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Description: Light hearted look at the latest technology news from Australia and beyond. Join Glenn, Will, Erik and guests as they discuss the tech issues of today that matter to the average Aussie consumer.

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 571 - 15/02/2018

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Google to debut emails that automatically update in Gmail

Apple iPhone source code leaks on GitHub

Google sued for "knowingly" selling faulty Pixel and Pixel XL phones

Search tool accesses firms' documents in the cloud

Twitter posts its first quarterly profit as ad sales rise...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 570 - 08/02/2018

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Energizer claims 16 day battery life with smartphone launch

Tablet sales decline for the 13th straight quarter

Superloop's CyberHound tackles kids' screen addiction in exclusive deal for Circle by Disney

Reseller jailed for selling dodgy tablets in indigenous communities...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 569 - 01/02/2018

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Major reform agenda for Australia’s .au domain launched for discussion

Apple pays largest Australian tax bill in years

Hangry and ransomware added to Oxford English Dictionary

Microsoft disables 'buggy' Intel patch

YouTube caught out by coin mining adverts...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 568 - 25/01/2018

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Apple’s $499 smart home speaker gets Australian launch date

JB Hi Fi joins Wesfarmers, Woolworths on global list of world's biggest retailers

Linux creator Linus Torvalds slams “garbage” Intel Meltdown patches

Intel tells customers to stop using faulty Meltdown patches...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 567 - 17/01/2018

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Bitcoin slides 18 percent on crackdown fears; crypto rivals also plunge

Vodafone busted for failing to check customer identities

Visa to ditch signatures for cards

Apple's Health app is being used as evidence in a murder trial in Germany...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 566 - 10/01/2018

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Netflix scam warning: Don’t respond to this email

Fart-tracking pill spies on your gut gases

HP recalls tens of thousands of laptop batteries over fire risk

Telstra scraps private number fees

Apple releases update to fix Spectre vulnerability

Microsoft's Spectre fix bricks PCs with older AMD CPUs...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 565 - 04/01/2018

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 565 - 04/01/2018...

Aussie Tech Heads - Special Christmas 2017 Episode

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Aussie Tech Heads - Special Christmas 2017 Episode...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 564 - 21/12/2017

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Consumer electronics vendor Belkin rapped for “lifetime" warranties that only lasted five years

Online reseller Electronic Bazaar's owner imprisoned after misleading customers on refunds

Apple reveals plans for new Federation Square, Melbourne store...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 563 - 14/12/2017

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Two keyless entry door locks vulnerable to unauthenticated requests

CatchDeal, Techrific and BexecTech admit to passing off refurbished tablets, phones as new

Kogan unveils Medibank backed health insurance brand Kogan Health

Apple in talks to buy music identification app Shazam: report...
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