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Not In Rhode Island

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It's funny how a state that has an anthropomorphic set of male genitals as a mascot for a local college feels that they have the moral high ground when it comes to porn. No, seriously look it up; if you want to look at porn in Rhode Island, you'll have to pay your extortion fee to the state . . . or go to a college game and watch their mascot. Keep it classy Rhode Island!

In other wonderful news, Trump has no idea how anything in the world works it seems as he panders to scared, conservative elderly people by blaming violence on Pong. So, you know that battle we've been fighting (and winning) for the last 20 years? Yeah, he just renewed it. Oh, also, Equifax. Because, Equifax.


* Washington state becomes the first to enforce net neutrality

* Rhode Island becomes the first to become a digital police state

* Trump is a moron

* Snap Bros LLC lays of the department that may actually know what it's doing

* Amazon apologizes to Alexa owners for letting the trapped child's soul in their Echo speak

* The bros over at Uber don't seem to have much to show

* Uber's data breach gets expensive in Pennsylvania

* Equifax.

* MoviePass CEO jokes about being from 1984. Says he was joking.

* Chicago mobs work a little differently now than they used to.

* UK empowers their citizens to fight back against unfair ISP's

Zuke’s Favorite: Lost In Space

Zohner’s Favorite: The Ring Doorbell


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