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Full Circle Weekly News #138


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The Full Circle Weekly News

Ronnie Tucker

Description: A short podcast with just the news. No chit-chat. No time wasting. Just the latest FOSS/Linux/Ubuntu news.

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Full Circle Weekly News #138

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The Raspberry Pi 4B ships with two micro HDMI, not mini, as was stated in the previous episode.

Purism’s Security Key Will Generate Keys Directly on the Device, Made in the USA

Mageia 7 Linux Distro Available for Download

Debian 10 “Buster” Released

FreeDOS turns 25

Linux Mint 20 Will Drop Support for 32-bit Installations

MintBox 3 Linux Mint-Powered Mini PC Announced as the Most Powerful MintBox Ever

GNU Rush 2.0 Released

Ubuntu 19.10 Wallpaper Competition Is Now Open for Submissions

Linux Overtakes Windows Server As Most Used Operating System on Azure

Microsoft Asks To Join Private Linux Security Developer List Credits:
Ubuntu “Complete” sound: Canonical
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