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Avatar Hotel in Santa Clara, CA Walkthrough to see How Geeky it is - Geekazine


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Avatar Hotel in Santa Clara, CA Walkthrough to see How Geeky it is - Geekazine

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Avatar Hotel in Santa Clara, CA Walkthrough to see How Geeky it is

On a recent trip to Sunnyvale, CA, we stayed at the Avatar Hotel – a themed hotel that screams geek. But was it geeky? Was it even a hotel?

Hotel vs. Motel – What’s the Difference?

According to the dictionary, a Motel (or Motor Hotel) is a place where the room doors face to the outside. A Hotel is where rooms are down a hallway. Now while the Avatar has doors going outside, the whole area is enclosed in a security gated area. While the security is better than a Motel, and the Avatar has more amenities, it still falls under that classification. But you make your own judgement.

What Makes the Avatar Hotel Geeky?

When you walk into the lobby, you are greeted with little wind-up toy robots. One even has a look of a certain orange-ish faced president. All the robots are in glass cases, and they are lining the fireplace, and comfy chairs.

But that is really where the geek stops. The rest is simply a place to shower, sleep, and maybe take a swim.

A Higher End Motel Hotel

While not satisfying my geeky factor, the Avatar is a decent place to stay. A simple bed – bathroom setup allows you to get rested for that meeting or fun day that you might have planned.

It is close to Levi Stadium, and Great America, for weekend plans. It also has a good workout facility, a large lounge with coffee always available, pool, and hot tub to soak your cares away.

Don’t Stay for the Food

Adjoining the Avatar is an iHop. In some cases, you will get a voucher for breakfast, but you may pass it up simply because you have to compete with the general public. Wait times can get pretty hectic, especially if there is a Football game that day.

Happy hour is also really not that happy. You go to the front desk to get a beer or wine. You may have to wait for that drink if others are checking into the hotel.

Overall Review

It’s a good place to stay, only misleading. I did not spend much time there, but I felt safe, and got a good night’s sleep, thanks to the privacy shades in the room. I also liked the dimmable alarm clock, since I enjoy no lights while I sleep.


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