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LitraPro and Accessories Unboxing


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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LitraPro and Accessories Unboxing

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LitraPro and Accessories Unboxing

My friends at got me the LitraPro and accessories to check out. In this video, I’ll unbox the following items:

  • LitraPro LED Light
  • Soft Box adapter
  • Barn door adapter
  • Honeycomb adapter
  • Color filter adapter

About Litra Pro

This is a LED light that can produce up to 1200 lumens. You can adjust light level, and temperature – which goes from 3,000K to 6000K.

The LitraPro is waterproof, and has a 70 degree beam angle. The light can run for 10+ hours on low input, or 45 minutes at 100%.

The Bluetooth control allows you to connect the light via phone. That way, if you have the light set up high, it can be adjusted for your needs without getting on a ladder.

The base unit costs $219.95, and can be purchased here. Also, check out Litra’s website for the LitraPro.


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