GNC Week In Review

GNC Week In Review

Kirk Corless

Description: GNC Week In Review is a weekly tech news podcast with the latest news on computers, smartphones/apps, and more from the world of tech!

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Verizon sells Tumblr to WordPress #034

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This week, Frontier network outages get worse in New York, if you had a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, you may be getting up to $500, Verizon sells tumbler to WordPress, FCC is investing more dollars in rural broadband plus some DSLR cameras may have ransomware.


Show Notes:...

#033 The New Samsung Note 10

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This week, Samsungs unpacks, Google Fiber brings gigabit internet to Austin Texas, the FCC finally denies a net neutrality complaint against Verizon, a tablet for kids has flaws, plus Frontier is failing.

Show Notes:

Samsung makes an announcement

Google Fiber...

Millions of data were breached #032

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This week, 100 million Capital One customers affected by a data breach, 3 million patient records were breached, Verizon comes out with new unlimited data plans, plus UC Santa Barbara sues.


Show Notes:

Capital One data breach 

32 million patient records breached...

AT&T TV? #031

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This week, Tesla lost millions, Twitter reports a small growth of users in Q2, AT&T is coming out with AT&T TV? plus Samsung is bringing back the Fold.

Show Notes:

Tesla loses millions

DoorDash promises workers will get tips

5G customers to hit 1 billion by 2023

Twitter Q2...

Amazon Prime Day breaks records #030

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This week, Amazon Prime Day breaks records……again, Netflix loses subscribers, smartphone shipments decline, eBay beats Q2 estimates, Verizon launches 5G in St. Paul plus the DNC gets a warning not to use FaceApp

Show Notes:

Netflix Q2

A decline in smartphone shipments

eBay Q2... exposes millions of records #029

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This week, FCC wants to ban caller id spoofing, exposed student records, AT&T makes it harder for spam callers to reach you plus Amazon has a lot of Prime Day deals!

FCC wants to ban caller id spoofing exposed records

AT&T and spam callers

Prime Day device deals...

A super-sized GNC WIR episode! #028

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This weeks tech news is massive, there's huge news from government in tech news block which features the 2020 democratic debate to a social media summit may be held at the White House, also in 5G news both AT&T and T-Mobile turn on 5G while Verizon adds 5G in another city, plus US forecasters are ex...

Facebook is getting in the cryptocurrency game #027

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It's officially Summer!  But before you break out the suntan lotion and crank up the tunes, it's a new episode and this week Facebook is all in with cryptocurrency but the US and the European government wants answers before it launches Facebook, Google and Twitter will testify on terrorist content,...

Amazon to fight homelessness #026

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Happy Father's Day to all of the dads and single parents out there! For this week's episode of GNC WIR,  some of the tech news brings from Amazon is fighting homelessness, BET is launching a streaming service,10 states are suing the T-Mobile Sprint merger, plus Julian Assange may be extradited to t...

Another woe for Huawei? #025

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Wow, the month of May flew by didn't?  For this weeks episode on the last day of this month, Apple updates the iPod touch, yes the iPod touch is back,  Facebook and Twitter suspend accounts while Twitch suspends accounts temporarily. also in the news, Huawei is taking the US government to court...
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