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HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Mobile Printer Improves Print Quality, Augmented Reality - Geekazine


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HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Mobile Printer Improves Print Quality, Augmented Reality - Geekazine

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HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Mobile Printer Improves Print Quality, Augmented Reality hp-sprocket-2nd-gen

Whether your creating a scrapbook, giving photos for friends, or making real-time photos at weddings, birthdays, or other events, the HP Sprocket is a great portable printer for memories to be shared. Today, HP releases their 2nd edition of the HP Sprocket. With a redesigned look, updated app, and better printing options, this Sprocket will help you make, share, and post when you’re ready.

I was at HP Offices to check out the Tango X and Sprocket. We learned more about the products, and some of the cool things HP is doing with printing, including their 3D printing initiative.

New to the HP Sprocket 2nd Edition HP Sprocket – 1st and 2nd gen

The biggest difference is print quality. In pitting with the 1st generation Sprocket, I was able to notice simply through a side-by-side comparison how much more vibrant the photos are. The printer itself is thermal, so print speeds remain the same.

The device is redesigned so the HP logo is not standing out. They found from the community this device needs to look good over branding. A magnetic lid replaced the slide-lock lid from the earlier device.

Sprocket’s updated app sllows you to do more. A print queue was added, along with multiple printer connections. The Sprocket can be connected via iOS or Android, and multiple connections can be made to print from different devices (up to 3 at a time).

Three different styles of case – including Noir, Luna Pearl, and Blush – or simply make your own with pictures.

Add Augmented Reality to Photos

Another new feature is AR to Sprocket. Print a frame from your video, then when others move their devices over the photo, the video comes to life.

You can also add photo albums, and other items to bring your photos to life.

The Photo Wall

It’s rare that a product can help improve the look of the studio. With the new Sprocket and app, I’ve been transforming the look, while printing out all the fun photos I’ve taken for the last 11 years of Geekazine. From celebrity sightings, to product reviews, events Geekazine has covered, and more.

Sprocket 2nd gen. is $129.99 and available now (link soon). You can also get replacement paper starting at $4.99

In the Video

I talk about the Pros and Cons of this device, and run a couple comparisons with the 1st generation Sprocket.

Disclaimer: Product was supplied by HP, but all opinions of this review are that of Geekazine. Check out 


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