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No Better Than Average

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Description: A weekly, unscripted show about technology, movies, pop culture, and almost anything else that interests us.

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Ep. 123 – Car Buying Blues

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This week Jacob contemplates the worst possible thing; buying a car and dealing with car salesmen.  Jeff actually likes this nonsense?  Inconceivable!

This week on the show:

* Jeff and Todd give their rundown between Evernote and One Note.  Which is their favorite?  Which is your favorite?  ...

Ep. 122 – Parchment paper with greasy spices

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It’s been a few weeks since all three of the No Better Nerds were all present at the same time, on the same show!  What’s on deck for this episode?

* Early reports from hands-on with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 seem to indicate that the new facial recognition feature on the S8 can be byp...

Ep. 121 – Some Assembly Required

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It’s a tech-packed episode! Topics include:

* How many transistors really fit inside of a CPU? The answer might surprise you; they’re really freakin’ tiny!

* “There is a company in the United States that began by offering a few products directly to consumers, and then quickly e...

Ep. 120 – Clever Title Goes Here

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This week the guys are back – recovering from sickness for some, descending into sickness for others.  Will they ever be able to catch a break and all be healthy at the same time?

Topics on the show this week include:...

Ep. 119 – I can’t afford $20 undies!

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Another week and more tech talk!  Topics this week include:

* Nintendo’s new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.  Is it a hot new console or a $300 Legend of Zelda player?

* Jeff found a story about a photographer who photographed the entire Sistine Chapel and has produced 220 pages of the...

Ep. 118 – May the odds be ever in your favor

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It’s been a rough week with surgeries and rescheduling and painkillers! So without much fanfare – the guys present you with another episode of the show.

What we love

Jeff loves the iOS app Duet – turn your iPad into an external display for your Mac or PC! https://www.duetdisplay.c...

Ep. 117 – Apps live IN the watch now?

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The listeners have responded – enthusiastically – and AirPods have been given a big ‘ol thumbs-up.  They’re now, officially, on Jacob’s to-buy list.

Also, rumors abound on the next iPhone using some fancy tech called “substrate-like PCB (SLP)” will allow...

Ep. 116 – Pow-pow-Powerwall

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The music trivia challenge: Without cheating, name Aerosmith’s first no. 1 single?  Jeff pulled the answer right out, but can you?

AT&T has announced they’re trialing their new 5G network – named “Indigo” in Austin, TX and Indianapolis, IN – right in the guy...

Ep. 115 – I’ll fax that right over!

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The guys are back in full force, talking technology!  Topics on this episode of the NBTA podcast:

* It’s 2017 – why are we still using fax?  Jacob has a teeny-tiny rant to get off his chest...

Ep. 114 – Half a Million Calories!

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It’s Girl Scout cookie time and once again Jeff’s daughter’s stash is cause for Jacob’s amazement! This week the guys talk about:

* Listener Kye writes in with a link to the Periodic Table of Beer: and a way to...
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