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GNC #1188 Artificial Intelligence - Geek News Central (Video)

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Artificial Intelligence has the opportunity to make us extinct if we are not careful. I look at how Elon Musk is in one hand scared of the technology and on the other investing and starting a company, who’s sole focus will to make all of us Hybrids so we can keep up with sentient artificial in...

GNC #1187 Apple Hacked? - Geek News Central (Video)

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Was Apple Hacked? That is the question a lot of people are asking especially when fingers are being pointed at third parties. The question I would like to ask is what third parties have access to my AppleID? I thought Apple controlled the entire food chain. How does a third party get access to my Ap...

GNC #1186 Fake Data - Geek News Central (Video)

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First, it was Fake News now it’s Fake Data and the implications are quite sobering if your think about the potential to ruin just about anything that has a data set behind it. Farmers, Bankers, Industrial the list goes on with groups that make decisions based on massive data sets. All it take...

GNC #1185 Truck Drivers are Endangered Species! - Geek News Central (Video)

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Truck Drivers listening to this show will be compelled to tell me I am wrong. But mark my words in 10 years, the trucking business is going to be transformed. If my livelihood depended on trucking I would be looking to be in the business of providing the last 20 mile services that are going to be ne...

GNC #1184 Is Google Home Stupid? - Geek News Central (Video)

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I discuss in greater detail tonight about the cautionĀ of trusting Google Home, and what appears to be some cleanup occurring by Google to reduce the number of false news sites. Plus a whole stack of news. Was hoping to do a play by play of a SpaceX launch but they had to scrub due to high winds ton...

GNC #1183 Alien Light Flashes - Geek News Central (Video)

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Are alien light flashes powering alien starships? That is the hypothesis of some scientist who are trying to figure out what these brilliant lite flashes are. Plus all the tech news you can handle today from a 100% wiped out host.

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GNC #1182 Russian Extortion - Geek News Central (Video)

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It appears that there is a lot of Russian Extortion happening to liberal leaning organizations. This should be a lesson for all of us to remember that your email could be hacked at any moment and your entire email archive be on display for the whole world. Be careful folks. Lots of other tech news t...

GNC #1181 News Explosion - Geek News Central (Video)

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Massive News Explosion today this show is packed to the gills with content. I am very happy to be back and get the Ohana all caught up on the past 7 days. I also discuss my need for an assistant and what I am looking for in that. Enjoy the show, I had a great time doing it...

GNC #1180 Hoverbike on wish list! - Geek News Central (Video)

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I talk about a crazy Hoverbike that no one should be riding that I want. That and more as a reminder I am off to Tampa and then Orlando. If you miss the show be sure to check out some of the offerings on I will be back on Thursday next week.

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GNC #1179 Calling ET a Good Idea? - Geek News Central (Video)

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So we discuss the merits of Calling ET versus trying to find them first. The ramifications will likely never be known by all of us.. But who knows 300 years from now someone might show up. I also talk a bit about the MSM and the power they have over New Media creators...
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