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Foldable Phones: 5 Tech Things You Should Know Before Getting One

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Welcome to the 5 tech things you should know. This is a reboot to a show I did years ago. We’ve revamped the show for a more evergreen feel, but I hope this will be a great way for you to understand what’s happening in Technology...

First Look: Samsung Fold 5G Mobile Phone at Samsung D’Light

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I’m in Seoul, South Korea this week for MIK 2019-9 with some time to head to the Samsung campus. The campus is in the heart of Gangnam district, and has a walkable mall, where you can go to Samsung D’Light.

More Than Just Phones...

VR Bike Prototype by VR Carver at Seongnam SMC

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This week, I’m in Korea for the Seongnam International Medical Tourist Convention, learning about some startups in the medical field. One of these companies is VR Carver, a group that specializes in VR sports. Soccer, golf, and other extreme VR sports, including an intuitive Bobsled simulator...

What’s on Dane Brehm’s DIT Cart with Kingston

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The DIT Cart

While at Cine Gear 2019, I met up with my friends at Kingston Technologies to find out a little more about the conversation I had with Dane Brehm at NAB. We saw a little bit of his Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) cart, but at Cinegear, we could delve a little deeper into what he us...

DJI Osmo Action First Look

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While at Cine Gear 2019, I got my first look at the DJI Osmo Action – their first 4K non-gimbal action camera. We even put the SD card into that camera and took a small walk around the stage.

DJI Osmo Action...

Cooking in My Garage with the Hestan Cue Smart Cooktop

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In Wisconsin, we love to cook outside. When the weather is warm, or cold, we’re out cooking burgers, brats, cheese, and yes – even beer! So the Hestan Cue is the perfect thing for us, as we can prepare food for the grill and not heat up the kitchen doing so...

X-Keys One Button for Single Actions

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X-Keys is a great product for if you need a hotkey system for your devices. The keys are customizable, and you can also put in jog wheels, joysticks, and other items.

Last year, I interviewed X-Keys on the live show. This year, I stopped at the booth to find out what’s new. And that is &#...

The Setup (and Gear) in the Geekazine Studio 2019

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I’ve had a studio in my house since 2009. From the basement, to the spare bedroom, I’ve created thousands of audio and video recordings that have been enjoyed millions of times around...

LitraPro and Accessories Unboxing

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My friends at got me the LitraPro and accessories to check out. In this video, I’ll unbox the following items:

* LitraPro LED Light* Soft Box adapter* Barn door adapter* Honeycomb adapter* Color filter adapter

About Litra Pro...

Insta360 One X, Titan 360 VR Video Cameras

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Editors Note: 2D Version on podcast. Watch the VR version on YouTube.

Insta360 was as Cine Gear 2019, showing off their new Titan camera – a $15,000 VR camera that can shoot up to 11K. I took this opportunity to also really look at the Insta360 One X.

About the Insta360...
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