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SHHQ059 – Velop for the home and a button for xyz


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Chris Compton

Northern Kentucky

Description: It's time to make your home smarter.

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SHHQ059 – Velop for the home and a button for xyz

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Tired of your mesh network cutting your bandwidth in half or looking for an easy way to do things at the push of a button? I talk about my time with the Linksys Velop and the Fibaro Button. I visit briefly the Zipato home automation controller to see how it stacks up with the US based competitors.

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  • Linksys Velop
    • Tri-Band – no meshing performance drops.
    • 2x 5Ghz radios and a 2.4Ghz radio. One Radio for linking.
    • Two-Gigabit Ethernet ports per node.
    • Bluetooth LE for app setup.
    • Power bridge, on the larger size taking up two-plugs on a power strip.
    • Zigbee radio hidden inside, future firmware update and an unknown purpose.

  • Fibaro Button
    • 6 Actions possible (1-5 press’ or press and hold).
    • Small, light, can be mounted with double-sided tape (included) or just sitting down.
    • Easy to replace battery.
    • Plastic, keep away from the pets.
  • Zipato
    • Zipabox
      • Z-wave on it’s own.
      • Modular, add backup battery, 3G backup, security zones, zigbee.
    •  Zipatile
      • Android tablet.
      • Side load apk’s
      • Z-wave, Zigbee, wireless, Ethernet via micro-usb adapter.
      • Powered by Micro-Usb
      • No direct POE support, but you could get a POE-to-USB converter to hide in a new-work box.
      • Wall-mount built in.
      • Can use built-in web came as an ip-camera through the Zipato software.
    • Intercom functionality
      • Ties into SIP doorbell and lock systems
      • Room-to-Room calling
      • Home to mobile app calling.
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Smart Home HQ is a proud member of the Geeks Network! Find out more information at

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