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Qualcomm Press Conference Highlights & 5G C-V2X Demo


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Qualcomm Press Conference Highlights & 5G C-V2X Demo

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Qualcomm Press Conference Highlights & 5G C-V2X Demo

This year, Qualcomm’s press conference focused on one thing – 5G. Not only the 802.11ax Network, but also the new 802.11p with CV2X. During the event, we got a demonstration on how this new initiative can make better drivers, and save lives.

What is C-V2X

This stands for “Cellular Vehicle 2 Everything”. The idea is simple: A vehicle uses multiple sensor information to determine if another car, or person will cross your path, and help you handle with that situation.

So if you cross the street, the oncoming car will detect, and react.

Using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform with X50 5G Modem

Patrick Little, SVP and GM, Automotive of Qualcomm Technologies took the stage to talk more on smart transportation. Working with leading automakers, Qualcomm is bringing their technologies into vehicles so there is one standard across the board and the technology can do the job it’s created to do: communicate intent.

Think about it: If your car knows where it’s going, and it communicates with the car next to you, it can anticipate the other car moving over a lane to turn left on first street. No more second guessing, no more road rage.

Nakul Duggal brought the harsh reality to the stage: $1.35 Million people die each year on the roads, world-wide. Transportation costs $305 Billion in the U.S. alone. 28% of all carbon emissions are from transportation.

C-V2X helps us save more than just lives.

Don Butler, Executive Director of Ford Connected Vehicle Platform and Products, elaborates more on what C-V2X can do.

Any person or vehicle holding a smart device can be detected and monitored as the car is passing by it. People crossing the street can help warn the driver. Corners with blind-spots can cross intersections knowing another car is not barreling down the road. Cars can even have “situational awareness”, which can help determine a course of action if a problem arises.

Automotive Assistance: When Alexa is Involved.

You may laugh now, but voice assistance to do simple tasks can keep your hands on the wheel even more. While Qualcomm is not partial to any brand of voice recognition, they did add Amazon Alexa to the demonstration. From maps, to entertainment while driving, even becoming aware of potential issues.

Demonstration C-V2X Car

Yes, during the demonstration, there was an outburst from Alexa. But during the press conference, Qualcomm demonstrated how you can start the car using voice and biometrics, organize the LCD displays for driver and passenger, and even get alerts if a pedestrian or other car is approaching.

In all, C-V2X is a powerful way to keep you driving safe and sound. It can determine where other people and vehicles are going, so it can make more accurate predictions. It can also be a better assistant from managing your playlist, to taking calls, or even helping you with your daily routines.


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