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Google Podcast Revelations #206 - The New Media Show (Video)


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The New Media Show (Video)

Todd Cochrane

Honolulu, Hawaii

Description: Video Feed of The New Media Show features Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee discusising the new media space with weekly guests

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Google Podcast Revelations #206 - The New Media Show (Video)

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Google has announced part of their podcast strategy and we think finally podcasters are going to have to start paying attention to more of what we have been sharing when it comes to there web strategy. This is really big and when Google says they want to double the podcasting audience in the next two years podcasters need to sit up and pay attention.

We also review some services terms of services and want creators to start waking up and seeing what they are agreeing to. Plus an ongoing player in the space that is poaching in a way that shows desperation. Looking forward to your email feedback.

Reach out to Rob @ or Todd @

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