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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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NewTek TC1, NDI for Live Video Streaming - Geekazine

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NewTek TC1, NDI for Live Video Streaming

I stop by the NewTek Booth and talk with Will Waters about not only NDI, but also the new TC1 Tricaster, and NewTek’s initiative to telling stories.

NewTek Wants to Tell Stories

Their newest initiative is to give creators the proper tools to tell their stories, whether they have a Tricaster, or not. For those who do have Tricasters, they changed the price models so people can get the tools to tell their stories. They also plan to update all units as best as possible so you can get behind any machine and have the same experience.

Tricaster TC1

The newest box is a rack-mount style box that will give you complete production, and streams up to UHD 4k60fps. 16 external inputs, 16 external audio inputs, 30 clip pool, 10 animations, 2 graphic channels, and 2 video servers to send the mix.

This machine can turn your studio into a system as powerful as any TV studio.

NewTek NDI

Of course, this is the IP protocol that I am excited for. You don’t need a Tricaster to use this, and it allows you to keep other hardware at home. Cameras with NDI use a single network cable to send video – up to 4k in some cases.

More in the Video

Check out the interview about what’s going on at NewTek.


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