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Description: Geeks of the web unite!

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Banal Sandwiches

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Hey, do you know what happens when Zuke reads a lot of words, but never hears them out loud? He can't pronounce them. So words like applique, chipotle, and banal come out VERY different than they should.

In actual news, if a company says that some accounts may have been accessed, it's just best to assume ALL accounts have been accessed. If Google is suddenly launching a product out of nowhere, it's likely to try and beat another company to the punch. And if you deliberately write malware code that you INTEND to be used to screw over people, expect no sympathy from us when you are sentenced to prison. If it were up to us, you'd be gelded on the spot.


* On behalf of Utah, we're sorry

* Equifax found more people behind the couch that were compromised

* The few, the proud, the ones with stolen identities

* New password integration will tell you if your login has been compromised

* Snap forgets the failure of their first glasses. Plans to do it again

* Snap's first year may have been a payday to the CEO, but no one else is getting paid

* The battle to restore Net Neutrality is already underway!

* Malware author surprisingly doesn't get death penalty

* Google "launches" Slack competitor, but really just to go against Microsoft

* Amazon buys Ring to bring it into the Alexa fold

* New Blackberry is heading to India . . . supposedly.

* Fitbit plans on a new family of smart watches

* Want a Galaxy S9? Just buy it straight from Samsung

Zuke’s Favorite: How to make your own moon

Zohner’s Favorite: The Hamilton Polka


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