CES Broadcast Options

TPN Studio @ CES 2020

All CES interviews on the Tech Podcasts Network are edited and published in the order that they are recorded, with live interviews published first followed by floor interviews for each day. We offer several options for speeding up the publishing process for your interview.

Faster Publishing ($100)

  • Upon payment, the segment will be moved to the first open slot in the publishing schedule.

Ad-Free Segment ($250)

  • Your company’s segment without a sponsor
  • No ad during the opening or closing of the segment
  • Faster Publishing (above) included

Priority Publishing ($1,000)

  • Floor or Live segment published within 5 days of show close
  • Ad-Free Segment (above) included

Raw Footage (price varies)

  • Receive the full unedited and unbranded version of your interview with redistribution rights.

Please Note: All Interviews are Free. Additional options are offered as an added value.