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Description: Geeks of the web unite!

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Snapchat User Tears

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Don't you hate it when the app you don't really need to use to do something you don't actually need to do makes changes? It makes it just so difficult to do the thing. How can they even expect you to continue on like that?

On a slightly more serious note, there's a sneeze somewhere in this episode that I was going to edit out so you wouldn't have to listen to it, but I forgot. So, SPOILER ALERT: You are going to hear me clear my entire nasal passage REALLY QUICKLY. If you're wearing headphones . . . well, just don't listen on headphones. How about we just say that and call it good.

Oh yeah, and Nokia beat out Google, HTC, and Sony in the smartphone market (say whaaaaaaat?).


* Huawei phones get the boycott from FBI, CIA, NSA

* Verizon decides to stop listening to FCC because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

* Nokia is the 11th highest selling smartphone in the world?!

* The HTC 10 supposedly has Android O, but no one has seen the update yet

* Samsung stops Android O rollout, then deletes it from servers

* YouTube TV gains channels without being a better value

* Finally! You can share your shopping list with Facebook friends!

* Twitter to discontinue Mac client

* Snapchat CEO says user's tears only make his erection grow

* Belgium tells Facebook to stop tracking people

* Intel is in the middle of 32 class action lawsuits over Meltdown

* Windows introduces high performance mode

* Apple HomePod is out to destroy your furniture

* But so is the Sonos One!

Zuke’s Favorite: Olympic Upset is Awesome Upset

Zohner’s Favorite: Black Panther


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