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ETC Augment3d Adds AI to Lighting for Easy Control via Smartphone


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ETC Augment3d Adds AI to Lighting for Easy Control via Smartphone

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ETC Augment3d Adds AI to Lighting for Easy Control via Smartphone

While at Cine Gear 2019, I stopped by Electronic Theater Controls (ETC) to check out the Augment3d programming environment. This is a way for theater A/V geeks and live concert crews to plan, and control their lights, quick and easy.


By using AI from the smartphone, it can pick up what light you are looking at. Point the camera at the light, and you can even gain control of it’s functionality. Move it around, change color, or turn it off altogether.

The app will be updated with ARFR (or IRFR), in which you scan the light via barcode recognition, through the wand feature. Scanning the code will connect the device with Augment3d, so it can recognize lights. You can then move lights around, or have them snap into key postitions.

You will also be able to scan the emitting light at the floor, and the app will know which fixture it is coming from.

Eos v3.0 (ETC’s lighting software) adds Augment3d to the system. They took a page from the video game platform, 3D modeled the lighting environment, and gave it the same functionality… well, minus the zombies, monsters, and first-person shooters.

This update will be shipping out in Fall 2019. For more information, check out the ETC FAQ page.

Special shout out to founder Fred Foster, who passed away in February of this year. RIP.


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