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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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iRig Acoustic Stage and MEMS Pickup by IK Multimedia - Geekazine

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iRig Acoustic Stage and MEMS Pickup by IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia makes innovative solutions for the musician in digital and acoustic fashions. The iRig Acoustic is one of those great devices that change the way your guitar sounds. Add to it the Amplitube Acoustic app, and you can give your stringed instrument a new sound.

iRig Acoustic Pickup iRig Acoustic MEMS pickup

A simple clip-on pickup that affixes to the bottom side of the sound hole. The pickup is a MicroElectrical-Mechanical System (MEMS) microphone. The microphone gives you a clear and concise audio capture. This is different than a piezzo pickup, adding a brighter sound. But if you have a piezzo pickup, this can add to your overall sound.

iRig Acoustic Stage iRig Acoustic Stage

The bodypack is a simple device that can focus on brightness or warmth. You can also choose between a metal or nylon string sound. A phase shift on-board allows for your guitar sound to get through. It also adds a digital feedback option to control the pickup from speakers or other possible stage issues. The pack ican also be connected via USB to a recording device.

iRig Amplitube Acoustic Amplitube Acoustic for iOS

This is the iOS software to model your guitar more. You can choose between solid state or tube amps, and get a host of pedals to give your acoustic guitar more life. I really like the Bass guitar, 12-string, and body modeler to make the guitar sound like a bassist is playing along. Amplitube is free, and comes with many in-app purchases, such as drummer, tuner, and track recorder. Get Amplitube Acoustic here.


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