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VIZIO 36 inch Premium Home Theater Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos - Geekazine

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VIZIO announced their new line of Home Theater Sound Bar systems with Dolby Atmos. I’ve had the 36 inch home theater for the last month, learning more about this great system and all the features it offers. I paired it with my VIZIO 50 inch TV to use the optical, along with HDMI ARC features,...

AuAg Sous Vide Water Immersion Cooker – What is it and How to Cook Sous Vide? - Geekazine

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Preparing food for a fast lifestyle is difficult sometimes. You end up getting a burger and fries, or take out. Small kitchens can also play a part in your cooking habits, and trying to entertain friends for parties can be tricky. Sous Vide is a great way to prepare food, and the process has been ar...

iRig Acoustic Stage and MEMS Pickup by IK Multimedia - Geekazine

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IK Multimedia makes innovative solutions for the musician in digital and acoustic fashions. The iRig Acoustic is one of those great devices that change the way your guitar sounds. Add to it the Amplitube Acoustic app, and you can give your stringed instrument a new sound.

iRig Acoustic Pickup...

How to Record 4-Panel Video in Wirecast to Edit Later - Geekazine

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Wirecast is a great way to switch live. It’s also a great way to record now, edit later. But what if you want to record multiple cameras now, and edit later? I show you two ways you can do that with 4-panel recording.

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Youtube TV vs. DirecTV NOW vs Spectrum Cable TV: The Throwdown - Geekazine

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Cutting the cord is a lot easier, and YouTube wants you to watch through them. But there are other options in services that have been around for years. I pit YouTube TV up against two terrestrial services – AT&T DirecTV NOW and Spectrum TV.

Cable TV Offering...

iUniker 9-Layer Raspberry Pi Case Setup - Geekazine

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I’ve been working on a Pi Project for a media streamer. Since getting the newer Raspberry Pi 3B+, I wanted to put it in a case with proper ventilation. That is why I went for the iUniker Pi case. But it was a small challenge to get together...

Neewer Foldable LED Lights for Studio Chroma Key Screen - Geekazine

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Last year, I purchased my first fabric LED light for the travel streaming case. It has lowered my bag weight – so I can put in more gear, it’s easy to assemble, and – most important – it’s easy to affix to walls and bend for a better splay of light. So when I decided to...

Panasonic Introduces the AW-UE150 PTZ 4k Camera - Geekazine

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While at Infocomm 2018, I checked in with Panasonic and the cool things they were doing at the booth. I saw an emmersive gaming projection unit, a video wall with interaction, their education area – containing digital whiteboards and video systems to stream and record. But as a video guy, I wa...

Fantom Drives XBox One Storage Hub Unbox and Install - Geekazine

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I use my XBox more for media than I do games. But with the 500 GB drive inside this device, I kept the media on another drive. Fantom Drives has a solution to that, plus give me more USB options for keyboards, external drives and more. We’ll be unboxing and installing the XBox One Storage Hub...

How to Use Wirecast to Create IGTV (Instagram TV) Content Quick and Easy – - Geekazine

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I love streaming software programs. They can make my job easier by letting me create content live, as well as recorded for later posting. Just a couple weeks ago, Instagram stepped up their videos with IGTV – or Instagram TV. For most, you can record up to a 10 minute video, then post to the s...
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