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Description: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything from on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to Big Query.

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Bazel with Tony Aiuto

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Happy Halloween! On this not-so-spooky episode of the Google Cloud Podcast, Melanie and Mark talk with Tony Aiuto of Bazel. Bazel grew from Google’s internal build system, Blaze, to become the open source Bazel that it is today. The aim of the project is to quickly make very large builds across multiple languages.

Tony Aiuto

Tony is the tech-lead/manager for Bazel Product Excellence. He works on removing what enterprise users see as barriers to adoption. Tony’s efforts are on bridging the gap between the piece of open source code that the developers see and the product that users want to see.

Commentary of the week

Where can I donate if I’m angry or sad by last week’s news?

Interview Cool things of the week
  • It’s Halloween!
  • And it’s the 3rd anniversary of the podcast!
  • Gain insights about your GCP resources with asset inventory blog
  • Introducing the Cloud KMS plugin for HashiCorp Vault blog
  • Serverless from the ground up: Adding a user interface with Google Sheets (Part 2) blog
  • Cyber Security for the Previous Generation blog
  • The Red Sox won the World Series!
Where can you find us next?

Mark will be at KubeCon in December.

Melanie will be at SOCML in November.


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