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Geek of the North – Technology of everything, one episode at a time.

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That’s all Folks! – GOTN063

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I am retiring this show as of this episode. I've done 7 episodes in the last 2 years and that is not nearly enough. So I'm focusing on the shows that I can be consistent with.

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Would You Search for Chatbots if Available?

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You probably didn’t wake up this morning with this burning question on your mind. If fact, we’ve been pondering it all day and still haven’t decided it’s relevance in the world of digital marketing. But there is definitely some validity I considering a Chatbot (aka Conversational Commerce) f...

Broadcast TV – Cord Cutting Rant

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Mike talks about Cord Cutting. The FCC not requiring TV (or radio) to cover the city of license and how, Up North here, he can't even get his local TV station with a 50foot tall antenna and how that is not right...

Why total a perfectly good car?

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I had a little adventure with my Wife's car a while back and put some small dents and scratches in it. We had full coverage insurance on the car so the insurance company decided to total it. Doesn't make any sense to me so I bought it back from the insurance company...

In Search of a Driver – Did I Ever Tell You How Much I Hate Windows?

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Today I tell the story of trying to program a Ham Radio with my old Windows laptop. Needless to say, it was a lot harder than it should have been!...

Throw-away Tech

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Sometimes you get something that lasts a long time, and sometimes you just throw it away. Most technology today is throw away and not repairable. When is the last time you had a TV repaired?...

iOS10 Broke my iPad’s Charging?

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After updating my iPad, it would no longer charge while plugging it into my car. Do you think this is a money grab by Apple, or an honest mistake by some developer...

A Basic Overview of how Air Traffic Control Works

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Today Mike gives a BASIC overview of how Air Traffic Control works.

We take a fictional flight on Acme Airlines Flight 123 from Traverse City international Airport (fictional) to Detroit Airport (Fictional).


Links mentioned in the show:

No Fly Zones & Temporary Flight Restrictions – Super Bowl 50

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Today Mike talks about No Fly Zones, Temporary Flight Restrictions and what to do if you are intercepted. If you plan on flying your airplane anywhere around the Super Bowl this weekend, be aware!...

Time and Clocks

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Today Mike takes a look at time and the machines and technology used to keep time, plus, a little soapbox :)...
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