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Full Circle Weekly News #141


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The Full Circle Weekly News

Ronnie Tucker

Description: A short podcast with just the news. No chit-chat. No time wasting. Just the latest FOSS/Linux/Ubuntu news.

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Full Circle Weekly News #141

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Mozilla Firefox Could Soon Get a “Tor mode” Add-on

Critical Flaw in VLC Media Player Discovered by German Cybersecurity Agency

Hackers Exploit Jira [and] Exim Linux Servers to “Keep the Internet Safe”

Dropbox Is Bringing Back Support for ZFS, XFS, BTRFS, and eCryptFS on Linux

Announcing Coreboot 4.10

Canonical Outs New Linux Kernel Security Updates for Ubuntu 19.04 and 18.04

Ubuntu OpenStack Architecture to Empower BT’s Next-Gen 5g Cloud Core

Virtualbox 6.0.10 Adds UEFI Secure Boot Driver Signing Support on Ubuntu [and] Debian

Ubuntu “Complete” sound: Canonical
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