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MultiCAM Systems Automates the Process


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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MultiCAM Systems Automates the Process

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MultiCAM Systems Automates the Process

Everyone wants live video, but the problem is they’re in confined spaces, and don’t have the ability for production crews to come in every time to shoot, record, and stream out. That is where MultiCAM Systems comes in. They can bring a live camera solution into a radio show, conference, or home studio and give you an all-in-one system that uses AI to switch cameras, while you be the best you are in front of the camera. 

What is MultiCAM Systems?

The company was founded to give radio a live aspect. Rather than setting up a webcam for everyone to watch through. MultiCAM is a series of PTZ and static cameras that can set up scenes of the hosts, guests, and products. 

When the host talks, the system will recognize, and switch to them. When the guest talks, it will do the same. Using MultiCAM Tracking, the host will not have to do much when interacting with the live stream system. 

If a host wants to control the scenes, they just have to use the touchscreen and joystick to make the adjustments and switches. 

This is a turn-key solution for those who don’t want to gather, test and deploy different equipment. 

I talk with my good friend, Jeff Adams, about this system, and who can utilize it. 


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