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The Setup (and Gear) in the Geekazine Studio 2019


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Geekazine Review

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: For the Geek in all of us

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The Setup (and Gear) in the Geekazine Studio 2019

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The Setup (and Gear) in the Geekazine Studio 2019

I’ve had a studio in my house since 2009. From the basement, to the spare bedroom, I’ve created thousands of audio and video recordings that have been enjoyed millions of times around.

And with that, several times a year I get asked what gear I use in the studio. Gear I use only tells part of the story, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you the rest.

In this video, I go over the studio, what cameras I have in it currently, and some new features I set up this last week to get you better shots of product reviews.

You can see all the gear on my Amazon List.

PTZ Cameras

The two cameras I have in-studio right now are the PTZOptics SDI-20x, and the AVer CAM520. Most of my cameras are Sony Handycam – because of their ease of use.

The CAM520 is in for a review, which I found has helped me make some decisions of scene settings. I began adding desk shots into the video.

The PTZOptics camera is the overview shot – when I have a product in-studio, it will capture the item, along with me unboxing, or reviewing.

The Audio

On my left is the QSC Touchmix 16, a powerful mixer that does most of the audio work.

It’s the size of a laptop, but has all the effects, compressors, and gates I need to create audio for the stream. Although it doesn’t connect to a computer, it does connect to a drive for track recording.

I then take it with me for gigs with the band. It’s a very versatile device.

The headset I use comes from Amazon seller JK. I also found a company – Micronic – on eBay who sells a similar headset.

These mics are great for getting vocals, but also can be problematic in controlling at times. The QSC does a great job setting up a standard mic setting, and I do the rest.

Audio comes in via analog in. I have devices that also bring in audio digitally, but for what I do, this is perfect.

The Extras

When the Handycam is set up, I run a Blackmagic 4k Decklink Mini Recording PCIe card. I also use the NewTek Connect Spark for bringing in other computers, my XBox, or an iPad.

I also use the Elgato Stream Deck XL to control my computers and all the video processing they do. An Intel NUC with NewBlueFX Titler Live controls graphics, and the second computer live streams to Twitch and YouTube.

Of course, the video will show you what I do to make the doughnuts, er… videos.


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