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Online Great Books with Scott Hambrick - The Wired Homeschool

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Online Great Books

Every homeschooler understands that reading is essential. However, sometimes we may not know what our children should be reading. Or, perhaps we know what they should read but we don’t understand the essential themes and ideas of a piece of great literature.

At Online Great Books you’ll find a community that will help you understand the classics of the Western world. As parents, it’s important for us to continue learning even as we’re teaching our children and Online Great Books is a fantastic way for you to dig into those classics that may seem daunting.

Scott Hambrick, the “Reader-in-Chief” at Online Great Books challenges us to answer the call of the great thinkers that shaped out civilization.

We take the ideas of ancient Greece, follow them through their evolution in Rome, the middle ages, the enlightenment, right up to our own time. We read the best, men like Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Kant, Wittgenstein, et al., and allow them to teach us.

We push our members to do the hard work it takes to become classically educated men and women who are ready to apply their newfound knowledge in every aspect of their lives. OGB also provides accountability, encouraging you to stay the course and obtain the educational goals you have set for yourself.

Scott and I had a great conversation about some of these classic books, how they shaped our culture, and why homeschoolers should be reading classical literature. During this interview, I was challenged to expand my literary knowledge and read some of the books covered at Online Great Books and I hope you’ll join me in the first seminar reading through The Illiad.

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