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Winners and Losers and who’s picking them! #1449

May 22, 2020

Well several things to talk about tonight is the ongoing picking of winners and losers. I also share a bit of news I have not yet made public but thought to do so in light of everything that is going on. I hope your all well and enjoy the memorial day ...


Massive Employment Fraud Underway #1448

May 19, 2020

Certain states are seeing massive employment fraud with millions of dollars being stolen giving the FBI a lot of work to do to chase down those involved. Often leading to those that have been talked into letting them use bank accounts of those in roman...


The Spying Continues #1447

May 15, 2020

Congress has failed to curve and of the spying as it relates to any foreign and intelligence that is collected against American citizens. They talk a big game but as soon as the public is not looking they continue on with the status quo.


Elon Musk says take me to Jail #1446

May 12, 2020

Elon Musk is going to open his factories against the Alameda County health official and told employees willing to report to work. If Walmart can be open why cannot other businesses be open within reason is what I say.


Community Guidelines Pissing you Off? #1445

May 08, 2020

Are Community Guidelines Pissing You off? Well, they are pissing a lot of people off and I say tough. I have a few choice words tonight and I will say the show is going to get a bit unbridled for a while. Also,


Don’t Believe Everything on TV #1444

May 05, 2020

If you have not realized it by now. 95% of what you watch on mainstream TV news today is all about a political agenda. I encourage each of you to get out there and research some news from other countries instead of feeding your brain with the politiciz...


Time to be Brutally Honest #1443

May 01, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get brutally honest. Some of these measures need to end. I cannot even impair the amount of damage this is happening to families and businesses across this country I hear their please every single day as business owne...


Covid-19 App Tracking Launches #1442

April 28, 2020

Covid-19 App tracking is starting in many countries and appears to be embraced in Australia. The next thing they will be doing is injecting tracking microchips into us. Based on the non-response from this audience it appears you are ok with being track...


Apple and Google Covid-19 App #1441

April 24, 2020

Apple and Google are almost ready with their Covid-19 tracking app that continues to spur a lot of privacy concern discussions and even EU leaders are asking hard questions. As we end week 6 of the lockdown keep the faith and I will be back with you ne...


Facebook Censors Protest #1440

April 21, 2020

Facebook is censoring event planning for protest becoming an extension of the governor’s arms in trying to squelch protest over restrictions surrounding covid-19. I have warned for years that it’s their platform and they will do what they will as they ...


Tesla Delivers 1156 Ventilators #1439

April 17, 2020

Telsa today announced they had shipped 1156 ventilators to hospitals around the country. This is the American spirit we love and we will see more companies delivering much need medical gear and supplies to health care workers around the country.


Supreme Court to go Virtual #1438

April 14, 2020

Do you want to listen to Supreme Court arguments? Well, you’re going to get your chance and the court is going all virtual the first week of May in what will be unprecedented where they will hear arguments remotely.


Surveillance with Privacy? #1437

April 10, 2020

Can we have surveillance and still maintain the privacy we as citizens are afforded today that is the question we have to ask our selves as it appears that we are about to have some form of surveillance place upon us from Covid-19.


Is Facebook Providing Location Data to the Government #1436

April 07, 2020

Is Facebook Providing Location Data to the Government this is the question we have to ask in the times we live in? An absolute epic show with a listener call in at the end of the show that you’re going to want to listen to.


Marlboro and Juul under FTC Investigation #1435

April 03, 2020

Lots of vapers will cheer seeing that Marlboro and Jull are under investigation for the anti-competitive practices the did. I will continue the live call in for the next couple of shows if you want to participate you should have Skype installed and be ...


Your Calls #1434

March 31, 2020

As a reminder, you can participate in the show at the conclusion of the podcast. You will kinda laugh tonight as I had a guest muted for about 2 minutes. But we discuss the challenges of working from home. Join me live at 7:30 pm Eastern on Thursday.


Live Call in For Upcoming Shows #1433

March 27, 2020

On the next show, I will have an open call in following the regular recording of the show and may invite some folks that will participate in the recording of the podcast. We live in weird times so I thought it would be fun to mix things up a little bit...


Shelter in Place has been Ordered #1432

March 24, 2020

In 3 hours from this post, the State of Michigan has issued a Shelter in Place along with a number of provisions of which you are allowed to travel and or be at a place of employment. Being the New Media Studio is a News Outlet as well as a media broad...


What Happens when you run out of Toilet Paper #1431

March 20, 2020

Ok, I have a life-saving tip during the show today on what to do when you run out of toilet paper. Plus a smattering of other topics that will entertain and inform. I also discuss my timeline on when the country goes into lock-down an observation I mad...


Lock Down Tech News #1430

March 17, 2020

Lock Down Tech News and Todd’s soapbox time on the Chinese and what they are up to and the culpability they have in trying to hide the CoronaVirus. I dig in and we also have a little fun on this show with a lot of interaction of the live audience.


Studio Bound #1429

March 13, 2020

Oh, how does 72 hours make a difference in one’s schedule? New plans I am Studio Bound for a minimum of two weeks and we will see how it goes from there CoronaVirus is really disrupting lives. More on that during the show and lots to share on what is h...


CoronaVirus #1428

March 10, 2020

Well, your geeky podcast nomad is back in Columbus after a wonderful week in Florida where there is no sign anyone is worried in the least about the CoronaVirus. Back in the studio in Michigan on Thursday. Lots happening strap in I have a great show fo...


Poll Results from Privacy Question #1427

February 28, 2020

I go over the poll results from two shows ago and I was slightly surprised in the results and I go over half a dozen of the respondent’s comments. I do appreciate the participation of all the listeners that participated.


Landlord throws out 58 Million in BitCoin #1426

February 25, 2020

Imagine your sitting in Jail and your Landlord clears out your apartment and throws away a piece of paper with bitcoin worth 58 million on it. Yepp it really happened. Hey folks next shows from our Columbus office and then down to Tampa.


Amazon shakes up Shipping #1425

February 18, 2020

Amazon is shaking up its shipping operation again by canceling contracts with shippers who underperformed and or did not meet service expectations putting 1200 drivers out of work. I think some of them that were canceled delivers to my house the most l...


SpaceX Manned Flight #1424

February 11, 2020

SpaceX is expected to have it first manned launch in May of 2020. This is exciting news as we will be one step closer from being out from under the nose of the Russians in getting astronauts to the ISS. This will be a monumental achievement.


SpaceX One Million Dollar Launch Fee #1423

February 07, 2020

One million dollars and SpaceX will launch 440 kilograms into space. This is down 1 million dollars and now can be all scheduled online and of course, they take American Express. Lot’s of great news stories today that you will want to tune into the sho...


Google Revenue #1422

February 04, 2020

Google Revenue and profits are up but they missed expectations and the stock is down 3%. Funny how missing revenue by a few million over billions of dollars makes the stock market stupid. I’m back in the Coldwater studio and will be for 2 more shows be...


Amazon Blows out Earnings Report #1421

January 31, 2020

Amazon blows out earnings report and the stock market is rewarding it with a massive increase in stock price. Very obvious that the economy is pretty much on fire here. Apologize for no show on Monday its been a crazy week with three 12 hour days in a ...


Sonos Yields on Bricking #1420

January 24, 2020

Sonos Yields on Bricking devices after the Sonos owners community screamed bloody murder. It’s nice to see that they realized they made a bad decision and will work to bridge new and old devices. Instead of forcing folks to upgrade and then bricking th...


Are we the Aliens #1419

January 21, 2020

Are we the Aliens a new study is saying that UFO sightings today could very well be time traveling humans from the future. Well if they are I need some stock advice. Good to be back in the New Media Productions Studio designed by


SpaceX to Blow up a Rocket #1418

January 17, 2020

SpaceX to blow up a rocket as part of one of the final tests before they put humans in their capsule. It should be an exciting launch and a big boom. Pile of content for you tonight back in the studio in Michigan on Monday.


Back from CES 2020 #1417

January 14, 2020

CES 2020 is in the books but the coverage will continue in the months to come with the new strategy that I have employed for covering the show. We delivered 40 hours of content and I scoured the floor for the vendors that I will highlight over the comi...


Do you Publicly Criticize your Employer? #1416

January 03, 2020

Have you ever publicly criticized your employer? Well, some people are surprised they have received HR letters for doing so and it is coming as a big shock. Well, some folks live in an alternate universe. I am off to CES on Saturday.


Wyze Server Hacked 2.4 Million Records Exposed #1415

December 31, 2019

We wrap up 2019 with another hack Wyze the inexpensive surveillance camera company was hacked and even worse may show some health data being sent to China. This is the last show for 2019 and I wish everyone a safe New Year.


Huawei Financial Tax Breaks Equal 75 Billion #1414

December 27, 2019

You want to know how Huawei is able to undercut everyone in the telecommunications space. Well with 75 Billion in tax incentives and a cash infusion from the Chinese government it is no wonder. As you have already determined I am not a big fan of Huawe...


TikTok and ToTok Spy Apps? #1413

December 24, 2019

TikTok and ToTok are under serious review are they spy apps?. The Navy and Army have banned TikTok from all government smart phones and ToTok has been removed from the Google and Apple app stores as apparently they where spy apps for the UAE.


Has Ring Been Hacked? #1412

December 20, 2019

Has Ring been Hacked? They deny any hacking and say it’s likely users, usernames and passwords from other global hacks. But some researchers are saying that there are too many details in the hacked information to have come from other global hacks.


Amazon Hates Fedex #1411

December 17, 2019

Bit of a silent war going on at the moment. It is pretty obvious that Amazon is trying to hurt FedEx as they have told all their third-party sellers that they cannot use FedEx Ground or Home delivery as it is to slow.


Back from the Dead #1410

December 13, 2019

Was down for the count mostly Monday and Tuesday and still dragging so I am putting the show on from the Loft much easier than going back into the studio and getting all the cold iron fired up. Monday show of course in the studio.


Huawei Sues the FTC #1409

December 06, 2019

Huawei Sues the FTC to be allowed to sell products in the United States again. This action shows how desperate they are to get back in the game here and potentially compromise our national security by selling trojan horse cheap gear to rural carriers.


Chinese Facial Recognition Goes Global #1408

December 03, 2019

Chinese facial recognition standards which really are not standards but more like policies for the world are being pushed at the UN by Chinese companies as one could expect that is not going over well with privacy advocates.


Chinese Online Digital Spying Keeps Score! #1407

November 26, 2019

Chinese Online Spying system automatically keeps score of what you’re doing digitally and who you hang out with to determine if you will earn yourself a one year stay at an internment camp for 1 year for re-education and torture.


The Mustang Mach-E #1405

November 19, 2019

The Mustang Mach-E has debuted and it will be all muscle without a muscle engine. It will have a battery instead. Hey family, nothing like a snowstorm to mess up production. All good plans went in the toilet last week when the weather went sideways.


Valentines Day Text Later Delivery #1404

November 08, 2019

Seems a bunch of people received there valentines day text today, in what can only be described as something very strange. It was not limited to iPhones or Androids or carrier. The messages just seemed to get unstuck from some location.


Student Innovation Blows me Away #1403

November 05, 2019

A Middle School Student Innovation in car accident prevention has blown me away and I would suspect we could see what the student has designed in a car of the future. Lots happening here with my moving to my new place over the weekend.


Halloween Geek Creed #1402

November 01, 2019

I kick off the show giving a round of applause to the most awesome Halloween costume. Some parent earned some serious greek creed. Anyway back in the Michigan studio for the next couple of weeks. Moving into the loft could start as early as tomorrow so...


Calling the Predator Companies out! #1401

October 29, 2019

Calling Predator companies out on the new things they are doing to collect more info from us and lock us into their platforms increasing dependency. I am personally about sick of it. Plus some bad news for iPhone 5 owners that use the device to keep bi...


Episode 1400 of Geek News Central Podcast

October 22, 2019

Episode 1400 is in the can and I am sure you began to wonder if I was gonna get it across the finish line. I talk about lots of Geek News Central history on where we have been and where the show is headed. Amazing time for the podcast and I hope you en...