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PowerPress and Community Podcast

Blubrry PowerPress and Community Podcast

Description: Blubrry PowerPresss and Community podcast takes you into the technical side of the PowerPress plugin plus news from the RawVoice Community.

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Some Guy and the Bug Man Give Their Opinions on YouTube - PowerPress Podcast

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Podcasts do not truly belong on Youtube, and you most likely should not be putting your episodes on that video platform. Most podcasts are audio and by putting them on YouTube you are risking your content rights, channel and more. Daniel J. Lewis explains why podcasters should shy away from this practice.

The two hosts, Chase and Bradley, of the show Some Guy and the Bug Man joined MacKenzie to discuss the multiple reasons why YouTube can hurt your podcast and share information on their show(s). Both shows in the Some Bug Man Studio are quick and to the point. They’re hoping to make some changes soon.

Lastly, the group talks about how Blubrry is now offering submissions to Spotify to it’s hosting customers. Stick around for the PowerPress tip at the end of the episode, courtesy of Shawn Thorpe.

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Show Notes:

Why You Should NOT Post Your Audio Podcasts on YouTube: From Daniel J. Lewis, Audacity to Podcast
Some Guy and the Bug Man: Listen to their episodes here.
Twitter: @somebugman
Facebook: /somebugman
YouTube Archive: Some Bug Man
Chase (Some Guy) Twitter: @chasetherev
Bradley (Bug Man) Twitter: @BugMan_Bradley
Get on Spotify via Blubrry: Hosting customers only.

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