the Open F# conference where he will be giving a talk entitled "Why I wish I wrote my app in F#" and he gives us a sneak peek at what everyone is in store for.


168: The World of Protocol Buffers

September 23, 2019

What are protocol buffers? Why do we care? How do we use them, and what the heck is gRPC?!?!?


167: My Phone's CPU Has 8.5 Billion Transistors

September 16, 2019

It is all things Apple all the time! That is right, it is the launch of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, but so much more including SERVICE! Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade are GO! Additionally, there is a new iPad, new watches, and a whole lot more!


166: Disconnecting with a Feature Phone

September 09, 2019

Smartphones are everywhere and are essential in our day to day lives and our business. James has decided to take a step away from his smartphone and experiment with a few feature phones. He walks us through his journey of trying to find a decent feature p


165: IoT Gifts Make The Best Gifts

September 02, 2019

What happens when you combine IoT, 3D Printing, and a 48 hour deadline to come up with a wedding gift? The most amazing IoT Wedding Clock ever created... by Frank for H+J! Frank breaks down how he built it, how it works, and how you can build it too!


164: Modding the Game Boy Color

August 26, 2019

We have talked about hardware hacking before, but this time it is actually hacking to enhance existing 20 year old hardware! We put a brand new backlit LCD into an original Game Boy Color. Follow along on our not so smooth adventure and find out how this


163: "Borrowing" Code from the Internet

August 19, 2019

Stack Overflow, blog posts, GitHub repos... we all live in a beautiful open source world of code sharing. However, what happens if you want to use that code in your library or in your app? What should you do as a good digital citizen?


162: Throttle Those Cancellations

August 12, 2019

What is the best way to keep your UI responsive and at peak performance? This week we look at ways of properly throttling and using cancelation tokens efficiently.


161: The World of Embedded Hardware

August 05, 2019

Let's enter the world of embedded hardware and how to program on them with CircuitPython!


160: Infrastructure as Code, Signing Packages, & 1 Million Downloads

July 29, 2019

It is time for lightning topics! 6 topics, 5 minutes each, from you, our listeners. This week we cover package signing, infrastructure as code, ML for everyone, Skia on the web, and tons of fun podcast facts.


159: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo

July 22, 2019

The title says it all. Why can't we have unlimited undo and redo in our applications! What about cut/copy/paste? How about delete? How do we get this done in our app?


158: Everything Is Awesome

July 15, 2019

It is official.... worst day in history.... MacBook Adorable is officially gone 🙁 That makes us think.... what hardware should we buy to develop on, what software should we use, and what should we do now.


157: FOMO UI Design

July 08, 2019

This week we switch it up and take a look at one of the most amazing and yet terrible UI/UX experiences and how it impacts our own apps design and the industry at large.


156: SwiftUI's Tasty Architecture

July 01, 2019

All of the excitement from WWDC hasn't worn off just yet and we are back with something you may not expect... SwiftUI. Apple unleashed a new code first UI framework for Apple platforms and we have to discuss.


155: Hello iPadOS

June 24, 2019

Welcome to the world of iPadOS... iOS API enhancements for iPad! At WWDC Apple made several announcements to not only enable developers to enhance iPad apps, but also bring them to macOS. Frank gives us a full breakdown of what this means for developers a


154: Homemade IoT Lights

June 17, 2019

Another day in the life of Frank and hacking IoT devices! This time he builds his very own IoT light strips that can speak directly to his Amazon Echo with a tiny little $11 device! Tune in to find out how he did it.


153: Building Machine Learning Robots!

June 10, 2019

Frank takes us on the wonderful journey of understanding robots, how to build them, how to program them, and how to build machine learning algorithms to make them even better!


Special Edition: WWDC19 Recap: Mac Pro, Project Catalyst, SwiftUI, iPadOS, & Security

June 04, 2019

It is that time of year where Apple pulls out all the stops for developers and this year is no different at WWDC. There is a new watchOS, tvOS, iOS, dark mode, project catalyst, SwiftUI, Xcode updates, accessibility improvements, and so much more! We have


152: Refreshing Hanselman.Forms - Visual, CollectionView, & Serverless Backend

June 03, 2019

What does it look like to refresh a 5 year old app with the all of the changes in iOS, Android, and Xamarin.Forms? James walks through all of the UI and backend changes he has been making to fully optimize the app. Additionally, he walks through how he is


151: The Future of the Future of .NET

May 27, 2019

At Microsoft Build 2019 the .NET team announced some amazing news around the unification of .NET runtimes with .NET 5. We could not let another week go by without talking about how awesome this is for .NET developers and what it means for the future of ap


150: We Have Lift Off

May 20, 2019

The lighting talk topics tradition is alive! We are answering your questions and commenting on your topics! 8 of them in total including how to keep up with Android, how we met, UI testing, figuring out if dependency injection really is hype, and how to l


149: .NET Powered Political Campaign

May 13, 2019

It is official, Frank is running for political office. Since we don't talk politics on this podcast we get into the technology side of running for a seat on city council. What tools exist, need updating, or are missing all together. Frank fills us in on a


148: When App Developers Get Together

May 06, 2019

They talk about how they hate updating apps and all of the issues that they run into when it comes to code, libraries, OS updates, software updates, store changes, and support! Here we go again!


147: I'm a Mac Developer!

April 29, 2019

James is official a macOS developer thanks to Xamarin.Forms! He ported My Stream Timer over to macOS from WPF in a matter of hours and he gives a full break down of the good, bad, and the ugly.


133: Indie App Marketing

January 21, 2019

Frank has some totally rad news! Apple is maybe, perhaps, almost, promoting his app. This has us thinking of app marketing and promotion for not only launching an app, but also when launching new features.


132: The Life & Times of Frank Krueger

January 14, 2019

It is a very special week on Merge Conflict as James Montemagno gets to sit down and interview Frank Krueger about his childhood, life, career, move to independent developer, and future plans. You do not want to miss this episode.


131: Three Degrees of Freedom

January 07, 2019

It's a slow start to the new year, which means it is time to talk about what we splurged on this holiday! Frank got himself a new Oculus Go, so why not talk about the state of VR, AR, and MR!


130: 2018 Retrospective & 2019 Predictions

December 31, 2018

It is that wonderful time of the year where we get to reflect back on all of the amazing stuff from 2018 and also give our 2019 (and beyond) predictions in the world of development. We also take your questions for our end of the year lightning topics incl