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What’s on Dane Brehm’s DIT Cart with Kingston


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Madison, WI

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What’s on Dane Brehm’s DIT Cart with Kingston

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What’s on Dane Brehm’s DIT Cart with Kingston

The DIT Cart

While at Cine Gear 2019, I met up with my friends at Kingston Technologies to find out a little more about the conversation I had with Dane Brehm at NAB. We saw a little bit of his Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) cart, but at Cinegear, we could delve a little deeper into what he uses to make cinematic masterpieces.

First, a little disclaimer: Kingston did bring me to this event. They had editorial rights on the video. No reviews were given at this time, this is simply a DIT cart walkthrough, and product information.

Powered by Kingston DC1000M Kingston Technologies DC1000M 3940GB NVMe SSD

In 3.8TB and 7.68TB sizes, this NVMe SSD is ready to capture 4K video at working speeds. This is a U.2 form factor SSD that Kingston states will offer 5x the performance of SATA SSD drives.

The drive can work solo, in something like the OWC Akitio enclosure, or in a RAID on a 2U rack. But for Thunderbolt 3 users, this drive will keep up with whatever you do.

Dane Brehm’s DIT Cart

When on set, Dane needs to not only watch 4K on set, but also do quality control, and to allow others to keep an eye on what’s being recorded. This needs to be in SDR and HDR formats.

The cart also has Hyper-X keyboard and mouse – which is perfect for not only DIT, but also gamers who need fast response times.

The camera attached to the cart is the Keslo ARRI Alexa LF, a large format sensor camera base.

The two screens on the cart are the Flanders Scientific DM350 (for SDR) and the FSI XM311k (for HDR)running through the AJA FS|HDR converter and AJA image analyzer.

The video then goes to the Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Studio Pro 2, and is recorded on Kingston SSD drives.

Other camera connectors will be found on the cart, along with cup holders, and “Rex”, the Kingston chyron mascot.

Dane has done DIT work for movies such as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Bright, Annibelle Comes Home, and much more. You can check out more work at

The ARRI Alexi LF vs. Geekazine Sony AX700


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