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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 543 - 20/07/2017


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Aussie Tech Heads

Aussie Tech Heads - Goodman

Gold Coast, Australia

Description: Light hearted look at the latest technology news from Australia and beyond. Join Glenn, Will, Erik and guests as they discuss the tech issues of today that matter to the average Aussie consumer.

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 543 - 20/07/2017

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Older PCs get cut from Windows 10 support
Australian government to introduce laws forcing tech companies to decrypt communications
Netflix now has 104 million subscribers worldwide
Taiwan woman divorces husband who ignored her messages
Man trapped in Texas cash machine sends 'help me' notes
Misconfigured AWS bucket sees 2m Dow Jones user details exposed
Free wi-fi for Adelaide's entire public transport network
Apple iPhone 8: everything we know so far
Game of Thrones demand so high it caused global outages
Google Home launches in Australia and it speaks authentic ‘Strayan
Revealed: how the K5 security robot ended up in a fountain
Atari shows off Ataribox, its wood-panelled return to the video game hardware business
Thousands agree to clean toilets for Wi-Fi because they didn't read the terms

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 542 - 13/07/2017

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ASIC impersonated in "largest-scale" Australian malware outbreak in past year": MailGuard

Tesla to build giant battery in South Australia in 100 days or it's free

Gangnam Style is no longer the most-played video on YouTube

President Trump sued for blocking people on Twitter...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 541 - 06/07/017

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 541 - 06/07/017...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 540 - 29/06/2017

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Unpatched systems caught in latest ransomware attack, two Aussie companies affected

Google will stop scanning Gmail to create targeted ads

US woman shoots boyfriend in YouTube stunt

Apple releases first public beta of iOS 11

iPhone Anniversary Edition gives analysts pre-party jitters...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 539 - 22/06/2017

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 539 - 22/06/2017...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 538 - 15/06/2017

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Apple Mac computers targeted by ransomware and spyware

Australia's small banks offer Samsung Pay

Turnbull govt wants to force companies to break encryption

Microsoft includes Windows XP in its June Patch Tuesday releases

This new technology can help predict if you're going to die...

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