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Agones with Mark Mandel and Cyril Tovena


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Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Google Cloud Platform

Description: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything from on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to Big Query.

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Agones with Mark Mandel and Cyril Tovena

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Mark Mandel is in the guest seat today as Melanie and our old pal Francesc interview Cyril Tovena of Ubisoft and Mark about Agones. We discuss dedicated game servers and their importance in game performance, how Agones can make hosting and scaling dedicated game servers easier to manage, and the future of Agones. Cyril and Mark elaborate on Ubisoft’s relationship with Google and how it’s progressing the world of gaming. Listen in!

Mark Mandel

Mark Mandel is a Developer Advocate for Games for Google Cloud Platform, founder of the open source, multiplayer dedicated game server scaling project Agones, and one half of the Google Cloud Platform Podcast. Hailing from Australia, Mark built his career developing backend systems for over 15 years, writing open source software, and building infrastructure in the cloud.

Cyril Tovena

Cyril Tovena is a Technical Lead for the online group for Ubisoft Montreal, helping game productions to build online features in the last four years. Cyril started his career eight years ago, building web services in London. He is currently designing and implementing scalable microservices in the cloud.

Cool things of the week
  • Introducing App Engine Second Generation runtimes and Python 3.7 blog
  • Cloud Functions serverless platform is generally available blog
  • GOTO 2018 • The Robustness of Go • Francesc Campoy video
  • Simple backup and replay of streaming events using Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Dataflow blog
  • Calling Java developers: Spring Cloud GCP 1.0 is now generally available blog
  • Agones Github site
  • Agones on Twitter twitter
  • Agones: Scaling Multiplayer Dedicated Game Servers with Kubernetes talk from NEXT 2018 video
  • Ubisoft site
  • Kubernetes site
  • GKE site
  • Go site
  • dep site
  • Agones Contributing Guide site
  • Developing, Testing, and Building Agones site
  • Agones Slack Channel site
  • Agones Google Group site
Question of the week

Francesc answers our question of the week, “Should you do ML in Go?”. Short answer? Probably not. Python may be the better choice. If you do want to experiment with Go and ML, try Gonum, Gorgonia, or TensorFlow for Go.

Where can you find us next?

Francesc will be at GopherCon, GoSF, and Velocity.

Melanie will be at Deep Learning Indaba and Strangeloop.

Mark will be at Pax Dev and Pax West starting August 28th. In September, he’ll be at Tokyo NEXT and Strangeloop.

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