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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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PTZOptics Producer Kit - Geekazine

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PTZOptics Producer Kit

If you want to start your own video show, or your job asks you to put a video rig together for recording or live streaming content, then PTZOptics has a system for you. Paul came back on Geekazine LIVE at Infocomm to talk about their Producer Kit – This is a solution that gives you everything you need to start a live stream, or recording session.

What is in the Producer Kit

PTZOptics camera, PTZOptics joystick, capture device, cables, and Skull Canyon NUC computer. You will need a computer monitor, keyboard/mouse (or laptop with Remote control options), and your favorite streaming software (like OBS, Wirecast, or vMix) to finish up the kit.

With a PTZOptics camera, you can set scenes so if your presenter moves, you can move with them. The joystick helps in getting a more precise move.

You can get your PTZOptics Producer Kit here.

Thanks to our friends at PTZOptics - affordable automated cameras for your video needs. Check out the full line of PTZOptics Devices. Also check out the Geekazine Video from NAB 2018 with Paul.


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