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Epiphan Webcaster x2 Unbox and Configure – How I’m Going to Use it - Geekazine

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Streaming to Facebook and YouTube is getting easier. I feel even more proud when I can make it look better with production behind it. But I know that sometimes you just need to hook the camera up and stream or record. With the Epiphan Webcaster x2, I can stream to either YouTube, Facebook, or the Cl...

ViCoustic Designer FlatPanel VMT for Acoustic Sound Control - Geekazine

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What if your sound panels held a design? What if your video background didn’t look like wood, or brick anymore. Designer sound panels and sound rooms are what ViCoustic does.

ViCoustic Flat Panel VMT...

Epiphan Video Pearl Mini - Geekazine

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Our friends at Epiphan joined us at Geekazine LIVE Infocomm 2018 to talk about all the cool products They released. This includes the new Pearl Mini recorder.

About Epiphan Pearl Mini

This is an all-in-one system for your livestream needs. We saw the mini at NAB during Geekazine LIVE. This week, the...

Learning Glass Light Board Keeps Your Eyes Forward - Geekazine

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In a class room, when the teacher turns to the chalk board (or white board), they cannot see if a student is getting confused with what they are writing. In a video, who wants to continually see the presenter’s back? Learning Glass creates a great solution with the Learning Glass Light Board &...

PTZOptics Producer Kit - Geekazine

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If you want to start your own video show, or your job asks you to put a video rig together for recording or live streaming content, then PTZOptics has a system for you. Paul came back on Geekazine LIVE at Infocomm to talk about their Producer Kit – This is a solution that gives you everything...

Catch Box Throwable Microphone Creates Engagement - Geekazine

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Getting an audience engaged sometimes is not easy to do. Putting a microphone in the middle of the room for people to walk up to sometimes gets annoying, mostly because others will chime in who don’t want to walk all the way to the mic.

Enter in Catch Box...

XKeys Programmable Keys - Geekazine

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XKeys joined Geekazine LIVE at Infocomm 2018 to show off their offerings for programmable keypads. The XKeys system allows you to create shortcuts and macros onto one button so you can make your workflow easier...

PTZOptics 30x SDI Camera - Geekazine

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Paul Richards came on Geekazine Live to talk about PTZOptics newest camera, the 30x. Meant for churches, or larger halls, this camera can optically zoom in closer to capture the action.

The SDI 30x is the same technology as the 20x gen2, just the optics have changed. Therefore, you can get the same...

Sunbrite TV Takes the TV Outside at Infocomm 18 - Geekazine

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Taking a television outside is easy, but mounting, and keeping that TV in working conditions 365 days a year becomes the challenge. The store bought TV is not intended to be used like that. Enter in Sunbrite TV – a division of Snap AV. A company that installs A/V solutions outside...

Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI, Line of Capture Cards at Infocomm 2018 Live - Geekazine

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Amy Zhou joined me on Geekazine Live to talk about the current line of Magewell capture cards. From USB capture devices, to pro 2k and 4k capture cards.

Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI

The highlight of the show was Magewell’s new Ultra Stream HDMI – a standalone recording and streaming encode...
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