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AuAg Sous Vide Water Immersion Cooker – What is it and How to Cook Sous Vide?


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AuAg Sous Vide Water Immersion Cooker – What is it and How to Cook Sous Vide?

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AuAg Sous Vide Water Immersion Cooker – What is it and How to Cook Sous Vide?

Prepared via AuAg Sous Vide

Preparing food for a fast lifestyle is difficult sometimes. You end up getting a burger and fries, or take out. Small kitchens can also play a part in your cooking habits, and trying to entertain friends for parties can be tricky. Sous Vide is a great way to prepare food, and the process has been around for centuries. We look at the AuAg Sous Vide cooker, as I make myself some great food.

What is Sous Vide

Otherwise known as Cryovac, the term is french for “Under Vacuum”. The idea is to take all air out of the area and let the hot water cook the food. Taking out all air allows for a full immersion, so the food evenly cooks. The lack of air also keeps bacteria from growing on the food – perfect for cooking now, serving later.

This is a process that has been around for centuries. Of course, with technology comes smaller and better versions.

Advantages to Sous Vide

Heat immersion does not require a hot plate or stove. You can use a pot, or a plastic container that simply holds water at temperatures of up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also can tenderize tougher meats by cooking longer without overcooking. A 12 hour steak will be easier to cut into than a 6 hour steak.

Sous Vide vs. Slow Cooker

A slow cooker allows for you to make, then eat. A Sous Vide can do that, but also is easier to make, then store food for future meals.

The AuAg Sous Vide with Leakage Protection Switch

This cooker is a little larger than most Sous Vide devices on the market, but has a couple advantages. The Leakage Protection switch will protect from overload. The AuAg can cook for up to 99 hours if needed. This is perfect if you’re continually cooking different items. Keep in mind – you can have several items cooking if there is enough space.

The top display contains touch options, and a knob operated dashboard. simply hold down the menu button for 2 seconds, then turn the dial for the pre-set items. If you want to cook longer or shorter, hold down the time control, then change the hours or minutes. Finally, you can change the temperature the same way for a faster or slower cook.

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