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ToG 2016 Year in Review


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Touch of Gaming

Lloyd Hannesson

Winnipeg, MB

Description: The Touch of Gaming podcast is your source for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch gaming news, reviews and interviews! In each episode we will bring you the latest handheld gaming information to help you make your

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ToG 2016 Year in Review

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The 2016 Year in Review Extravaganza

We don’t really have show notes for this as they would prove to be full of spoilers. So let’s just say that in this very special episode, Jared and Todd talk about mobile gaming in 2016.

We start with some big news stories/trends.

We then create some categories and award some games prestigious titles.

Finally, we each run down our personal Top 5 “Games of 2016” lists.

Fun stuff and we hope everyone enjoys the show.

The show is: @TofG
Jared is: @TheQuacko
Todd is: @toddias

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