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Updates on Travel Tech, Microsoft Surface Announcements and Waze Carpools - HGG418

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Full show notes, transcriptions, audio and video at http://theAverageGuy.tv/hgg418

Will all the recruiting travel that Jim has been doing lately, we take a look at what is working and what is not around travel tech. We talk some about all the new hardware that was announced recently from Microsoft a...

Jay Mattison from Tek Everything - HGG417

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Full show notes, transcriptions, audio and video at http://theAverageGuy.tv/hgg417

We were joined by Jay Mattison from https://tekeverything.com/. Jay is a Youtuber who passionate about small form factor PC and all things tech. We spend some time getting to know Jay and find out that he is also a ga...

Ryan Kerschner from ThinkComputers with Reviews on SilverStone and InWin PC Cases - HGG416

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Full show notes and video at http://theAverageGuy.tv/hgg416

Ryan Kerschner from ThinkComputers.org and a long time listener to Home Gadget Geeks (and the Home Server Show before that) joins us to talk reviews on PC Cases and a Fanless Mini Desktop PC. We look at the SilverStone LD03 Case (links in t...

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig for Corn Hole Boards, Making Perfect Ice Balls and Battery Powered Generators - HGG415

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Mike has taken on a second job with building Corn Hole Boards out of his garage this fall and working Hannah as the head painter. We spend some time talking about Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs and how Mike is using them. We also looked at $5000 fridge that will make clear ice balls for you as well a window...

Ross Brand from Livestream Universe and How to Optimize Your Content on YouTube - HGG414

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Full show notes and video at http://theAverageGuy.tv/hgg414

Ross Brand from Livestream Universe and LivestreamUniverse.com joined us to talk about the state of livestreaming. We talk about where the industry has been and where it might be going. We spend the majority of the show talking about YouTub...

Cody Wheat from Shots of History Podcast - HGG413

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Cody Wheat, the voice behind Shots of History joins us this week for an interesting conversation centered around the beer, wine and spirits industry as well has how LibDib is trying to change the way spirits are distributed in the United States. We also talk about making better ice and then Jim and...

Erin Lawrence and Her Custom #vanlife Build - HGG412

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Erin Lawrence is back with us this week as we talk about her new van! She took a 2006 Sprinter Van and built it out as a camper van. Complete with power, USB outlets, ventilation, lights, water, refrigeration and some sweet living space, you will hear what she learned during the process. We also ope...

Mike is Hamming it Up with Amateur Radio, Hands on Review - HGG411

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Jim opens the show with a quick hands on review of his new Govee Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer that he picked up to try to get better control over the wooden humidor he has for his cigars. Mike spent the rest of the time going over a basic Ham radio set up. I think you will enjoy the show...

Edward Weniger is Back with Facebook Libra and a Crypto Update - HGG410

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We are joined by Edward Weniger from AlphaBTC for our annual update on the Blockchain, Bitcoin and Facebook Libra. We always enjoy having Edward with us and he did not disappoint. I think you will enjoy the show...

Grill and BBQ Show, Summer 2019 - HGG409

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Mark Robson joins us this week as we talk all things BBQ and Grill! From a new pellet Pizza oven, to a new smoking tube for Jim to try, to some new and old recipes to try and even a little doggie tech, we have it all! Packed into 80 minutes you will not want to miss! I think you will enjoy the show...
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