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Relative Paths | Web Development and stuff like that

Mark Phoenix and Ben Hutchings

Description: Both ends of the Web Development spectrum

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55: Perch CMS | An interview with Drew McLellan

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For our latest podcast episode, we spoke to Drew McLellan, co-creator of Perch and Perch Runway CMSs. I'm an avid Perch user, I built this very site with Perch, so I was particularly grateful to talk to Drew. We talked about their history and development, where Drew sees them in relation to the host...

54: Gatekeepers | The Just Problem

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This is sort-of a part 2 to our Overwhelm episode (Sorry for the nounification there, we had complaints!). This episode we talk about Gatekeeping, and Gatekeeper mentality. There's a lot of aspects but it's summed up by any sentence starting with "You're not a real developer if you...". The "Just" p...

53: Overwhelm | Donald Sutherland is Canadian

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This episode we talk about being overwhelmed, out of our depth or burned-out. It's something most developers suffer with at some point. We try and identify what some of the causes of pressure are, have a bit of a pop at recruiters, clients and ourselves. I also reveal more than I intended about bird...

52: Going Offline | with Jeremy Keith

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Coming into this episode I didn't really know much about service workers. I assumed there were very specific use cases for them, but Jeremy opened our eyes to the fact that they allow access to some very powerful browser features and are useful across the board...

51: State of the Union | Asbestos Brakes

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It's been 5 months since our last episode. In that time I've become a father (woah) and Mark has become really popular on Instagram. So it's a sort of catch-up episode, and a moan at each other about Apple, Microsoft, CPU's and Adobe and software named after disasters...

50: Jukebox Special

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Tracks we discuss:

'Age of Consent' by New Order, from 'Power, Corruption and Lies' (1983).

'All my Friends' by LCD Soundsystem, from 'Sound of Silver' (2007).

'Enola Gay' by OMD, from 'Organisation' (1980).

'Aquarius' by Boards of Canada, from 'Music has a right to children' (1998)...

49: Web Security | With Tim Nash

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Why would anyone want to hack my website? This was one of the questions we asked WordPress Platform Lead and Developer Advocate for, Tim Nash. We talked about what the risks are, who's responsibility web security should be and what we can do to build more secure sites...

48: Progressive Enhancement | With Aaron Gustafson

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In this episode we talk about the Progressive Enhancement approach to web design and development with Aaron Gustafson. He talks us through some of the advantages of adopting Progressive Enhancement (PE) versus more traditional approaches. We also discuss barriers that might prevent us using PE and A...

47: Dogmatism | With Chris Coyier

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This was one of the most interesting, thoughtful and funny conversations we've had. We spoke to Chris Coyier about dogmatism (the expression of an opinion or belief as if it were a fact) in the web industry. We talked about why it happens, what we can to do be less dogmatic ourselves and how to deal...

46: CSS Grid Layout | An interview with Rachel Andrew

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This week we talk CSS Grid with the amazing and great Rachel Andrew, who has been leading the charge with Grid for a while now. We talked about the origin of Grid, what we'll be able to do with it and when it's going to be ready to use (sooner that we realised). We also talked about how she got star...
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