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Facebook registers 4.4m voters #1483

October 27, 2020

Facebook registers 4.4 million voters which is not hard to believe considering how aggressive they were at trying to get you to register even when you told them you already were. I personally think it’s none of Facebooks business though to know if I am...


Facebook and Twitter under scrutiny #1482

October 23, 2020

Facebook and Twitter have gotten a little too big for their britches and now they are going to have to go answer to the Senate judicial committee on their ongoing censorship of news organizations. It has become apparent that they are at best political ...


TikTok Banning QAnon #1481

October 19, 2020

TikTok has declared war on QAnon content and anyone sharing or posting that type of content is getting there accounts banned. Once more a tech company deciding what you should or should not watch. We had a video recording failure tonight so it will be ...


16th Anniversary Show #1480

October 06, 2020

Tonight is my 16th Anniversary podcast and I take you down memory lane to the beginning when this show was born and a little of the history behind it. A big thank you to GoDaddy that has been here for 15 years and those of you that support the show as ...


Facebook Forecast is Evil #1479

October 02, 2020

Facebook has this new feature called Forecast and they seem to think it is going to shape civil discussions on its platform. As you can tell I have become more and more weary of facebooks attempts to continually shape the world along with all the other...


International Podcast Day Celebration #1478

September 29, 2020

International Podcast Day is this coming Wednesday September 30th. I will be involved with several big events. The interview of Adam Curry and talking about Podcast 2.0 and the history of podcasting. Lot’s of things happening in the podcasting space.


Amazon – Ring Announcements #1477

September 25, 2020

Big day for Amazon Ring announcements with a slew of brand new product offerings. They are really using their market power to flood the marketplace with a large assortment of new connected home devices. Everything from a mailbox monitor to a drone secu...


Facebook at War with EU! #1476

September 22, 2020

Facebook is at war with the EU and says the may cease operations in Europe over a data storage ruling that happened in Ireland. Facebook appears to me to be upset and acting like a child bully. It’s highly doubtful that Facebook will cut off collecting...


CBP – What a Bunch of Knuckleheads #1475

September 15, 2020

CBP thought they had made the biggest bust of the month of counterfeit Apple AirPods. Only to find out later that they had seized another companies “OnePods” actual products at JFK. Lot’s of red faces even after they had put out a press release on the ...


National Guard called in for Election #1474

September 11, 2020

The National Guard has been called in to support the election using cybersecurity experts from the national guard to help small municipalities that may not have the resources to fight off cyber attacks. Hope this finds you all well ready for the weeken...


SpaceX 12th Starlink Launch #1473

September 04, 2020

SpaceX has conducted it’s 12th Starlink launch and is getting close to opening it’s formal beta program and hopefully I will be able to enjoy High Speed Internet at the compound. Plus some real damning information coming out of Facebook on it’s ability...


No Fiber for Hong Kong #1472

September 01, 2020

Google and Facebook have been told no Fiber to Hong Kong as Hong Kong is now a national security risk with the high speed low latency connection. The US Government determined it would be to high risk to expose US traffic through Hong Kong.


LG Creates Battery Powered Mask #1471

August 28, 2020

LG has created a battery powered mask with hepa filtering but no claims on what it protects you from. Definitely better than an average cloth mask but maybe worse at the same time as it’s pushing air at you via a pretty big fan and battery.


Regaining your Privacy #1470

August 25, 2020

Today I start highlighting articles on how to regain your privacy in the digital world. As these types of articles are surfaced I will share with you ways to start regaining control of your digital footprint.


Flawed Tracking App #1469

August 21, 2020

A flawed tracking app at Albion college appears to have had some major privacy issues until it was patched. But shows that something potentially rushed could end up revealing information that should not be available for any low rate hacker to access.


Secret Service Buys Location Data #1468

August 18, 2020

The Secret Service is buying cell phone location data without a warrant as many other companies and government agencies are also doing. If you think you are not being tracked all the time you are living on another planet. Also,


Community Guidelines Stifling Free Speech #1467

August 14, 2020

Some very raw commentary on today’s show, the past 24 hours has been an interesting emotional ride creating anxiety in me that has never happened before. You have been forwarned. Of course our new conspiracy theory segment is alive and well.


QAnon to be targeted by Facebook #1466

August 11, 2020

QAnon to be targeted by Facebook they are going to be going after the groups with yet to be undetermined actions. I suspect they will be removing groups and banning users for what they perceive to be false information and crazy conspiracies.


Intel Got Hacked idiots #1465

August 07, 2020

Intel has suffered a major hack of its intellectual property which likely will impact it’s bottom line technical papers, chip design the list goes on. 20gb of material which is said to be the first installment of data.


SpaceX Completes Manned Flight #1464

August 04, 2020

Congratulations to SpaceX for completing the first manned mission and first splashdown in 50 years. This is an incredible accomplishment and now we can look forward to SpaceX being in the human lift business for some time.


Verizon LTE Home Internet #1463

July 30, 2020

Looks like Verizon is finally going to start introducing a Home Internet plan that is supposedly unlimited. We will have to read the fine print for $40/$60 price range with 25mbps down. We will see. The service is in a limited release area at this time...


Twitter Admin Spying on You? #1462

July 28, 2020

If you are someone important a Twitter admin may be spying on you. Meanwhile, the real spies may release “some” UFO reports which will likely be super redacted. But the Pentagon appears to be ready to reveal what they describe as swamp gas and over-ima...


TikTok Under Scrutiny #1461

July 14, 2020

TikTok is under more scrutiny with warnings from the RNC and DNC about staff usage of the app. They say do not use the App on any phone doing campaign work. Make sure that any TikTok usage is on a private device, not a campaign device.


Frontier Misled Consumers #1460

July 10, 2020

Frontier has been ordered to pay a $900,000 fine for misleading consumers. Meanwhile, T-Mobile is launching its home network solution for $49.99 offering connectivity up to 50mbps down. This gives folks hope stuck on slow internet in rural America.


Florida Bans DNA Data from Insurance Companies #1459

July 07, 2020

Florida residents are protected from insurance companies looking at your DNA test results unless you give them permission as part of a new law that was approved today. This is a win for Florida residents and is something that should be adopted by all s...


YouTube TV Jacks up Streaming Price #1458

July 03, 2020

YouTube TV has raised the prices by a whopping 30% taking the price to really insane levels as TV companies work to get their pound of flesh out of all of us. So is it time to cut the digital cord. I start adding up all the services and it will may be ...


Amazon Pays out $500 Million #1457

June 30, 2020

Amazon is paying out $500 million to those at Amazon most at risk for Covid. This is after they dropped the $2.00 hour extra in wages in June. Second show with the shorter show intro. So far feels pretty good and lets me get into the show faster.


Moon Toilet Contest #1456

June 26, 2020

Win $35,000 by designing the new Moon Toilet. NASA is having a contest for design ideas for a new lunar toilet. The 1/6 gravity is potentially a bigger issue than a microgravity toilet. It seems strange to me but they need some help.


Apple WWDC Announcements #1455

June 23, 2020

Apple WWDC dominated the news today on everything Apple that is being announced with the big move to their ARM processor brings up memories of when they switched to Intel chips and was the time I got my first Macbook Pro.


7 in 10 Americans Reject Contact Tracing #1454

June 16, 2020

Contact tracing is proving to be a hot topic by those 55 and over with a majority of Americans reject the idea of being traced. Meanwhile, a new initiative is proving to be unpopular with at least one of my former listeners.


Wishlist and Volunteers #1453

June 09, 2020

Starting a new initiative today on the show and have started a wishlist linked below. If you would like to help the show out with gear and or supplies I have a wishlist started on amazon and you can check out.


Apple Tracking Looters #1452

June 05, 2020

Apple is reportedly tracking looters that broke into a Philadelphia Apple store and stole phones and other merchandise. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and law and order can resume. SpaceX is back in the news again with another successful launch.


Congrats to SpaceX #1451

June 02, 2020

Big congrats to SpaceX for a successful launch of Demo 2 in getting America back in the manned space lift business. It was a spectacular launch and then rendezvous with the Internation Space Station. Great job on capturing the flag and handily beating ...


Section 230 #1450

May 29, 2020

Tonight I break down Section 230 of the CDA which I am sure half the planet is going crazy over today as they have no clue what it is, how it has let the Internet grow, and why Twitter may have really screwed up regardless of what you think of the pres...


Winners and Losers and who’s picking them! #1449

May 22, 2020

Well several things to talk about tonight is the ongoing picking of winners and losers. I also share a bit of news I have not yet made public but thought to do so in light of everything that is going on. I hope your all well and enjoy the memorial day ...


Massive Employment Fraud Underway #1448

May 19, 2020

Certain states are seeing massive employment fraud with millions of dollars being stolen giving the FBI a lot of work to do to chase down those involved. Often leading to those that have been talked into letting them use bank accounts of those in roman...


The Spying Continues #1447

May 15, 2020

Congress has failed to curve and of the spying as it relates to any foreign and intelligence that is collected against American citizens. They talk a big game but as soon as the public is not looking they continue on with the status quo.


Elon Musk says take me to Jail #1446

May 12, 2020

Elon Musk is going to open his factories against the Alameda County health official and told employees willing to report to work. If Walmart can be open why cannot other businesses be open within reason is what I say.


Community Guidelines Pissing you Off? #1445

May 08, 2020

Are Community Guidelines Pissing You off? Well, they are pissing a lot of people off and I say tough. I have a few choice words tonight and I will say the show is going to get a bit unbridled for a while. Also,


Don’t Believe Everything on TV #1444

May 05, 2020

If you have not realized it by now. 95% of what you watch on mainstream TV news today is all about a political agenda. I encourage each of you to get out there and research some news from other countries instead of feeding your brain with the politiciz...


Time to be Brutally Honest #1443

May 01, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get brutally honest. Some of these measures need to end. I cannot even impair the amount of damage this is happening to families and businesses across this country I hear their please every single day as business owne...


Covid-19 App Tracking Launches #1442

April 28, 2020

Covid-19 App tracking is starting in many countries and appears to be embraced in Australia. The next thing they will be doing is injecting tracking microchips into us. Based on the non-response from this audience it appears you are ok with being track...


Apple and Google Covid-19 App #1441

April 24, 2020

Apple and Google are almost ready with their Covid-19 tracking app that continues to spur a lot of privacy concern discussions and even EU leaders are asking hard questions. As we end week 6 of the lockdown keep the faith and I will be back with you ne...


Facebook Censors Protest #1440

April 21, 2020

Facebook is censoring event planning for protest becoming an extension of the governor’s arms in trying to squelch protest over restrictions surrounding covid-19. I have warned for years that it’s their platform and they will do what they will as they ...


Tesla Delivers 1156 Ventilators #1439

April 17, 2020

Telsa today announced they had shipped 1156 ventilators to hospitals around the country. This is the American spirit we love and we will see more companies delivering much need medical gear and supplies to health care workers around the country.


Supreme Court to go Virtual #1438

April 14, 2020

Do you want to listen to Supreme Court arguments? Well, you’re going to get your chance and the court is going all virtual the first week of May in what will be unprecedented where they will hear arguments remotely.


Surveillance with Privacy? #1437

April 10, 2020

Can we have surveillance and still maintain the privacy we as citizens are afforded today that is the question we have to ask our selves as it appears that we are about to have some form of surveillance place upon us from Covid-19.


Is Facebook Providing Location Data to the Government #1436

April 07, 2020

Is Facebook Providing Location Data to the Government this is the question we have to ask in the times we live in? An absolute epic show with a listener call in at the end of the show that you’re going to want to listen to.


Marlboro and Juul under FTC Investigation #1435

April 03, 2020

Lots of vapers will cheer seeing that Marlboro and Jull are under investigation for the anti-competitive practices the did. I will continue the live call in for the next couple of shows if you want to participate you should have Skype installed and be ...


Your Calls #1434

March 31, 2020

As a reminder, you can participate in the show at the conclusion of the podcast. You will kinda laugh tonight as I had a guest muted for about 2 minutes. But we discuss the challenges of working from home. Join me live at 7:30 pm Eastern on Thursday.