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GL.iNet Slate (AR750S) Router Unbox and Setup

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I travel with video gear for live streams. Therefore, packing as much gear, and keeping under 50 lbs per bag is critical. So when items are small, and light-weight, I love it. Case in point, the GL.iNet Slate. A travel router that I can use in multiple ways.

About the GL.iNet Slate...

AverMedia Live Gamer Mini Captures Video in 1080p 60fps

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Getting into live streaming is something you might be thinking of. Whether it for gaming, your new YouTube or Twitch channel, even some Facebook Live, or LinkedIn Live. With a lot of USB options, AverMedia is one of the top options out there. The Live Gamer Mini is a capture device that will wor...

Switcher Studio Adding Cloud Asset Manager, Facebook Comments

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At NAB, I talked with the folks at Switcher Studio – a switching software device that loads up on your iPad, and iPhones, to create a multi-camera environment. I talk with Mark about this program, and all the updates for 2019.

New Features at Switcher Studio...

Kiloview NDI Solutions for Video

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While at NAB, I learned about the company Kiloview, and their NDI encoder solutions for video. Their N and E solutions allow for HDMI or SDI signals into an NDI receiving device. 

The E series is wired, while the N series is portable wireless.  Each device sends up to 1080p signals, and full H...

MultiCAM Systems Automates the Process

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Everyone wants live video, but the problem is they’re in confined spaces, and don’t have the ability for production crews to come in every time to shoot, record, and stream out. That is where MultiCAM Systems comes in. They can bring a live camera solution into a radio show, conferen...

What’s Fake and What’s Real on

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For the last few months, I’ve been keeping tabs on– a website that sells items at apparently wholesale prices. Many have found knockoff products on this site, and I am no different. In this video, I go through the items I bought, what turned out to be fake, and some thoughts if...

ArmorATD Mobile Pro NVMe is a Rugged Hard Drive with Speed

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If you’re looking for a rugged, all-terrain portable hard drive, then G-Technology has just what you desire in the ArmorATD. It’s an outdoor drive for your outdoor lifestyle. Filmmakers, photographers, and all professions where you have to be out in the elements will get use out of t...

iRig Micro Amp from IK Multimedia

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Sometimes you need an amp to practice with. Something super portable with enough power to hear yourself. That is where the iRig micro amp from IK Multimedia comes in. You can plug in, and play. 

About the iRig Micro Amp...

Jammy is a Practice Guitar with Real Strings and MIDI Control

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Practice guitars come in all shapes and sizes, but I like them when they feel like a regular guitar. That is what Jammy does – gives you that real guitar feel while being able to compact itself down for travel situations. And not an acoustic guitar, either. Full electric guitar (or acousti...

IK Multimedia Axe I/O Audio Interface

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The products at IK Multimedia continue to get better and better with time. Pioneering guitar effect and amp modeling, you can now create any tone from a Mac or PC. And the interfaces allow you to connect. 

IK Multimedia Axe I/O...
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