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Playing Chess with Gary Kasparov Before the Walkers Attacked

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While I was at SXSW, I was asked to come get footage for a chess match between Gary Kasparov, and 10 others. But what happened next really made my day. The 10th person did not show up, so I ended up playing in the spot! Of course, not prepared, I didn’t do that well, but it was still an ho...

OTUS Vision Goggles Help Work Out Your Eyes While You Watch TV

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I used to do Eyerobics – a theory that if you work out your eyes, you will have better eyesight in the years to come. Some of the exercises made it tougher to stick on a regime, so I stopped. As I get older, I start to think on what I need to do to keep my eyes in good heath. So...

Inner Garden from Ullo World is Zen

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CES innovations can be anywhere. Not just through the latest technology, but also bringing old and new together. Take Ullo World, for example. A CES Innovation Award Honoree.

The Inner Garden is an enterprising adventure into extended reality. The Inner Garden combines kinetic sand with a projec...

Hooke Verse 3D Audio Brings Binaural Recording to your Phone

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Recording video through a phone is a great way to capture the moment, but sometimes the audio experience gets lost. With binaural recording, the sound expands, and the experience increases. 

Anthony Mattana at Hooke audio wanted to make a simple device to give you that binaural experience...

Korean Startups at CES IP&PIMS, Chang Dae Tech, Construction Machine Simulator, Protostar

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This is part 1 of a 2 part video. 

I was asked by to judge 8 of the Korean startups that came to CES 2019 to present and get noticed by investors and companies. In this first video, we look at the following 4 companies: 


PreSonus Studio Series USB-C Interface Mixers for Recording Needs

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As a musician, podcaster, and live streamer, I use PreSonus interfaces for my portable needs. At NAMM, PreSonus has updated the line with USB-C interfaces, along with bringing you 192 kHz sample rates, 24 bit, and even MIDI options. ...

Petronics Mousr is a Toy for Your Cat

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Your cat is going to love the Petronics Mousr. This fun gadget plays with your cat. It lets you use your mobile device to play with and stimulate your pet.

Maybe you are too busy to give your cat the proper playtime. Maybe you’re just lazy and want a better way to do it. No pr...

BopPad Shows a Different E-Drum Setup

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In the last few years, I’ve been working on different ways a drum set can be put together. With electric drums, you can do so much more. Take, for example, this e-drum setup at the Keith McMillen Instruments booth. They were showing off their BopPad smart fabric drum, while bringing in a d...

Aurai Eye Water Massager

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If you need a good eye massage and also want to look like Cyclops from the X-Men, Aurai has just thing for you. The funny thing is that when you turn this device on the light in the front slit makes it look even more sci-fi. It’s a water-based eye unit that uses distilled water a...

HP Reinventing SMB Printing with Office Jet Pro 8025, 8035, 9015, 9025, Premier

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I went to New York a couple weeks ago to learn about a new set of Office Jet Pro printers that HP was releasing. We also learned more about why HP was releasing them, and that is simply to give SMBs more functional printers that can do more than just print...
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