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By LinuxGameCast LLP


Linux Game Cast Weekly 427: Co-Canes

October 25, 2020

Frictional releases a buggy Rebirth, GONNER2 gets a day-1 Linux release, DOTA fights toxicity with Overwatch, daily amdgpu firmware updates for Ubuntu, and work begins on Open Suspect. Then Dungeons of Clay faces, the ChairQAsition. All this,


Linux Game Cast Weekly 426: Cooler Sanders

October 18, 2020

The latest Proton hotness brings Red Dead Redemption 2 to Linux. SiN and Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 get source releases, exciting news for AMD RX 500 owners, and CodeWeavers wants to jump your ports. Notes and Timestamps


Linux Game Cast Weekly 425: Beep Goes Moo

October 11, 2020

GamerOS 20 enables 32X goodness, Steam censors all the things, DXVK brings Baldur's Gate 3 to Linux, and Vircadia launches an open-source VR 3D multi-user environment.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 424: Zombie Waifu

October 04, 2020

Steam sale dates have been announced, ProtonGE brings Mafia II to Linux, Warzone 2100 get some Vulkan goodness, ATARI begins shipping the VCS, and picking the the best gaming distro for 2020.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 423: M’Thesda

September 27, 2020

Amnesia: The Dark Descent goes open source! Left 4 Dead 2 gets its first major update in 10 years, SDL2 comes to Unreal Tournament 99 and why Microsoft buying Bethesda has precisely FK and or all to do with Linux gaming. Show notes & timestamps


LinuxGameCast Weekly 422: A

September 20, 2020

Gang Beasts beta 2 standardizes sausage distribution! Blasphemous heads to Linux, Nvidia releases drivers for cards you can't buy, and something Epic happens to Rocket League. Then we explain why Proton is a really good bad thing. Show notes.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 421: Keyboard Skittles!

September 13, 2020

The extermination bot services brings a little chaotic good to TF2, Fall Guys enables Easy Anti Cheat, 3DO DOOM gets remastered for Linux, and Radeon RX 6000 benchmarks begin to leak. Then Chronicon faces, the ChairQAsition. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 420: Flailing Gets $h!t Done

September 06, 2020

OBS 26 RC1 is out! Nvidia releases thirty somethings, Humble has a Linux filled 1C Bundle, and SteamTinkerLaunch learns how to Lutris. Then Shing! faces, that ChairQAsition. Al this, plus your hate mail. Listen: Download: ...


LinuxGameCast Weekly 419: Mr. Science Shorts

August 30, 2020

Steam ♥♥♥♥♥♥ their ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! The Last Stand is headed to Left 4 Dead 2, SupertuxKart 1.2 enables SDL2 goodness, and GLX for Xwayland with the NVIDIA driver. Then Children of Morta faces, the ChairQAsition. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 418: Peanuts On Rambos

August 23, 2020

AMD updates their Vulkan sauce, Nvidia 3090 prices leak, DDraceNetwork comes to Steam, and Veloren brings their open-source multiplayer voxel RPG to Linux. Then Really Bad Flying Machine faces, the ChairQAsition. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 417: Little UwU Blob

August 16, 2020

DXVK breaks Pedro's favourite game! Factorio completes their 8.5 year development cycle, open-source voice changers for Linux, and Epic sues iGoogle. Then UnderMine faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 416: Get Thrusty

August 09, 2020

Lutris brings GeForce NOW to Linux! Neverwinter Nights enhances their lighting engine, Serious Sam gets a release date, and Gang Beasts nukes support for 32-bit. Then Dandara faces, the ChairQAsition. All this, plus your hate mail. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 415: Camel Clutching

August 02, 2020

Valve's new hire will help improve open-source graphics for Linux, Proton GE learns how to Death Stranding, Hellpoint gets a Vulkan powered release, and Humble has a Fury bundle.


Linux Game Cast Weekly 414: Jason Newes

July 26, 2020

Valve updates pressure-vessel, Gamer-OS turns one, Easy anti-cheat pushes a nasty update, X-Plane tackles a Vulkan bug, and Fantasy Strike goes free-to-play. Then Primal Light faces, the CHARIQASITION. All this, plus your hate mail.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 413: Greenpeace & Fish Burrito

July 19, 2020

Proton enables support for Death Stranding! Beyond a Steel Sky comes to Linux, Nvidia shuts down Turing, and Nyrna adds a pause button to all the things.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 412: Nooks & Grannies

July 12, 2020

VKD3D-Proton aims to tackle DX12, canceled Valve projects come to light, Nvidia drops support for their capture interface, and the Linux powered Atari VCS gets a ship date. Then BE-A Walker faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 411: UniCron

July 05, 2020

Steam threatens to invade ChromeOS! Lutris has a hot new release, Dark MOD lives up to its name, and Cyberpunk embraces DX12 over Vulkan. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 410: Dig The Paradigm

June 28, 2020

Steam Summer sale is live! Nvidia releases a gang of Linux drivers, WINE learns how to EAC, and open-source Diablo 2. Then Everspace faces the, CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 409: Ankle Floaties

June 21, 2020

Left 4 Dead 3 speculation incoming! Yakuza: Like a Dragon is headed to Linux, 3dSen launches in Early Access, and OpenMW throws some shade.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 408: No Non-Sack

June 14, 2020

Steam announces the OpenXR developer preview! Humble releases a wheelie Bundle, Raspberry Pi 4 Vulkan updates, and open-source gesture support for your Logitech gaming gerbil.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 407: Xowy Wowy

June 07, 2020

PT comes to Half-Life Alyx, EA returns to Steam, Nvidia 3080 leaks blow, and Supraland considers pulling their untested Linux builds. Then Nimbatus faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 406: Kaiju Jiggle Physics

May 31, 2020

GODOT comes to the browser! Steam prepares their cloud gaming service, GamerOS 18 adds support for Neo Geo, and why Proton is killing native Linux gaming.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 405: TWID

May 24, 2020

Microsoft threatens to bring DX12 to Linux! Serious Sam 4 pulls the penguin, EA open-sources Command & Conquer, and Denuvo Anti-Cheat promises to be Linux compatible going forward. Then Golf with Friends faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LWDW 222: Direct Linux

May 20, 2020

DirectX (kinda) comes to Linux! PineTab opens for pre-orders, NVIDIA releases a NX class Jetson, and Ryzen powered Linux notebooks. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 404: The Poop Filter

May 17, 2020

Half-Life Alyx gets a native Linux port! Doom Eternal breaks Proton compatibility, Humble releases Bundle 21, and Steamy summer sale dates have been confirmed. Then Fury Unleashed faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 403: #cFc

May 10, 2020

Somebody is working on Half-Life 2 Remastered, Steam fixes issues with IPV6, setting up Debian for gaming, and Discord overlays on Linux. Then Iratus faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 402: Mr Tea

May 03, 2020

RetroPie gets support for the Raspberry Pi 4! Steam kills VR for macOS, Proton brings Street Fighter 5 and Streets of Rage 4 to Linux, and a dangerous way to play Hearthstone without WINE.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 401: Super Bohemians

April 26, 2020

Half-Life: Alyx gets a Linux depot! Darkest Dungeon introduces PvP battles, Into the Breach goes native, and NVIDIA releases danger drivers. Then Into the Breach faces, the CHAIRQASITION! 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 400: Task Failed Successfully

April 19, 2020

Indivisible gets couch co-op! Steam has an upcoming Game Festival, Playing Half-Life Alyx without VR, and custom Lutris DXVK goodness.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 399: Free Nonsense

April 12, 2020

GRIP 2019 is headed to Linux! Steam is working on a new controller, Google Stadia bumbles its way to a free trial, and the creators of the Atari VCS get sued. Then Avorion faces the CHAIRQASITION! - All this, plus your hate mail. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 398: Clappy Nude

April 05, 2020

Steam caps the bandwidth! Golf With Your Friends plays with fire, 10% performance boost for Intel graphics on Linux, and X-Plane taps the Vulkan button. Then DiRT 4 faces, the CHAIRQASITION!  - All this, plus your hate mail. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 397: Freeman On Freeman Violence

March 29, 2020

Half Life comes to Dead Cells! Epic Games becomes a third-party publisher, Twitch enhances the ban-hammer, and GODOT powered Unknown-Horizons. Then Deep Sky Derelicts faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 396: Thirsty Anime Vampires

March 22, 2020

Steam cracks 20 million concurrent users! Nvidia adds multi-vendor ray tracing, MangoHud gets support for OpenGL, and GOG has a bunch of free Linux games that will help you pass time at home.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 395: GNUclidean

March 15, 2020

Valve Index orders have reopened! Proton 5.0.4 fixes the GD Batman, Minigalaxy gets a pause button, and RIP GOG Downloader. Then Black Mesa faces, the CHAIRQASITION! All this, plus your hate mail!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 394: America’s Got SCaLE

March 08, 2020

Black Mesa 1.0 is out! Steam disables CEF keyring integration, Flotilla  goes open-source, and Ultima5Redux gets a Linux build. Then it's full-metal SCaLE 18X recap time!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 393: Don’t Engage The Humans

March 01, 2020

Steam finally learns how to search! Golf With Your Friends threatens to leave Early Access, GOG updates their refund policy, and we have the first Smach Z delay of 2020! 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 392: Jaded Canadian

February 23, 2020

Linux exclusive gaming platform incoming! WINE fixes mfplat, PAYDAY 2 nukes drills, Valve improves RadV, and SDL controller drama. Then Besiege faces, the CHAIRQASITION! 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 391: Slaps Like Tentacles

February 16, 2020

Metro Exodus might be headed to Linux! Besiege prepares for  the big 1.0, Humble announces regional pricing, and Vulkan enters the GODOT master branch. Then Descent 3 faces, the CHAIRQASITION! 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 390: Laser Beavers

February 09, 2020

Proton 5.0 makes Denuvo encumbered games playable! GeForce NOW snubs Linux users, GODOT receives an Epic grant, and playing Vulkan games using pure Wayland. Then Dark Hope faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


Linux GameCast Weekly 389: Honkaine Voltron

February 02, 2020

Solus 4.1 brings the ESync! Ballistic Overkill calls it quits, Descent 3 gets revamped for modern Linux distributions, and a handy guide for Linux gaming in 2020. Then Vicious Sisters faces, the CHAIRQASITION! 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 388: Pedronnaise

January 26, 2020

Epic cancels Linux support for Rocket League!  Half-Life games go free to play, open-source Hearthstone using C++, and Wine 5.0 takes the Proton approach. 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 387: Flesh Marionette

January 19, 2020

Steam is coming to Chrome OS! Nvidia releases a beta driver for Vulkan 1.2, bsnes HD brings widescreen to classic games, and the quickest way to get your gaming rig running Linux.


LinuxGamecast Weekly 386: Pedro’s Still Dead

January 12, 2020

DragonBox prototypes begin shipping! VVVVVV releases the source, Quake II RTX learns how to monitor, and Steam Lunar sale dates leak. Then Axiom Verge faces, the CHAIRQASITION! 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 385: Rest In Pedro

January 05, 2020

EA drops the banhammer on Linux gamers! LunchHouse Software revives Valve's cancelled Portal sequel, open-source Diablo engine devilutionX reaches 1.0, and we recap our favourite games of 2019.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 384: Shoulder Mounted Penguins

December 29, 2019

Top Steamy highlights of 2019! NVIDIA releases new Linux drivers for old GPUs, Black Mesa releases Xen, and SuperTuxKart improves online multiplayer. Then Hellblade faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 383: Faptain’s Log

December 22, 2019

The Steamy Winter sale is upon us! Life is Strange 2 comes to Linux, Eggroll powered fixes for GTA V, ceiling Unity watches you game, and a working driver for your Xbox One wireless dongle.


LinuxGameCast Weekly 382: Esteban Trabajos

December 15, 2019

Steamy fall recaps! Insurgency depenguins Sandstorm,  D9VK goes full-metal dragonborn, and Minecraft gets... BEES! Then Shovel Knight: King of Cards faces, the CHAIRQASITION! 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 381: Hot Snowflake

December 08, 2019

Black Mesa releases a complete beta! Quake maps invade GODOT, playing Halo on Linux, and NVIDIA has an open-source announcement. - Then Eight Dragons faces, the CHAIRQASITION! 


LinuxGameCast Weekly 380: Drama Llama

December 01, 2019

Steam discontinues the areola controlla! Lutris gets an Epic grant, Quake 2 RTX still runs like poo, and what distros do people game on in 2019? - Then Serial Cleaner faces, the CHAIRQASITION!


LinuxGameCast Weekly 379: Moose Violence

November 24, 2019

Valve teases Half-Life: Alyx! Fantasy Strike gets full crossplay support, Steam Play Together exits beta, and experimental Linux drivers for your force feedback devices. - Then NieR:Automata faces, the CHAIRQASITION!