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VR for Museums, Classrooms with Dataking


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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VR for Museums, Classrooms with Dataking

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VR for Museums, Classrooms with Dataking Dataking VR

Dataking has already been implementing VR for museums. This company has been working on making enviroments of learning. At Smart Content Business Summit in South Korea, I sit down with Sunstar Park and Wayne Him to talk about what the product does and their plans for 2019.

What is Dataking?

Dataking is a company that focuses on 360 education and commerce. They are already working with museums around South Korea to build experiences for those who cannot go. The Korean National Museum can be seen through a pair of VR goggles using Dataking software.

As you navigate through the app, certain hotspots will open up photos, video, and more, educating you on the topic at hand.

The company is working to bring more education through VR and AR.

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