Podcast Help Desk – Going Deep Into The Technology Of Podcasting

Podcast Help Desk – Going Deep Into The Technology Of Podcasting

Mike Dell

Description: Deep into the technology and the Art of podcasting.

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Separate Blog Posts and Podcast Posts – PHD112

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Do you want to separate your blog posts from your podcast posts on your website?   It might be a bad idea.

First - How to do it if you really really want to in WordPress

Create a category for the podcast.  DO NOT USE "podcast" as a category...

The Technical Side of Podcast Promotion – PHD111

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1. Never Promote something you do not own.   Send people to your website and then give them all the choices you can reasonably.

Apple 🍎

Google Podcasts
 (notice I didn't say Google PLAY‽) '






A conversation with Evo Terra, Podcast Pioneer and all around good guy – PHD110

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I got to chat with my old friend and podcast pioneer, Evo Terra. We talk a bit about the good old days of podcasting and some about what is going on now.  Just a couple of old guys chatting it up.

Some of the things Evo is doing or has done:...

Episode Level Artwork – Where does it show? – PHD109

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Episode level images. Only some apps use the images and those apps use different images if they do. Here is a list from an experiment I did on my podcast Mike Dell's World. Episode 308 has episode level images.

One image is embedded in the mp3 file in the iD3 tags. It is white with red writing...

Apple Podcasts is getting picky – phd108

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It seems that Apple is getting more picky about Titles and Author tags in Podcast Feeds.

Titles should be just "the title" like - Podcast Help Desk. Not "Podcast Help Desk | The best place to learn to podcast like Dave Jackson and Daniel J. Lewis"...

Podcast Help Desk Hijacked! – PHDspecialReport

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CastBox.fm seems to have hijacked a bunch of feeds. If you are listing on CastBox, please visit PodcastHelpDesk.com and make sure you are subcibed to the real thing and not some cheap copy of the shows I put out...

Google Podcasts and Denon DN-300R test recording – PHD107

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This is the first test recording using the New Denon DN-300R recorder.  Having the digital recorder mounted in the rack and always hooked up seems to be a better plan (for me) than using a portable recorder as a backup...

Rambling Update From Podcast Help Desk – PHD106

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Hi all! Yup, still here.   Been busy with other projects.

Lots going on in the podcasting space.  Google's new podcast strategy, Spotify and other things.

Good to get back behind the mic here.


Columbus Meetup – Beginner Podcast Tech Mistakes – PHD105

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I was the featured speaker at The Columbus Ohio Podcaster's Meetup in March.   Today's episode is the recording of that presentation.

It's all about Beginner Podcasters Tech Mistakes and how to avoid them.   It was held at the RawVoice Inc. / Blubrry Podcasting HQ in Columbus Ohio.  More infor...

Podcast Passion – PHD104

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I've been having a few things on my mind so I figured rather than write it out and rant on Facebook, I would flip on the mic and just speak it.

This is a somewhat different episode. It's me rambling on a bit about Passion for podcasting. Also about learning your craft. Even the techy parts...
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