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Epiphan Webcaster x2 Unbox and Configure – How I’m Going to Use it - Geekazine


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Epiphan Webcaster x2 Unbox and Configure – How I’m Going to Use it - Geekazine

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Epiphan Webcaster x2 Unbox and Configure – How I’m Going to Use it

Streaming to Facebook and YouTube is getting easier. I feel even more proud when I can make it look better with production behind it. But I know that sometimes you just need to hook the camera up and stream or record. With the Epiphan Webcaster x2, I can stream to either YouTube, Facebook, or the Cloud through AVStudio. All within a few minutes.

How Webcaster x2 Works

This is a stand-alone unit that – with a push of a button – will stream to either YouTube, Facebook, or AVStudio in resolutions up to 1080p. The device can be wired, or run wireless with 2.4 Ghz wireless.

Connect a video camera (Web camera connection is available, but in BETA at this time), and configure your settings to stream out.

Connect Webcaster x2 for a Better Wirecast, OBS, or vMix Solution

If you can split out tasks to other devices, you find less choppiness, and better videos. The Webcaster is meant to do one thing – stream video. When you don’t have to put the load on your computer, the processor runs a little less.

How I’ll be Using the Webcaster x2 Next Week

Every year, I go to HPE Discover to record and stream the coffee talks. My travel machine is not as powerful as the home desktop, but with this modular setup, I can relieve the computer of all it’s tasks so it can switch video sources.

Another item in my gear bag this trip is the Blackmagic Video Assist. This device will be recording the video through the HDMI port. A cable will then go to the Webcaster x2, where it will be streaming to YouTube.

Here is where it gets cooler – I will be capturing the video on the home studio streaming computer, then sending that video through Geekazine LIVE on YouTube, and Twitch. Three places to watch the live action can help with traffic.

Cons of Webcaster x2

You will need a USB mouse and HDMI monitor when you need to reconfigure the device. Setting it up with the default Live stream will alleviate this, but if you do a lot of streaming – especially going from Facebook to YouTube – you’ll need to configure.

After recording the unbox video, I found the AV, MicroSD Card slot, and optical audio are not being used at this time. They are in the unit and active, so that leads me to believe it may be upgraded in the future.


Price of this device is $299.95, which is a good low-end alternative. Considering other devices like this will start at $1,500 or more, you could even get two webcaster x2 if you want to stream to YouTube and Facebook.

The AVStudio cloud service does more than re-aggregate the stream to other services. You could have clients receiving the video minutes after record, or editors taking the video to make highlights and feature episodes from their homes.

For more information, check out Epiphan’s website.

*Geekazine purchased this product.


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