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Office of the CTO with Greg DeMichillie


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Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Google Cloud Platform

Description: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything from on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to Big Query.

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Office of the CTO with Greg DeMichillie

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Mark and Francesc welcome the incredible Greg DeMichillie into their studio this week, to talk all about Google Cloud’s Office of the CTO, and how it works with enterprise companies.

About Greg DeMichillie

Greg has 20 years experience in creating great computing platforms for developers and IT alike. He has been at Google since before the inception of Google Cloud Platform and as Director of Product he lead the product teams for App Engine, Compute Engine, Kubernetes & Container Engine, as well as the Developer Console, SDKs, and Billing system. He has delivered keynote presentations and product demos at events such as Google I/O and Google Cloud NEXT as well as interviews with the New York Times, Wall St Journal, and other publications.

Prior to joining Google, he had leadership roles at variety of companies including Adobe and Amazon, as well as a decade at Microsoft where he was a developer on the first version of Visual C++, the development manager for Microsoft’s Java tools, and lead the product team for the creation of C#.

Cool things of the week
  • Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL updated with new extensions blog docs issue tracker discussion group
  • Celebrating Six Months of Open Access, plus The Met on Google BigQuery blog
  • Deploying Clojure applications to Google Cloud blog
  • Announcing price cuts on Local SSDs for on-demand and preemptible instances blog
  • How the queen of Silicon Valley is helping Google go after Amazon’s most profitable business article
  • Lush migrating to Google Cloud in 22 days blog
  • Evernote migrating to Google Cloud blog
  • Google Cloud Summit Sydney site
  • Google Cloud Summit Paris site
  • Google Cloud Summit Seattle site
  • Google Cloud Summit Chicago site
  • Google Cloud Summit Stockholm site
  • Look out for more Summits in: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Munich, and Sau Paulo
Question of the week

Is there a way to access the Kubernetes dashboard without running kubectl proxy? Such as, if I wanted to view or control my Kubernetes cluster from my phone?

  • Kubernetes UI docs
  • kubectl proxy docs
  • Creating Authorized Networks for Master Access docs
  • Google Cloud Shell site docs
Where can you find us next?

Francesc is going on holidays!!! But he just released a justforfunc episode on Contributing to the Go project, and will be presenting at Google Cloud Summit in Sydney in September.

Mark is entering crazy season, and will be presenting at Play NYC, then speaking at Pax Dev and then attending Pax West right after. He’ll then be speaking at Gameacon and Austin Game Conference and attending Strangeloop once he’s done with all that.


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