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Description: A weekly, unscripted show about technology, movies, pop culture, and almost anything else that interests us.

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Ep. 127 – The annual NBTA WWDC 2017 roundup recap spectacular

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This week the guys are geeking out on all Apple, all episode.  It’s time for another annual installment of the WWDC roundup recap spectacular.  What did Apple announce and how do the guys feel about it with the reality distortion force field wiped away?

What we love...

Ep. 126 – On WebMD *everything* leads to cancer

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The guys are back & talking tech. Tune to and hear all there is to hear.

Oh, check out Todd’s cool Richard Petty Driving Experience video.  Go fast & turn left!

What we love

Todd loved his Richard Petty Driving Experience:

Ep. 125 – The Great Deluge

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The guys survived the great midwestern rains of 2017 to bring another tech-filled show right to your ears!

This week Howie calls in & shares tech, money, and beer with the guys. Always a solid, winning combination!...

Ep. 124 – Planned Obsolescence

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This week on the show the guys are back, talking tech.  Did Jacob find and buy a new car? Did Jeff’s connection problems from last week get resolved? Find out on this week’s episode!

Todd has some crazy-interesting Excel facts.  Seriously, if you’re an Excel geek they’ll bl...

Ep. 123 – Car Buying Blues

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This week Jacob contemplates the worst possible thing; buying a car and dealing with car salesmen.  Jeff actually likes this nonsense?  Inconceivable!

This week on the show:

* Jeff and Todd give their rundown between Evernote and One Note.  Which is their favorite?  Which is your favorite?  ...

Ep. 122 – Parchment paper with greasy spices

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It’s been a few weeks since all three of the No Better Nerds were all present at the same time, on the same show!  What’s on deck for this episode?

* Early reports from hands-on with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 seem to indicate that the new facial recognition feature on the S8 can be byp...

Ep. 121 – Some Assembly Required

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It’s a tech-packed episode! Topics include:

* How many transistors really fit inside of a CPU? The answer might surprise you; they’re really freakin’ tiny!

* “There is a company in the United States that began by offering a few products directly to consumers, and then quickly e...

Ep. 120 – Clever Title Goes Here

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This week the guys are back – recovering from sickness for some, descending into sickness for others.  Will they ever be able to catch a break and all be healthy at the same time?

Topics on the show this week include:...

Ep. 119 – I can’t afford $20 undies!

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Another week and more tech talk!  Topics this week include:

* Nintendo’s new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.  Is it a hot new console or a $300 Legend of Zelda player?

* Jeff found a story about a photographer who photographed the entire Sistine Chapel and has produced 220 pages of the...

Ep. 118 – May the odds be ever in your favor

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It’s been a rough week with surgeries and rescheduling and painkillers! So without much fanfare – the guys present you with another episode of the show.

What we love

Jeff loves the iOS app Duet – turn your iPad into an external display for your Mac or PC! https://www.duetdisplay.c...
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