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LinuxGameCast Weekly 256 – Forks Itself Off


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LinuxGameCast Weekly Video

Venn Stone

Description: Weekly Linux gaming news, reviews, previews and whatever else we come up with.

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LinuxGameCast Weekly 256 – Forks Itself Off

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Starr Mazer: DSP returns to Steam! OpenGL multithreading comes to Mesa, ioquake3 gets a cross-platform auto-updater, and you can finally play Persona 5 on Linux. Then StarCrawlers faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Steam News:


  • Hot, steamy joystick plugging
  • “If 4 controllers are connected while Streaming and a local controller is available, if a remote controller is disconnected, the local controller will seamlessly drop into that slot when used.”
  • That’s a seriously specific use case, and the way they word it doesn’t help matters

It’s a app

  • If you were wondering why the hardware was being sold off below cost.
  • Makes sense. The link itself is pretty dinky. There is comparable hardware shipping in most TVs these days anyways
  • Now all you gotta do is worry about your TV telling samsung what games you’re playing
  • I’d wager the hardware in most modern TVs is signifigantly more powerful than the Link
  • All that thing could do was decode a video stream

HL Update

  • It’s strange, but not that weird
  • The last Update to half life was back in 2013. A little after they finished adding linux support

DSP returns

  • Glad to see it back after the Alex Mauer meltdown.
  • Wonder if they had to swap out the soundtrack.

GILF /w friends

  • Aka the “I have no friends” update
  • Still have to do the force full screen thingy.
  • …wait, it was multiplayer ONLY…?

7 Day update

  • This critter has been in “Alpha” since 2013… just saying.

Another god game

Questionable Forces:

  • It used the Jedi game engine so if true, expect DOSBoxen.
    • Nothing wrong with that IMO
  • The open source engine reimplementation “XL Engine” seems to be Windows only, and dead in the water…

Butchered Demo


Multi Mesa

  • Should theoretically increase performance on cpu bound games
  • Since this is.similar to GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS they’ll require you to explicitly whitelist games
  • Would be nice if they just had an environment variable you could set.

Nüvulkan (381.26.08)

  • Several new extensions and some performance improvements.
  • A couple of the new extensions have win32 suffixes

Wine Staging

  • For those of you wondering when you’ll get TW3 on linux, this release of WINE’ll have do for you
  • This also seems to sort all the things the official release borked.

Speaking of emulation

  • Oh man, the weeaboos are gonna be so happy!
  • The progress of this project continues to just astound me
  • The changes aren’t in mainline release, but still
  • Interesting about the threads…


  • Looks like the IOQuake guys pulled a strider and “borrowed” ickybutts’ code
  • Ickybutts wrote it for IOQuake
  • …still not live…

HTML5 Madness

  • Looks really good for an HTML5 game
  • “Our goal is to make the be available worldwide before the end of 2018.”
    • They also have no plans for a beta period at this time.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: StarCrawlers
Devel: Juggernaut Games
Engine: Unity
Price: $19.99

Wazzat: StarCrawlers is a modern take on a classic cRPG dungeon crawler set in a gritty spacepunk universe. Build a crew of renegade adventurers on the fringes of space, taking jobs from megacorps to hunt bounties, sabotage rivals and conduct corporate espionage.

Mandatory Disclosure: They provided keys.

Makes with the working



  • Even the NVME drive can’t stop the unity bluescreen of nope!


  • That blue screen sure takes its time…


Shiny / Sounds







  • Uuuuuuuuuuuugh this thing does the one move at a time business.
  • Yeah, everything else works but F U for doing that.


  • Back in the day, the frame by frame scene increment was a limitation of the technology
  • Attempting to modernize it with FPS elements just makes it weird
  • Also, hotkeys are all over the damn place





  • It’s turn based so yeah, dead to me out of the box.
  • Why in the holy hell can’t the baddies keep the same background they are fighting in?
  • Nothing here I have not hated on before aside from the grid-based movement in 3D.


  • It’s not a bad little cyberpunk themed dungeon crawler
  • I do have a few nitpicks though. The “dungeons” are all pretty much the same. Props for giving excuses for engineers and hackers to be on the team though
  • Everything else is pretty standard RPG fare, which I enjoy
  • Also there are drunk robots. They’re aware they can’t drink, but they’re still drunk nonetheless
  • Some of the humour does fall flat, but there’s at least an attempt at some writing
  • Haven’t progressed far enough to find out what the corps will do to you if you piss them off too much
  • Since we’re not getting grimrock 2, this’ll have to do



Final –

Hate Mail:




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