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Cooking in My Garage with the Hestan Cue Smart Cooktop


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Cooking in My Garage with the Hestan Cue Smart Cooktop

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Cooking in My Garage with the Hestan Cue Smart Cooktop

In Wisconsin, we love to cook outside. When the weather is warm, or cold, we’re out cooking burgers, brats, cheese, and yes – even beer! So the Hestan Cue is the perfect thing for us, as we can prepare food for the grill and not heat up the kitchen doing so.

Pros – Hestan Cue Cooktop
  • Easy to make your favorite foods
  • Step-by-Step instructions
  • Cook almost anywhere
  • App teaches you more than just cooking with the Hestan Cue
Cons – Hestan Cue Cooktop
  • Pans will move around – make sure burner is level
  • App not available on Fire Tablet (even though sold on Amazon)
  • Price

Warnings and Disclaimers Disclaimer: I did not get paid to review, but I did get product for review. You can review the policy here.  

This product does get hot, and could cause fire hazards. Make sure you have all necessary precautions nearby, cook in well ventilated areas, and proper supervision while cooking.

About the Hestan Cue Smart Cooktop

The Hestan Cue helps simplify cooking with using your cookware to tell you what to do. The Bluetooth connected cook-top, pans, and pots connect to your iOS or Android device, then guide you to making the perfect dinner.

The cooktop uses Induction cooking, heating the pans with magnetic induction. Inside the pan is a sensor, that communicates with the app, and the cooktop.

This cooktop also uses 1,500W of power, which is similar to a space heater. An electric range uses 1,000W. So it won’t save you on electricity, but it’s more about mobility than anything.

The Hestan Cue App

Once you’ve connected your phone or tablet, open the app. You will be guided through many different recipes to make the perfect dinner on the Hestan Cue. They even have step-by-step instructions for cooking or grilling without using the cooktop.

Last year I reviewed the AuAg Sous Vide Immersion Cooker. There are recipes for bringing both items together!

The app runs on iOS or Android devices (not on Fire tablets, unless you side-load the Google Play store).

The Good, the Bad, and the Tasty…

In the video, I cook an egg – sunny-side up – and steak – pink, and juicy – on the Cue using the step-by-step instructions. I was impressed how easy it was to do, and learned a couple things on how to prep your food.

I did notice the pan moving around on the cooktop. Making sure this device is level is a good idea, but would love to see Hestan Cue make some type of rough surface to avoid the movement.

When you make beer brats, that can stink up a kitchen. Having the boiling sausages next to the grill keeps the smell out, the kitchen cool (on hot days), and the brats easily transportable to the grill.

The Hestan Cue – Starting at $399

Get the Cue here – More information from

I’ve already heard some rumblings on the price, but this is a convenience item for cooking. Put it in the RV for rainy day pancakes, or on the picnic table to fry up that fish you just caught, scaled, and filet.

Or an impossible burger for those vegetarians out there…


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