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I Got My EyeQue Eye Exam at CES 2019 with VisionCheck, Insight

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In the old days, if you felt like your vision was going downhill, you had to go see the eye doctor and have them test your vision, which is pretty expensive, then you had to go to a specialized store to buy your glasses...

Sengled Smart LED 100W Bulb, LED 1200W Flood with Motion Sensor

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Smart lighting company Sengled has announced a new range of smart light bulbs for the home. The lineup includes the brightest smart light that you can buy, the Sengled Smart LED extra-bright 100W replacement bulb. This bulb is a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree in the Smart Home category thi...

Qualcomm Press Conference Highlights & 5G C-V2X Demo

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This year, Qualcomm’s press conference focused on one thing – 5G. Not only the 802.11ax Network, but also the new 802.11p with CV2X. During the event, we got a demonstration on how this new initiative can make better drivers, and save lives.

What is C-V2X...

Volo Go is First Cordless Hair Dryer Using Infrared Heat

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Update: Volo Go Kickstarter started today. 45% off those that back the Volo. 

Hair dryers can do more damage to your hair. You want to dry out your hair, yet want to keep it healthy as possible. That is where Volo comes in. I talk with Ryan Goldman about Volo – a new hair dryer that will...

X-Tempo POK Wireless Foot Controller Setup and Review

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X-Tempo Design pok BLE Foot COntrolled DAW

Creating music or video can be a tough project, especially if you are doing it on your own. Bringing in extra hardware so you can make the task easier helps – especially if you need to be as precise as possible. X-Tempo Design has a product to help...

Titler Live 4 Broadcast on an Intel NUC for Livestreams

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When you are live streaming on one device, there are so many things that can go wrong. Add in more software and you’ve got a computer that is maxing out process. Of course, many people are streaming to YouTube or Facebook, and trying to record the video as a backup. That is why I’ve work...

The 12 Days of Wishmas – Last Minute Gifts for Friends, Family, Yourself

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Made In Korea MIK 2018 Highlights Startups in South Korea

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I was honored to be asked by Aving News to not only cover, but also judge the startups in South Korea. For the week, I was treated to sights and sounds, then treated to companies with neat ideas and cool products...

Petica Pet Food Receptacles with an IoT Touch

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Company KSRM is getting into IoT for your pet through their food and water bowls. The company is launching Petica through a crowdfund to build the next interactive pet feeder.

How Petica Pet Receptacles...

VR for Museums, Classrooms with Dataking

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Dataking has already been implementing VR for museums. This company has been working on making enviroments of learning. At Smart Content Business Summit in South Korea, I sit down with Sunstar Park and Wayne Him to talk about what the product does and their plans for 2019.

What is Dataking?...
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