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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Learning Glass Light Board Keeps Your Eyes Forward - Geekazine

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Learning Glass Light Board Keeps Your Eyes Forward

In a class room, when the teacher turns to the chalk board (or white board), they cannot see if a student is getting confused with what they are writing. In a video, who wants to continually see the presenter’s back? Learning Glass creates a great solution with the Learning Glass Light Board – where they can teach in a forward manner.

What is Learning Glass?

This uses the same technology Lighted erase marker boards use. Instead of a coated back glass, the presenter can see right through it. They simply write like they normally do. The camera flips the image to look like they have the ability to write backwards.

The students would watch the presentation on a screen with the image flipped. The presenter can control the light, so they can see more of the text, or presenter when needed.

Learning Glass offers a few options starting at $2,200. You get the tempered glass board with adjustable LED lights, and the software to run through your computer.

Learn More at Learning.Glass


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