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Please Change Your Feed

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We've moved! Look at https://vuc.me/vuc2018 which will take you to the new feed on Libsyn. We speak to creative people about how they create...

It's still dead, Jim!

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go to http://packetsofeverything.libsyn.com or https://vuc.me/vuc2018 to find the 2018 URL...

It's Dead, Jim

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This feed is over, please move to https://vuc.me/vuc2018...

Please change feed URL

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You can find our feed at https://vuc.me/vuc2018...

VUC676 - Dave Taht and Jim Gettys: bufferbloat 2018

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The is is last show on talkshoe. See https://vuc.me for further episodes or subscribe to https://vuc.me/vuc2018...

VUC675-ZoIPer 5

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Longtime friends from the Zoiper team join us to talk about the newest version of their successful softphone...

Talkshoe Died Last Week

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Go to https://vuc.me for our episodes

Intro to Crypto currencies with Jay Carpenter

Presscoin for a Quality Independent Press...

VUC674 - A Crypto currency primer

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Jay Carpenter joins us to talk about the basics of cryptocurrency. We cover the origins of Bitcoin and Ethereum,and disclaim that we are NOT suggesting you invest in any...

VUC673 - Presscoin with Amit Rathore

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Listen/download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/packetsofeverything/VUC673-Final.mp3

See https://vuc.me for future episodes

This creates a sustainable foundation for independent journalism- making free press possible â?? by enabling true independence â?? financial independence, while richly reward...

VUC672 - Dialpad

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The creators of what is now called Google Voice are with us to talk about their successful enterprise phone system, Dialpad.com. Craig Walker, Vincent Paquet and Erik Lagerway join the usual suspects...
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